Demon WP Pest Control Insecticide Review

demon wp insecticide


  • Manufacturer: Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC
  • Insecticide form: Powder concentrate
  • Packet capacity: 0.035 oz (9.5 grams)
  • 1 packet coverage: Up to 2,500 square feet (232 square meters)
  • Target pests: Mosquitoes, ants, centipedes, cockroaches, beetles, flies, mites, termites, spiders, ticks, wasps, etc.
  • Active ingredients: Cypermethrin, 40%
  • Lasts: Up to 3 months
  • Where to use: Outdoors and indoors
  • Residue: Yes, white powdery film
  • Odor: No


This Demon insecticide is manufactured by a company called Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC. Syngenta is a North Carolina company that creates and manufactures a variety of different pest control products starting with these insecticide powder concentrates and ending with different agricultural products. And although Syngenta was established only in 2014 that hasn’t stopped them from still becoming one of the leading insecticide manufacturing companies.

Demon insecticide review

This Demon insecticide is a wettable powder (WP) concentrate which means that from just one packet you can create you can create a gallon of 0.1 % strong insecticide that will allow you to spray up to 2,500 square feet with powerful and fast working insecticide.

The active ingredient that is in this insecticide is called Cypermethrin, which is a syntetic pyrethroid class insecticide, meant for killing insects fast by attacking their central nervous system. And although the ingredient is very toxic to most insects, bugs and pests, as well as fish and most other aquatic creatures, it is mostly non-toxic to humans. However, excessive exposure is known to cause allergic reactions as well as nausea, headache and other symptoms, so we recommend to limit your exposure to this substance by wearing proper clothing and gear when handling it.

Because the active ingredient in this Demon insecticide makes up 40% of it bases it is not only efficient but also quite long-lasting. Usually one spray of this insecticide will remain efficient for up to 3 months, and after these initial 3 months, if the area is sprayed again, the insecticide can last even longer. Just make sure that you let the insecticide dry after spraying it as it is crucial for the insecticide to dry before it can start working.

The manufacturer for this insecticide recommends using the insecticide with a solution sprayer, because that will ensure the most uniform coverage without having to spend a lot of time spraying the area you wish to rid of insects. Mix one of the 0.035 oz packets with a gallon of water, allow 1 to 2 minutes for the powder to dissolute and spray your desired area with this insecticide. Just make sure that you shake the insecticide quite frequently so that the powder mixes with the water and you actually spray out the insecticide solution not just water.

But if you don’t have a sprayer, you can also use it with a cold fogger although then make sure that you put it on the lowest settings so that you get a spray rather than fog and the solution can actually work like it is supposed to.

Since this is a powerful insecticide that is able to combat a lot of different insects from mosquitoes to ants, ticks, flies and termites to eve bigger bugs like wasps, bees, spiders and cockroaches (see the full list of Demon insecticide target pests here), you can use this Demon insecticide both outdoors and indoors. It is great for spraying the perimeter of your backyard as well as the foundation of your house or use it as overall insecticide to get rid of insects in certain spots or inside your home. Just remember that, because it is a powder insecticide, it will leave a slight residue – a powdery white film that will be especially noticeable on dark furniture and surfaces, so keep that in mind when you use the insecticide inside your house.

Don’t forget to use gloves as well as long clothing, protective glasses and a respirator when handling this Demon WP insecticide in solution or powder form, to prevent it getting on your skin, in your mouth eyes or on any open wounds and causing irritation. And after you are done spraying store the unused powder packets in dry places as any moisture will dissolve the insecticide and you won’t have any to use when it comes time to spray your area again.

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If you want a fresh and quick working product that will help you get rid of many different insects from mosquitoes to ants, cockroaches and wasps but doesn’t come in liquid form that tends to be messy and hard to store, then look into the Demon insecticide, because it is a water soluble powder insecticide that creates powerful insecticide solution and works wonders in indoors and outdoors settings.


Chris Milas

Demon insecticide seems very effective, thanks for the amazing detailed review.

Dru johnson

I have ants in some mulch I purchased. Can I spray the mulch and then use it in my flower beds without harming the plants?


    Since Demon WP is more of a spot treatment than an overall lawn treatment I wouldn’t advise you to spray the mulch you bought with this product.

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