Bugs That Look (And Hop) like Fleas

Pet-owners are often plagued by fleas: tiny, bloodsucking hitchhikers that are most commonly found living in the coats of cats and dogs.

These hopping, biting insects are prolific breeders and can lay up to 50 eggs per day in the fur of your beloved pet, meaning infestations can soon take hold! So, if your pet is carrying large numbers of these passengers, it won’t be long before you start seeing them around your home.

However, these tiny, wingless insects are so small that they can easily be mistaken for other, similar-looking critters.

Some of the most common bugs that look like and are therefore often mistaken for fleas are springtails, bed bugs as well as flea beetles.

This is why in this article, you will learn more about these three insects that look like fleas (but aren’t!), so you can establish once and for all what type of invader you’re dealing with.

What are fleas, and how can you identify them?

Fleas are small, light to dark brown insects that usually measure between 2 and 8 mm in length.

These wingless, flat-bodied bugs are most easily recognized by their impressive leap, as adult insects can launch themselves up to 30 cm into their air. This phenomenal skill allows them to spread quickly and means they can easily be transferred from pets to humans.

Fleas are known for leaving small, itchy bites on the skin of their hosts, which besides driving the afflicted creature crazy, can also transmit diseases. These minuscule insects have a fearsome reputation for their role in the spread of diseases, most notably the Black Death of the 14th century. This gruesome plague was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, wiping out around half the total population of Europe at the time, and was spread through the bites of infected fleas.

Nowadays, the plague isn’t such a pressing concern. However, studies have found that the majority of fleas still carry pathogens that can cause illness in both animals and humans. Getting rid of these insects as soon as you see them should, therefore, be a top priority for any pet-owner!

Unfortunately, flea identification isn’t as easy as you may think. There are several flea lookalikes that are often mistaken for this jumping, biting bug – and how can you tell them apart?

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3 Bugs that look like fleas but aren’t

So, which insects are most commonly mistaken for fleas?

1. Springtails

What are springtails?

Springtails are small jumping flea like insects that get their name from their ability to leap long distances. They are typically no more than a few millimeters long, and most are brown, gray or black in color.

These tiny jumping bugs are most commonly found in areas of high moisture such as soil, where they feed on mold and fungus. They are often mistaken for fleas due to their hopping behavior. However, there are some differences between the two that should help you tell them apart.

springtail on wood

Henrik Larsson/Shutterstock.com

How are springtails similar to fleas?

Springtails and fleas are both tiny. Like fleas, springtails are very small and usually only measure a few mm in length. This can make them harder to identify, as it can be difficult to get a close look at them!

Springtails and fleas are both brown. Springtails come in a range of muddy colors, and it’s not uncommon for them to appear brown. This and their small size can easily lead to their being mistaken for fleas.

Springtails hop like fleas. The most distinctive trait of the flea is its superhero hopping power. However, they aren’t the only bug able to launch themselves over incredible distances, and the springtail is so named because it, too, can leap a long way.

Springtails and fleas are both wingless.

How are springtails different from fleas?

Springtails don’t bite. Unlike fleas, springtails feed on decaying organic matter and fungus. Therefore, they don’t bite or sting and are, in fact, completely harmless to both humans and animals.

Springtails and fleas have different body shapes. If you manage to capture one of your jumping invaders, try to look at it under a microscope for identification clues. Whereas fleas have a flattened body, springtails have a more rounded, soft body. They are also easier to squish than fleas, which famously resist crushing.

2. Flea beetles

What are flea beetles?

Flea beetles are yet another example of small jumping insects that are not fleas. These bugs may hop like fleas, but flea beetles are found on plants, not pets. These herbivorous insects are most commonly found chomping holes in the stems and leaves of garden plants, rather than hanging out in your dog’s coat. However, they are similar in appearance to fleas and are often mistaken for the bloodsuckers – so, here’s how to tell them apart!

flea beetle on a plant

Henrik Larsson/Shutterstock.com

How are flea beetles similar to fleas?

They are a similar size and color. Flea beetles are tiny, just like fleas. They come in a range of colors from blank to metallic gray, though a good number of them are bronze or brown – just like fleas!

Flea beetles and fleas all jump. Flea beetles are most often mistaken for fleas because of their jumping abilities. Just like fleas, these tiny beetles can catapult themselves a long way; especially when disturbed!

