There Are Roaches in My Electronics! What Now?

If you find cockroaches inside your electronics, you’ll need to act immediately to get rid of them! Poisoned baits, pressurized air, and the freezing method are all effective ways to kill and remove the bugs. Once your infestation has been eradicated, however, you’ll also need to take steps to make sure the roaches don’t come back.

Can cockroaches get inside my electronics?

Cockroaches are most often found lurking behind kitchen appliances, nesting in crawl spaces, and running around basements. These common household pests can invade every corner of your house, and may even find their way inside your electronic devices.

That’s right, the grim reality is that roaches can (and will) set up residence inside game consoles, WiFi routers, and TVs if they get half a chance.

But how likely are cockroaches to infest your electronics, and is there anything you can do to stop them?

How common is it for roaches to infest electronics?

It might sound unlikely, but it’s actually quite common for cockroaches to infest electronics.

Roaches are most active at night and like to hide out in dark, enclosed spaces during the daytime. The warm, gloomy environment inside your electronics makes the perfect nesting site, so it’s hardly surprising that they’re often drawn to your devices.

Once they’ve invaded your electronics, cockroaches will get to work nesting and laying eggs in there, which can cause irreparable damage to your gadgets.

Which household electronics are most at risk of cockroach infestations?

Cockroaches will nest inside any electronic device they can get into. This may be your TV, router, games console, toaster over, laptop battery, or desktop – if they can squeeze inside, they will!

Roaches are especially drawn to heat, so they’re most likely to target devices that are turned on frequently. They are also more likely to climb inside devices they have easy access to, so electronics that are kept in infested rooms are most at risk.

Games consoles, in particular, seem to be a favourite hiding place, and not just for roaches. Gamers frequently report finding all kinds of nocturnal creepy crawlies hiding out inside consoles, including spiders and bed bugs.

There are a few possible reasons for this. Firstly, your games console may arrive with bugs already included, as cockroaches and other critters like to stow away inside the boxes of shipped items.

Even if they arrive infestation-free, consoles are often frequently-used items and the warmth this creates is ideal for roaches.

What are the risks of finding cockroaches in your electronics?

Cockroaches can ruin your electronics by damaging the internal electrical components. Once inside, they get to work laying eggs, shedding their skins, and pooping everywhere. Pretty soon, the internal electrical components will be completely gummed up and may need repairing or even replacing.

Financial damage aside, having cockroaches in your electronics can also present serious health risks. Roaches often crawl out of sewers and drains, where they pick up all sorts of harmful bacteria, and they transfer these pathogens to everything they come into contact with – including your devices.

This can cause serious illnesses including:

  • Salmonella food poisoning
  • E.coli food poisoning
  • Staphylococcal infections
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Typhoid fever
  • General diarrhea

I found cockroaches in my electronics! How can I get rid of them?

If you find evidence of cockroaches inside your electronics, you need to act immediately to get them out! This is essential not only for keeping your devices in working order but also for ridding your home of the pests.

The first thing to do is kill and remove cockroaches in your devices. You can do this by…

Blasting them with pressurized air

A canister of pressurized air can be the best way to physically remove roaches and their debris from inside your electronics.

Get one with a narrow spray tip so you can blast all the little nooks and crannies inside your device. This is best done outdoors, as live roaches with dive for cover as soon as they’re displaced, and you don’t want them hiding inside your house!


Freezing them

Cockroaches die pretty quickly in freezing temperatures, so this can be an effective way to kill any bugs that are lurking inside your electronics. If you decide to try this method, wrap up your devices in a tightly-sealed plastic bag and leave them in your freezer for 3-5 days.

This method won’t be suitable for all types of electronics, however, as some (like devices with LCD screens) will be damaged by low temperatures. Only try this if you’re sure your devices won’t be harmed by the treatment.

Tempting them out with bait

Another way to kill roaches is with poison bait. If you have cockroaches in your electronics, you can try tempting them out by laying a gel bait near the affected devices.

Continue to refresh the bait and monitor the situation carefully until you’re sure all the roaches are dead.

Cleaning out your device

Once you’re sure your roaches are dead, you’ll need to give your electronics a thorough cleaning.

Simply unplug your device, open it up and get to work removing the roach eggs, poop, and other debris left behind. For this, it’s best to just use Q-tips or a microfiber cloth, as liquid cleaning products can damage your devices.

How to prevent cockroaches from getting into your electronics

The best way to prevent cockroaches from invading your electronics is to keep them out of your house. Preventing pest invasions is pretty straightforward if you:

  • Keep your kitchen and cooking utensils clean
  • Manage your garbage situation and dispose of food waste carefully
  • Lay preventative traps
  • Seal off entry points
  • Store food securely
  • Dry up moisture sites (e.g. in blocked drains, under leaky AC units and faucets)


Cockroaches love the warm, dark interior of electronic devices, and often infest TVs, games consoles, WiFi routers and laptop batteries in infested households. Getting the bugs out can be tricky and, once you do, you’ll need to clean your devices thoroughly.

Preventing future infestations in your electronics is only possible if your house is a roach-free zone. The best way to do this is to implement a preventative control plan that includes careful kitchen management, sealing off of entry points, and monitoring baits and traps.



I live in 4 plex and there’s cockroaches here, and the same with the other suites, i don’t think there’s any use getting the exterminator, i have sticky traps, found bugs under my cable box, killed them, There’s not to many i’ve been killing them all summer, now winter very few..


    If roaches have infested the whole building, there might actually be a point in getting an exterminator to treat the whole building. Also, roaches usually prefer to not show themselves, so there’s likely to be more than those you’ve been seeing. However, if you feel like there is no need for professional treatment, you can keep working on your own for now. And if it ever does get out of your comfort zone, you can reach out to professionals then. Also, if you’re interested in more advice on dealing with the situation on your own, you can also take a look at this article.

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