Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

A bug infestation is a serious problem that you should tackle quickly to limit the amount of time they have to lay eggs and reproduce. But, before formulating a plan of attack, you must identify the kind of bug because there have been several cases of mistaken pest identity. Confusing cockroaches for other pests and setting up bug bombs that are cockroach-specific will not help the situation. The pesticides in these cockroach-specific bombs are usually not applicable to other pests. So, here is a list of a few insects that are commonly mistaken for cockroaches, divided into two categories: crawlers and fliers. We will also tell you how to know if what you are looking at really is a cockroach or is simply one of these roach lookalikes.

Crawling Cockroach Lookalikes


People are often very familiar with the chirping sound that crickets make. But visually, they are often mistaken for cockroaches. With their deep red and brown exterior, they are similar in color to cockroaches but are smaller and faster. Unfortunately, it is precisely this speed and coloring that makes us assume that crickets are cockroaches. They are so fast that you do not really have time to examine them closely before they make their escape!

House cricket

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Luckily, there are many ways to tell crickets and roaches apart. The most distinctive feature is the long hind legs which crickets have and use for hopping. Crickets are not harmful but can be a nuisance due to the noise they make. You can get rid of crickets by using bug sprays that are available in most stores or by setting up cricket traps.

Ground Beetles

Ground beetles are also often mistaken for cockroaches due to their similarities. They have the same deep red or brownish exterior and a wide frame with leathery, translucent wings. For this reason, differentiating ground beetles from cockroaches can be a challenge. It is a good idea to trap one and examine it closely to determine if it is a roach or a beetle you are dealing with.

Keep in mind that there are over 2,500 species of ground beetles known to man, each varying in color and size. There are also more than 4,500 species of roaches which vary in size, color, and other characteristics. So, if you really want to tell the two apart, you will have to do some serious research or consult a professional. Fortunately, ground beetles are not dangerous pests. They do not destroy materials or fabrics and do not spread diseases as cockroaches can do. But, since the beetles need to come in direct contact with most commercial insect sprays for the product to function, setting up an outdoor barrier is your best bet at keeping them away.

Water Bugs

Water bugs are another crawling bug which can trick you into thinking they are cockroaches. While the exterior of these bugs resemble a cockroach, each of these pests comes with its own distinct characteristics.

“Water bug” is a generalized term that covers most insects that prefer a wet or damp habitat. They are usually found near standing water while cockroaches infest areas that are humid but not wet. When compared to cockroaches, water bugs are usually larger and more aggressive. Their bites are quite painful. They can also spread diseases and cause skin irritation.

You might need a professional’s help to tell the two apart. But, generally, a water bug has a darker and deeper color without the reddish-orange tint that cockroaches often have. The best way to prevent water bug infestations is to keep your home and its surrounding area clean and free of standing water.

Asian Long-Horned Beetles

The shape and size of the Asian long-horned beetle can sometimes make them resemble cockroaches. Yet, they do have some distinctive features that differentiate them from cockroaches. For example, Asian long-horned beetles are usually jet black instead of brown with prominent white spots. Their antennae are long and curl back to encircle their bodies completely, a feature that cockroaches do not have.

To get rid of Asian long-horned beetles, you need to follow the same protocol that you would use to get rid of ground beetles.

Flying Cockroach Lookalikes

The only thing more terrifying then spotting a cockroach is if they suddenly take flight! Luckily, most roach species cannot fly. Yet, during the humid summer, you might spot some flying pests that look a lot like cockroaches. So, here are some flying insects that look like cockroaches but are entirely different species of pest.

Palo Verde Beetles

These are most commonly found in the American Southwest. These beetles resemble cockroaches due to their size and color, but palo verde beetles are an entirely different species altogether. They are darker in color, have harder shells and longer bodies, and, of course, can fly! Palo verde beetles lay eggs under palo verde trees (hence their name), rose bushes or olive trees. Once hatched, the baby beetles then live on the tree’s roots until they mature.

Woodboring Beetles

Wood Boring Beetle

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Woodboring beetles can also resemble cockroaches at first glance. They have similar antennae and a similar shape with six legs and reddish-brown translucent wings covering most of their body. Luckily, there are also things that distinguish them from cockroaches. The Locust borer, for example, has distinctive yellow, black, and red markings which roaches do not have. Ash borers move much faster than cockroaches and are darker in color.

Cockroach Characteristics

As mentioned before, there are many different species of cockroaches. While they do all differ in some regards, they also have some similar features which make them easily identifiable. This allows you to distinguish them from other pests and bugs, after close examination.

Typically, roaches range from 0.7–3 inches (1.8–7.6 cm) in length. Their antennae are very different from those of any other pest. The outer shell of cockroaches is usually a reddish-brown color. At the same time, their wings are slightly more orange and translucent. This can change when they molt or shed their exoskeletons for growth. When that happens, they can appear more whitish. All cockroaches have an oval-shaped body and appear flattened if you look at them from the top.

Despite having wings, cockroaches cannot fly. But they can move fairly quickly, sometimes at speeds of 3 mph (3.8 km/h), or more.

The most common cockroaches are brown-banded, German, American, and oriental roaches. If you do notice a cockroach infestation, you should address it as soon as possible, no matter which of the cockroach species you encounter. You can do so either by using store-bought products or by calling a professional exterminator.


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