How are flea beetles different from fleas?

Fleas and flea beetles have different habitats. While fleas are most commonly found in the fur of cats and dogs, flea beetles are usually found on plants. If you found your ‘fleas’ in the garden, chances are they’re actually flea beetles!

Flea beetles don’t bite. Unlike fleas, flea beetles live off plant material. This means they don’t bite animals or humans, making them easy to tell apart from their bloodthirsty counterparts.

3. Bed bugs

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are often found infesting bedrooms. Their small, flattened brownish bodies are similar in appearance to those of fleas and, like fleas, their bites are maddeningly itchy. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to tell the two apart!

bed bug on fabric


How are bed bugs similar to fleas?

Bed bugs and fleas are both small and brown. At first glance, bed bugs and fleas have a very similar appearance. Both are small (just a few mm long) and brown in color.

Bed bugs and fleas both have flattened bodies. The flea’s flattened body may help you tell them apart from springtails but as bed bugs also sport this body shape, it won’t be of much help

Bed bugs and fleas both bite. Like fleas, bed bugs feed exclusively on blood and both are well known (and hated for) leaving itchy bites on your skin.
Bed bugs and fleas are both wingless.

How are bed bugs different from fleas?

Bed bugs don’t jump. Unlike fleas, bed bugs can’t hop or jump. This is one of the most reliable ways to tell these insects apart – if it can’t leap, it’s not a flea!

Tell them apart by their eggs. Whereas the eggs of bed bugs are black in color, those of fleas are pearly white.

Their bites look different. Another way to determine if your invading insects are bed bugs or fleas is to examine their bites. Flea bites will appear in a cluster, and resemble mosquito bites, whereas the bites of bed bugs will look like a raised, flat red welt.


Finding fleas in your home or on your pets can be a nightmare. These tiny, hopping insects are bloodthirsty pests that can leave you with insanely itchy bites, and can even put your health at risk. However, not every jumping bug is a flea! There are several insect species that look (and hop!) like fleas, so learning to tell them apart is very important for effective control.


Jackie Pettit

The bugs that I’m dealing with seem smaller than flea. More like a dot. I am trying to keep the bedding clean. I change it often. I treat my dogs. But I can’t seem to get them free from Molly who is a thick haired chauwowa ( not spelt right).


    If you type “dog fleas” in our search bar, you’ll find several articles about dealing with fleas in dogs, where there will be multiple products and methods for you to choose from.


    Yes! Me too. The fleas I’m seeing on my feet occasionally are super tiny. They bite and they jump but they are so much smaller than a flea I might see crawling in my cat’s fur. I’d love to know if it’s just super tiny baby fleas, or something else.


    You may have what I have.. Mites. Most mites are Bird or rodent mites. Some that you can only see with a magnifying glass. Very difficult to rid of. Try Steri-fab.


    The very small black biting, hoping and hard to smash bugs are in my house. DAY and Night. What are day? Please HELP. 2wks. Getting worse!!!


    You might be dealing with flea infestation. Fleas are considered to be brown, however, considering their overall appearance, it’s possible to confuse them with being black.


    Theres something type if flea in my apartment room and they are mostly appearing on my socks even though I wached and dryer them 3 times in a row, they are black and they jump but we dont think it fleas cause we don’t have a pet please help


    Washing your socks won’t solve your problem if you have an on-going infestation at home. Flea infestations can also happen even if you don’t have pets. Check out our article about getting rid of fleas to find out what your options are for dealing with the infestation.

    Melanie Morrison

    Kim, could yours be chiggers?


    Excuse me, I’ve noticed that these bugs in my house. It’s black, jumps like fleas and bites people. It’s bite is more painful that regular flea but I’m not sure what it is. There’s always tons of it on the floor next to my cats’ cage every morning.


    Sounds like those might be fleas.


    I’m in New Mexico. In the last week we’ve had a migration of tiny flea beetle looking bug but doesn’t jump or fly. They moved in a constant mass heading north? They’re black, brown and tiny. They covered the cement walkways and dirt, moving in a constant stream. Nobody around here has ever seen them. Today they’re in the garden literally covering plants! What and how do we get rid of them???


    You should try looking it up on BugFinder.

