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  • Category – Cold fogger
  • Type – ULV fogger
  • Manufacturer – Curtis Dyna-Fog
  • Weight – 6.6 pounds (3 kg)
  • Dimensions – 13x8x14 inches (33×20.3×35.6 cm)
  • Material – Plastic
  • Capacity of container – 1 gallon (3.8 l)
  • Particle size – 5-50 microns
  • Flex hose – No
  • Motor – 110/120V AC
  • Output – adjustable from 0-5 gallons (0-18.9 l) per hour
  • Solutions – Water and oil based
  • Additional features – Optional Float valve


Curtis Dyna-Fog is a well known fogging tool manufacturer that makes some of the industry best sold cold foggers. Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane 2790 is an ULV fogger that uses cold fogging techniques and can be used for wide variety of applications. This fogger is a universal tool that can dispense water or oil based fogging solutions, so it can be used with large variety of sanitizing solutions, pesticides, insecticides and other fogging liquids. The fogger is powered by electricity, so it is best suited for indoor usage, but also can be used outdoors with a proper extension cord. This tool is powered by a powerful motor and air blower that allows to use the tool not only to fog smaller indoor spaces but also large indoor and outdoor areas. Hurricane 2790 fogger is being used in such applications as individual houses and apartments, backyards and gardens, commercial buildings such as schools and hospitals, greenhouses, warehouses, shops and other places. Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane fogger is manufactured in the USA.


Hurricane fogger is an ULV fogger that is powered by electricity. The fogger has got a 110/120 Volt AC, 6.5 Amp electric motor and an air blower. The body of the ULV fogger is made from a plastic material, more specifically polyethylene, which is light, but durable material that is also resistant to different chemicals, which allows to use the fogger with variety of fogging solutions. On the top of the fogger there is a handle that allows to carry the unit around more easily. This is a static use fogger and is not made for carrying it around while fogging, so it does not comes with a shoulder strap, flex hose or other accessories that other more portable foggers have. The base of the fogger consists of a large 1 gallon (3.8 l) capacity solution tank with a flat base, which makes the fogger stable and difficult to flip over while fogging. The solution tank is also made from the same material plastic, it’s transparent and has got a metering mark on the side of the tank, so you know how much fogging solution is left in the tank. The fill hole of the solution tank is located in a convenient place on top of the container, so it is easy to fill in the fogging liquid. Fogger also has got a drain plug in the container, which allows to completely drain the fogging solution out of the tank. With one full tank the fogger can cover over 15000 square feet (1394 square meters) of area. You can adjust the tilt of the head with a tilt locking knob for more precise fogging.

Curtis Dyna-Fog mosquito fogger has got three precision nozzles at front of the fogger. You can adjust the flow rate and particle size the fogger outputs, as with most ULV foggers. The flow rate of the fogger can be adjusted from 0-5 gallons (0-18.9 l) per hour and particle size can be changed from 5-50 microns, which suites large variety of applications, starting from mosquito control to working as a humidifier and many other applications. The flow rate can be adjusted with a special metering valve that is located on the base of the fogger. As an optional feature you can purchase a float valve that allows to set up multiple solution tanks with continuous flow, which is useful when you need to spray large areas, where a single tank would run out and would need to be refilled.


Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane fogger, as mentioned, can be used for lots of applications, because it can work with water and oil based solutions and thanks to its adjustable flow rate and wide particle size the fogger can output. When you increase the flow rate, the droplet size fogger outputs also increases and when you decrease the flow rate, the droplet size decreases. Larger droplet size will be useful for applications where wet mist is required such as to humidify an area and smaller droplet size will be useful for such applications as insect and pest control, so the fogger can also be used as a mosquito fogger. The flow metering valve has got three adjustment settings – low, med, high. Rotating the knob clockwise will lower the flow rate and turning the knob counterclockwise will increase the rate.

The fogger also allows to adjust the tilt angle of the head in a 60 degree range, so you can adjust the head in the necessary angle suited for the application and leave it to fog that area automatically. In such occasion a timer would also be a great addition for the fogger.

Size and weight

The dimensions of the Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane 2790 fogger are 13x8x14 inches (33×20.3×35.6 cm) and the weight of the unit with an empty container is 6.6 pounds (3 kg).



what chemical is used in this fogger to treat indoor cat habitats for ringworm?


    For cat ringworm, I would recommend you to try out the Vet Recommended Ringworm Treatment For Cats. Apply this using a spray bottle or a fogger that takes water-based solutions and you should be able to get rid of can ringworm in no time.

Gary Spicer

Hi Karen, where can I order the rubber for rectangular formulation tank


    You should check with the manufacturers of the fogger.


What square footage is covered during an hour of application?


    It depends on how you use the fogger. There is no one set of square footage that can be covered during one hour of application with this device.

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