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  • Category – Thermal fogger
  • Type – Electric
  • Manufacturer – Burgess
  • Weight – 5 pounds (2.3 kg)
  • Dimensions – 16 x 12 x 7 inches (40.6 x 30.4 x 17.8 cm)
  • Material – Plastic
  • Capacity of container – 40 oz (1.18 l)
  • Auto ignite button – Yes
  • Warranty – 1 year


If you have ever searched for a thermal mosquito fogger, you probably have came a cross company called Burgess. They are well known for making one of the most popular thermal foggers on the market, including both electric and propane powered foggers. And this Burgess 960 is one of their thermal electric foggers. The design of this insect fogger is very similar to Burgess 1443, but instead of a propane cylinder used to power that unit, this tool is powered by electricity.

This fogger is made for one clear purpose – eliminate mosquitoes in your yard. Fogging is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to kill mosquitoes and reduce their population in certain area, when fogging is done regularly. Besides mosquitoes, this fogger can also be used to fight with other insects and flies, just use a proper insecticide or pesticide solution for different pest control.


Burgess 960 outdoor fogger uses electricity to power its internal 110 volt motor. The electric cord of this fogger is quite short, just few feet in length, so you will probably need to use an extension cord to power the fogger, so it can be used for fogging larger outdoor areas. Some people find electric fogger more easier to use, because you do not have to buy a new propane cylinder each time it is empty and replace it. Also, you know that the fogger won’t run out of fuel in the fogging process, which can be very annoying, especially if you do not have a spare propane cylinder close and have to go to a store to buy a new one. On the other hand, propane foggers give you better portability and more freedom to use the fogger in areas, where there is no electricity so you cannot plug the fogger into an electric outlet. However, if you know that area you need to fog is not that large and is close to and electric outlet, such as a backyard behind your house, this tool may provide more advantages over propane powered foggers.

Burgess 960 fogger has got a plastic solution tank with 40 oz (1.18 l) capacity under the fogger. Container can be easily taken off by unscrewing it from the body of the fogger. When the tank is off, you can fill it with a fogging solution of your choice trough the opening on top of the tank. Manufacturer Burgess suggests using this fogger with a Black Flag fogging insecticide to reach the best results. Inside of the container there is a pump piston that pumps fogging solution from the tank to the heat assembly, when fogging trigger is pressed.

On the top of the fogger there is a carrying handle. Under the handle you will find a fogging trigger, and on the front of the handle there is a trigger lock button, which locks the fogging trigger from being pressed while storing or servicing the fogger. Before fogging make sure to release the trigger lock, or you won’t be able to press the fogging trigger.

On the front of the fogger you will find a heat assembly. This is the part that gets heated to a high temperature using electricity. When the fogging trigger is pressed, the solution gets pumped from the container inside of the heat assembly, where it vaporizes and sprays out trough the nozzle. The fog produced by this thermal fogger contains particles in range from 5-20 microns, which is suitable size to be effective on mosquitoes and other similar sized insects.

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The fogging with this electric fogger is easy, similar to fogging with a propane fogger, however there are few rules you need to know for successful fogging. First, fill the solution tank with appropriate fogging solution and make sure that tank is ½ full when fogging, because going below this mark makes the fogger produce less dense fog, especially if you move the fogger around and fogging solution moves inside the container. Next plug the fogger into an electric outlet and let the fogger warm up for few minutes. If you will start to fog immediately, when the heat assembly is still cold, the fogging liquid will simply drop out of the nozzle. When the fogger has been heated up for approx. 5 minutes you can start to fog. Press the fogging trigger every 4-5 seconds for the best fogging results. The fogger should output thick, white fog in form of a 10 feet (3 m) large cone. If the fogger outputs small amount of fog, wait a bit longer between pressing the trigger. After you have done fogging, make sure to wait 10 or more minutes to let the heat assembly to cool. Also remember to empty the solution container from fogging liquids after each usage. Burgess 960 fogger is made for outdoor usage only, because it operates at high temperatures, which can pose fire safety treats if used indoors.


Ricky d

When bowl is removed and there is spring . The trigger is attached to the spring but mine is broken,a white piece is broken,how do I fix it


    Hi, if the unit is brand new, we suggest sending/bringing it back to the shop you bought it from for a replacement.

    However, if you need more details on how to repair this problem or need some spare parts, please contact the manufacturer or the Burgess 960 fogger.


the electric heating unit does not heat up. Can i buy a replacement part?


    I’m not exactly sure, which is why for all questions regarding replacement parts you should contact either the company or the seller.

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