    Nikita rembert

    What did you do to get rid of them


    Insect Cop….the things Yvonne is talking about is not fleas. These look similar and bite like fleas but the have a hard body…similar to a shelled body. They also are not any of the things you mentioned above. They bite like fleas but definitely are not fleas ..one they also don’t have feet you can see like fleas. They are shaped similar and sizes are similar (sometimes smaller) but definitely not fleas. I am hoping fipronil with Precor will correct the issue that I also have.

James Hutchinson

we found a couple of flea like bugs on the outside of our dogs fur and one on a window ledge in the house ,each time they leaped away when we tried to catch them. we thought they were a blackish colour. The dog was in the garden shed at the time. The shed has since been sprayed.


    Sounds like you might be right on those having been fleas. If you ever find any again, this article has some great advice on dealing with the problem.

B. Arnold

So, we have some sort of hopping bug in our home that are literally tormenting my husband. I personally have not had an issue with whatever they are however, I have seen them. These are smaller that fleas, hop and bite, according to my husband. I have bombed our house and they are still here. I dont know what else to do about them but call an exterminator.


    We suggest you contact an exterminator to deal with your problem.

Marisa House

So glad I found this site! Really put my mind to rest, as I was gardening I saw a tiny, crawly, jumpy thing! I thought next door’s cat FLEAS! Terrified to go indoors I googled and found great information. I took a photo, magnified and was so relieved the image was the same as the Springtail. Phew! Thank you so much.


I have a springtail infestation is what it appears to look like. What do I do? They’re on my walls in my living room. I think I just killed at least 20.


    One thing you could try would be bleach. You can also look into insecticides. We suggest checking out Cy-Kick CS Aerosol.


I am fostering two 4 month old kittens. Last week after I picked them up I found 2 fleas (I think) and they both got baths and flea treatments. I cleaned and washed everything. I check them daily but today I found 7 on 1 cat and 2 on the other one. I was given Capstar and now back to cleaning everything again. They don’t scratch so are these fleas or springtails? The flea treatment should last for a month. I am over whatever these bugs are.


    Springtails are far less likely to be found on pets, so I’d say it’s probably the fleas. As for the scratching, there is a myth that a flea-infested cat will always scratch, but that, however, is simply untrue. It’s not all that rare when a cat with fleas doesn’t scratch. To find a solution, you can either check out our article about getting rid of fleas in general or just type ‘’cat fleas’’ in the search bar to see some more specific options to choose from.


i sat down on the couch after i had a shower and sat down on the porch for a little bit. and there was a little brown jumping bug, it seemed a little bigger then a flea… ive checked the dogs and theres nothing on them and they havent been anywheres to get fleas. it made me a bit nervous as ive had to deal with fleas one to many times! would that be a springtail??


    Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell from the info you have provided us with. It could have been a springtail, it could have been a flea beetle, or something else. Or it also might have been a flea. I think all you can do at this point is to wait and see what happens next. If it turns out you’re dealing with fleas again, here’s an article about getting rid of them.


Have seen tiny dust speck like bugs in both bedrooms. They jump and are easily killed so don’t think they are fleas but have no idea what they are and because of that have no idea how to get rid of.

    Kristiana Kripena

    It sounds like you might be dealing with some type of mite.


Thank you! I have been seeing tiny hopping bugs everywhere outside lately and feared my dog would pick up the “fleas.” It’s been incredibly wet and rainy here so I think the bugs must be springtails. (There’s no itching here!) I appreciate the info!

    Kristiana Kripena

    Happy to hear that you found our article helpful. Thanks for reading!


I found a flea like bug on my dining room table. It was dead and I was worried in case it was a flea but it was a lot bigger than the size given for fleas as it was about 1cm long. I checked the cat but can’t see any signs of fleas. Do you know what it might have been?


    Technically, it’s possible for a flea to be as long. Still, it’s hard to say without having more info. You can try using BugFinder to identify the bug.


Help help. I got very tiny to very small black hard shell biting bugs in my house. When I smack them they just jump. They are on the hardwood floor, rugs everywhere. Can’t sleep. They crawl in my noise ear and hair. Went to laundry room there were a lot of small white bugs all over my socks. What are these bugs?


    Any chance you might be dealing with fleas? Even though they are generally considered to be brown, often they can appear to be black. Also, if the situation has gotten as bad, perhaps you should consider contacting professionals for extermination?
    As for the white bugs, can you be more specific? My first guess would be clothes moth larvae.


