Can Bats Swim in Water?

Almost every mammal on Earth can swim, including bats! Bats can use their wings to swim, and they actually do it pretty well. However, they aren’t thought to like it and will avoid it as much as possible. So, if bats hate swimming so much, why do they bother doing it?

Do bats swim?

As unlikely as it may seem, bats can swim – and they’re surprisingly good at it! By flapping their membranous wings, bats can swim a sort of breaststroke and are occasionally seen making their way across ponds and swimming pools.

However, swimming is not a ‘normal’ behavior for bats, and most will avoid it at all costs. So, why do they do it at all?

Why do bats swim?

Most species of bats can swim, but you aren’t that likely to see a swimming bat anytime soon. This is because bats are thought to hate swimming, and only do it under very specific circumstances.

Bats usually end up in the water after falling from their roost in the trees above, and will swim only to reach the side and dry off as quickly as possible. Bats may also accidentally become submerged in water when they swoop down to take a sip from a pond or swimming pool, but they are not known to voluntarily enter the water.

What to do if you find a bat in your swimming pool

The edge that surrounds swimming pools can make it impossible for bats to climb out, and bats can’t take off from the water. This means that, if a bat gets stuck in your swimming pool, you may need to rescue it to make sure it doesn’t drown,

either by proving it a way to climb out or calling your local wildlife protection service.

There are also steps you can take to stop bats from getting trapped in your pool in the future. For example, ultrasonic bat repelling devices can be a highly effective way to keep bats away from the water. You can also help out your local bats by installing a small ramp t the side of your pool, which bats can use to climb out if they get stuck.


Like most mammals, bats can swim in water. However, they are only thought to do this when they really need to, i.e., when they accidentally fall in. Bats may drop into ponds and swimming pools from their roosts in the trees above, or they may become submerged when they swoop down for a drink.

In most cases, they can use their wings to swim to the edge of the water, where they can climb out. Swimming pools may have an edge that stops them from climbing out, so installing small ramp by your pool can help them out.

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