Tips for Dealing with Ants in Your RV

Taking to the road in your camper for a trip with family or friends can be a highlight of your summer, but not if ants invade your RV! These tiny insects are especially abundant during the warm season and will stop at nothing to infiltrate your camper. Ants aren’t just irritating; they’re also vectors for a wide variety of disease-causing bacteria, which can be transmitted to humans if they find their way into your food.

This means that keeping ants out of your RV or car is crucial, not just for protecting the health of those on board but for maximizing your vacation fun.

Read on to find out how to keep ants out of your camper this summer!

How to keep ants out of your RV

Preventative pest control methods

An integrated pest management plan is the most effective way to keep ants out of your RV. By taking preventative measures against the insects, you can make sure that ants never set foot inside your camper. Below are our top suggestions for the best ways to ant-proof your RV this summer.

  • Keep your camper clean. Ants enter homes in search of tone thing above all others, and that’s food. The best way to avoid tempting insects into your RV is to be vigilant about the mess, and especially food mess. Any opened food (including dry food, such as cereals and flour) should be stored in airtight containers, so ants have no way to access it. Crumbs, spills and dirty dishes created during food prep should be wiped and washed up as soon as possible, and kitchen waste should be taken out and disposed of regularly. If you have a pet in your RV, it’s just as important to keep their food away from ants. You can do this by placing your pet’s food bowl inside a larger bowl containing a small amount of water, creating a moat that ants are unable to cross.
  • Set up ant barriers. One effective way to keep ants out of your RV is to set up ant barriers around the perimeter. There are certain substances (such as chalk, turmeric, baby powder, pepper, citrus oil, cinnamon, and powdered charcoal) that ants won’t set foot on. Drawing a line of any of these substances around any possible entry point to your camper (such as around window sills and doorways) will effectively stop them from getting in.
  • Buy an oil diffuser. Some essential oils (such as cedarwood oil and patchouli oil) are known to strongly repel ants. This natural remedy is the perfect way to deter ants from entering your camper without the use of chemicals and is very easy to implement. Install a diffuser to fill your RV with the scent of essential oils, and to keep insects out.
  • Make a DIY ant-repellent spray. Another easy (and inexpensive) method of repelling ants from your camper is using a homemade spray. A 50/50 concoction of water and white vinegar will do the trick – use it to spritz the wheels, hose, jacks and anything else ants may use to climb aboard your RV. Combined with an ant barrier, this can make your camper almost impervious to the insects!
  • Park away from long grasses and drooping branches. Grasses and branches that touch your RV create bridges that ants can use to cross over to your camper. Fortunately, once you know this information the solution is easy! Simply park your RV in clear areas, well away from dense patches of shrubbery or foliage to reduce your chances of an ant infestation.
  • Watch out for lone ants. If you see a single ant wandering around your kitchen, squish it – immediately! Scouting ants are individuals that wander far from their nests in search of new food sources. If they find a promising new home in your camper, they’ll return to the colony to inform their friends and, before you know it, thousands of them will show up on your doorstep.
    You can stop this process in its tracks by killing any lone ants you see around your camper, as this is the only way to guarantee they won’t make it back to the nest.
  • Sprinkle some diatomaceous earth around. Another all-natural product you can use to keep ants out of your camper is diatomaceous earth. This can be sprinkled around anything that touches the ground outside your RV (such as tires, jacks, and cables) to dissuade ants from trying to get inside.

How to get rid of ants in a camper

  • Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in areas that attract ants

Diatomaceous earth is a highly effective (and completely natural) method of killing ants.

Although diatomaceous earth has strong insecticidal effects against ants, it is entirely non-toxic for humans and animals. This makes it one of the most suitable options for use in the confined space of a camper, especially if you’re traveling with children or pets.

To get rid of ants in your RV, scatter a layer of diatomaceous earth in areas they like to visit (like inside kitchen cabinets) to kill them off quickly!

  • Scatter cornmeal around your camper

Cornmeal is another natural, risk-free well to kill ants in your camper. Ants are attracted to the foodstuff but can’t actually digest it. Instead, it swells up in their digestive tracts when they drink water, eventually killing them.

A dusting of cornmeal around the areas of your camper that typically attracts ants (such as the kitchen) can help to eradicate a burgeoning infestation.


Nobody wants ants in their RV, yet these tiny insects are tricky to keep out. Ants are highly attracted to food and will find their way into your camper in their thousands if they catch a whiff of something tasty inside.

Implementing an integrated pest management system is the most effective way to keep your RV free of insect infestations this summer. Use ant barriers, repellents such as diatomaceous earth, and keep your camper clean so make sure the pests stay away!

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