Hi, I found a small, diamond shape and thought it was a springtail butI’m not sure, its very small and seems to have some form of stripes, and if relevant has only 4 legs. The reason I discarded springtail was because I found it on the mattress and it jumped highly. Any advice? Please let me know what I should do.


    If the jump was the only thing that made you discard springtail as an option, you should know that springtails actually can be seen jumping/leaping. So it might have been a springtail after all.


Hi, I have been seeing a few tiny black hooping insects on my bedsheet. They come out mostly at night. I do not have pets Recently we had an infestation of head lice which we treated immediately and got rid of(I believe). Also I noticed that things hop on my leg whenever I sit at the dinning area but they dnt nite. Just makes me uncomfortable. But the one that really concerns me is the itchy eyelashes. Initially it was on my left eyelash and then it gradually spread to the other eye. I am the only person in the house experiencing all these.
Though everybody got the head lice eventually.
Please help, I am really confused as to what exactly I am dealing with and how to treat it. I am thinking of getting an professional exterminators.


    You might be dealing with some eyelash mites or lice, then again, you could also be experiencing an infection or something else. First, you need to check whether or not there are any signs (other than itching) of you having bugs in the lashes. If there aren’t any, think about the chance of having allergies or infections, etc. If that’s also ruled out, it might be psychological. Considering you were dealing with lice not that long ago, it’s actually not that rare to still feel the itch even when the infestation is gone (Just like sometimes a person can look at a spider and have a feeling of spiders are crawling all over the body)
    Do you think you might be dealing with a springtail infestation? If you’re dealing with something that hops and doesn’t bite, that seems like a possibility.


My dogs, always get itchy and allergic skin reactions every year in spring, however this year they have scratched till they get vet trips, now we on long term medicine expensive for itching and have been on flea preventative. However, over the past 6 weeks, a random flea like bug jumps on me or one of my kids and I freak out, inspect the dogs. I have I found a jumping black flea like bug , mostly while we r sleeping, no one in house has bites or irritations, other than that look flea bites . I just need my dogs skin healthy, I even switched vets (for lots of reasons) . Could springtails be making their skin that irritated if my yard is infested. This is 3rd trip to vet, they will get better but after depo, apaquil and medicated wash. Thanks to quarantine, I can’t go in vet….. their irritation is always back and base of tail and underside of tail…. sorry this is long, but I’m done with not sleeping due to feeling or seeing a fast flea like bug is jumping on me…. I’ve cleaned and treated yard, removed all leaves, but we live in the humid south and have had so much rain


    Springtails don’t bite and are likely not the cause of your dog’s skin problems. If your dog has been seen by the vet, your best bet is trusting what he said. Being professionals, they deal with such issues and have the ability to recognize the symptoms of different things. Is it possible the issue with your dog might be unrelated to the bugs that you’re seeing around? Flea-like bugs that jump but don’t bite really do sound like springtails.


    I found a bug on my washing pile I picked it up and it jumped like a flea was small and brown with a long body but I have no pets what could this be it’s washing that was pegged outside


    Those being fleas seems very unlikely, as there’s not really much that might attract them, to begin with. Have you tried squishing them? If that’s easily doable, those will not be fleas. A springtail, perhaps? It’s really hard to say for sure, considering the info provided.


Hi there, we’ve been dealing with tiny black bugs that jump, every spring for the last 4 years. I first start to notice them outside, then in my house. Normally we see them for a couple of weeks and then they’re gone. This year, its been closer to a month and they seem more aggressive than before, they are in every room of the house. They seem to be biting my son, some are in clusters and other are a single bite, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the bites. They are also on my plants but don’t seem to cause any damage to them. We thought they were springtails, now we’re unsure. We’ve sprayed insecticides in and outside the house, nothing has worked. Any suggestions?


    It’s hard to suggest a plan of action without knowing what exactly you’re dealing with. Though, springtails don’t feed on human blood, therefore, it’s most likely not the case. Could you be dealing with both springtails and fleas? Or maybe just fleas? Either way, if fleas are the case then you should read our article about getting rid of fleas. Good luck!

Mark Hadley

We have been finding a small brown/black bug on our dogs coats that are very soft bodied and easily smash and seem to have wings. I am worried as my wife keeps putting tick and flea meds on the dogs over and over a couple days apart because I can’t convince her it may not be a flea. I will try to get her to catch one to look at under the microscope but they smash so easily, it may be impossible.


    Fleas are usually pretty hard to squish so you might have a point. Good luck!


Fleas have tough exoskeletons. If you roll a flea between your fingers and release it, it can usually hop away unharmed. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m occasionally dealing with small black insects that crawl across my skin and bite, usually on my couch or bed where my cats sleep. They initially look like small fleas. When I catch them, however, I completely crush their soft bodies between my fingers. That makes them difficult to identify. I haven’t seen any hop. They crawl about as fast as a flea though. Their bites are a little pinch, but so far have left no welts. Any thoughts on what they could be?


    I think you’re might be dealing with bed bugs.


I found insects that seem like fleas, no wings, flattened body. They are beige, or very light brown and about 8 mm long. Can they be fleas or something else?


    Even though 8mm seems awfully big for a flea, they can technically be as big, so it’s possible.


Tiny black bugs the size of Black pepper they jump like fleas but are not and they do not bite. I thought they were mostly in the rugs but just saw one jump off my vitamin bottle on my table where there is no rug in the room. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated I am literally bugging out over this.


    Could those be springtails?


I found a bug on my washing pile I picked it up and it jumped like a flea was small and brown with a long body but I have no pets what could this be it’s washing that was pegged outside


    Yes, it’s still possible it might be a flea.


I have been getting bitten by something in my bed for the last two weeks. My ankles and feet are miserable. I saw something brown that resembled a flea but looked too fuzzy (I almost thought it was a piece of fuzz), and as someone who’s been around fleas before, I don’t know what it is. I caught another in a dish soap trap and it definitely doesn’t appear to be a flea but i CANNOT find anything that tells me what it is! I’m miserable getting bitten, any suggestions?

(It’s not bed bugs, nothing I’ve read suggests this, but I am at a loss here)


    Unfortunately, I’m also not sure what it could be. You can try looking it up BugFinder to see if that’s any help!

Tina Kreamer

I am dealing with some sort of pest that is living on me. I have a constant crawling sensation all over my body, including head. Followed by biting sensations that appear to be worse at night or rainy days and sometimes feels like something is burrowing under skin. I brush my hair and black specks comes out. I also have days where I will be sitting still and sand like particles will just roll out of my head. My initial thought was lice and/or scabies, but I have been to many drs and dermatologist who say no. After doing a lot of research, I thought bird mites…many exterminators say no. I have since noticed that there is an unusual amount of dust on walls (not baseboards) and white spots appear on my black appliances, especially the stove on a daily basis and some of the specs appear white on darker surfaces and black on lighter surfaces. A couple odd things that the exterminators didn’t seem to know: there are white spots on furniture, leather and wood, and crusted like marks on walls (almost as if someone wiped snot and it dried) and there are black spots on my inside doorbell (he thought roaches, but no signs of roaches). Not sure if I am dealing with more than one bug. Most interested in the one that is living on me. I had red welts on head that have now elongated. Any idea what I am dealing with?


    The things in your hair do sound like lice, to be honest. However, if you’ve been checked by professionals, they’re probably right about it being something else, as they’ve had the chance to see the situation in real life. Did the doctors have any guesses ad for what it could be instead?
    As for the dust and white specks, obviously, it’s impossible to tell just by the description, but to me, it sounds like you might be dealing with mold. Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish it from dust, and it would also explain the white spots. Good luck!


I went to bed and noticed something small move on my sheet.
When I finally caught it s it was quick moving didn’t jump to far though away I managed to squish it a bit but it was still moving even though very slowly ( like a fly after you hit it) im in the uk have no pets, no pets come into my house.
Me or my boys haven’t been bit yet but so paranoid to what they are.
When the bug was on its side it looked oval shap completely brown.


    You might be dealing with bed bugs. Her’s our article about getting rid of them, in case you need some help.


Hi , Iam a veteran, and I have deal with and conquest so many challenges in my 24 yes in the military and citizen life. Kind of li9ke the stress. Well, until now. This is August and for the past 2 months, I have been challenged with these ting insects biting, hopping, and exploring my body and head, day and night. First I used home curses, no good, then I purchased Nix and spray, not good enough, so I went to Demonology, He gave me some cream, got two days relieve, tried it again, and again. Nothing. They are still with me but in a different form. It started as lice and now I do not know what is. They still bite head, back, shoulders certain hours. They jump in face, seem to enter ear, nose, and rear end. Crazy stuff. I went to Lice of America and they look in my head and said it was not lice. My doctor thinks Iam loosing it. I cancel his appointment.


    Hello! It’s more likely you’re dealing with fleas rather than lice. We suggest reading our article on getting rid of fleas. Though, perhaps you also shouldn’t be dismissing your doctor’s opinion as quickly, as it’s quite possible something might be causing you to see them. This is far fetch but carbon monoxide poisoning can cause people seeing bugs and having hallucinations. There are other reasons as well. Generally, a doctor should see the bugs or notice their bites. That being said, you should look into the article, as it sounds like you’re being bothered by fleas. Good luck!

Hilda Dohogn

I have a launching microscopic insect that infected my yard and quickly infected my house. I got tired of changing and laundering my clothes ever 30 minutes because I was being bitten. I hung my infested shirt on a clothes hanger, hung the cloth hanger inside a clear garbage bag, sprayed a couple squirts of lysol spray in the bottom of the bag, and sealed the bag around the top of the hanger. In about two hours, I took the experiment to the window, hung it on the curtain rod and was able to see what I was dealing with. I used my reading glasses, sunlight, and a magnifying glass to see tiny orange/brown insects. Now I have something for the county extension office to examine. I have been infected for four months. I don’t feel the launching attacks in my yard now because I spray permethrin and keep a fire in my burn barrel. I can not spray permethrin inside my house and I am having an impossible time finding something that will kill them. They don’t like alcohol or lysol, but I am having a hard time finding it with the shortage. I had a very old hickory tree fall over my back deck about the time that I noticed the biting. The tree did have decaying. Could this insect or mite have come from the tree?


    If they’re biting, you’re likely to be dealing with fleas. You should read this article about getting rid of them.

Margaret stanfield

Am sat in caravan I sore a small bk thing round hard shell I went to pick it up and it jumped then I got it and crack it plz could u tell me what it was I never sore any legs and it was just round hard bk


    Try looking it up by using this BugFinder.


I have small black bugs that are on my cat. They are tiny, black, crawl (I haven’t seen one hop) and are easily squished. They seem to be shaped like a small gnat, but don’t have wings. I would think cat fleas except that they are easily squished… any ideas? I have been finding them in flea traps as well. But the cat has a new collar, takes a Capstar every day, and gets brushed with Vets Friend Flea Spray sprayed on the brush…


    Those might possibly be springtails, as fleas wouldn’t squish as easily. Good news are, if those are springtails, they are not dangerous to animals.


I noticed some bugs in my home that I can barely see I’ve noticed them when im in bed they seem to get under my covers biting at my feet an around my head, I’ve bombed my home brought sprays no relief


    For starters, you should figure out what those bugs are. Different types of bugs require different types of treatments. You might be dealing with bed bugs. If that’s the case, you should give this article a try.

Luverda Fountain

I have these litter bugs that jump in the bed jump in the chair on the floor every where& I can’t get rid off them I need someone to help me to get them out off my house. I can’t sleep can’t lay down or nothing


    First, you’d have to figure out what they are. We suggest trying to look them up on BugFinder. Those could be fleas or bed bugs, though.

Philip Cassidy

Hey, would you be able to help identify an insect for us? We have noted a lot of these in our home (new build) over the last 2 months. We are in Australia and have only noticed it since the weather has warmed up. The house has been fumigated professionally, which improved the situation but they are now coming back. The pest expert didn’t know what they are but stated they are harmless. They are only a few mm in length, have long antennae and jump when nudged. I think they are springtails but am unclear on why they would be in the house? Appear to be most prevalent in the loft but we often find heaps of them in the bath and on floors. I have a close up picture I can send you if you can help? Thanks for reading!


    Springtails can be found indoors as well. They usually prefer damp environments, so that’s why they’re more often found in bathrooms, basements, kitchens. So it’s entirely possible you’re dealing with springtails.

Mary Schmitz

I saw two of the same bug on my dog. It was long and thin, definitely visible to the eye. It jumped super crazy. She isn’t itchy and I’ve only found two even though I’ve been inspecting her. Help!


    You might be dealing with fleas. Inspect your dog carefully, you can also try a flea collar or flea shampoo.

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