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  • Category – Thermal fogger
  • Type – Electric
  • Manufacturer – Black Flag
  • Weight – 4.15 pounds (1.8 kg)
  • Dimensions – 15.2 x 10.8 x 6.9 inches (38.6 x 27.4 x 17.5 cm)
  • Material – Plastic
  • Container size – 40 oz (1.18 l)
  • Auto igniter button – Yes
  • 1 year warranty


Black Flag company is known for making both thermal propane foggers and insecticides, but they have also made an thermal electric fogger – Black Flag 190107.

This is a thermal fogger so it uses heat to vaporize the insecticide liquid and spray it out from the fogger in from of a fog. Although propane foggers are much more common type of thermal foggers, because they give the fogger more portability as you can just stick a propane cylinder in the back of the fogger and carry it around, Black Flag has made one that works with electricity. Do not confuse this with ULV foggers that also works with electricity, because this is a thermal fogger and not an ULV fogger.


From the first sight, Black Flag 190107 electric insect fogger does look very similar to propane foggers, especially Burgess 1443 fogger, but instead of a mounting hole for a propane cylinder at the back of the fogger, this device has got an electric cord instead. The fogger uses electricity to heat up the heat barrel assembly. Electric cord needs to be plugged into a regular electric socket, but if you have a larger area to fog, you will need to use an outdoor extension cord.

The body of the fogger is made from a plastic material, so the fogger itself is pretty light and you will not have any problems while fogging some larger areas. On top of the body there is a handle as on most thermal foggers. Under the handle you will find a fogging trigger, which when pressed will pump the insecticide from the liquid container trough to the heat barrel assembly where it will get vaporized and will be released trough the nozzle at the end of the heat barrel. There is also a trigger lock button on the handle of the fogger, which can be used to lock the fogging trigger so you do not accidentally press it while operating the fogger. This electric insect fogger also has got an auto ignite button that can be used to light a spark to the heat barrel assembly.

The fogger is equipped with a 40 oz (1.18 l) large insecticide container. This is a pretty large container, also when compared with Black Flag propane fogger which has a smaller container. When fully filled with an insecticide, you can fog a decent area until a refill of insecticide liquid will be needed. The container can be simply unscrewed from the body of the fogger, filled up with and insecticide and screwed back on. The container is also made from a plastic material.


The fogging process with Black Flag 190107 insect fogger is similar to propane ones. Just press the fogging trigger once in a few seconds to release a fog. Same as with other thermal foggers you must allow it to heat up for few minutes before starting to fog, so it can produce large and thick fog, which is the most effective to attack a mosquito problem. However, with this mosquito fogger you must wait a bit longer between the fogging trigger presses to let the barrel heat up again after fog has been released. This means waiting approx. 5 seconds or a bit more, which can result in a bit longer fogging session times than with a propane fogger, especially if you need to fog a large area.

The fogger is intended to be used outdoors only. It produces a thick, white cone of fog in approx. 10 feet (3 m) size. The odor of the fog depends on the insecticide you use in the fogger.

Another thing we can suggest is that you use appropriate extension cord that is made for outdoor usage to plug in this fogger, especially if you are fogging in late afternoons or early mornings when the grass can be a bit wet, which can cause an electric damage to fogger and can harm the person operating the fogger.

Manufacturer Black Flag provides a 1 year warranty for this Black Flag 190107 mosquito fogger.

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Size and weight

This mosquito fogger is 15.2 x 10.8 x 6.9 inches (38.6 x 27.4 x 17.5 cm) large and it weights approximately 4.15 pounds (1.8 kg).


Patricia Hammons

I need a 30 foot LInden tree ‘fogged’ for Japenese beetles. Will this do the job? I was told to get ‘Talstar’ for Japenese beetles. Will this liquid work in a fogger? I don’t have any Tree Spraying people in Central Mo, that I can find to spray a tree for me. I am so sick of these bugs anilating my tree each year. Those stupid bug bags only drawy more into the yard. PLease let me know asp, they will be in here in a week or 2.


    This Black Flag unit is able to produce fog that’s approximately 10 feet tall. So, since your tree is 30 feet tall this fogger won’t probably be able to treat the whole tree. As for Talstar P, it will definitely help you get rid of Japanese Beetles. But for best results, I’d recommend you to apply it with a hand-held or backpack sprayer rather than a thermal or even ULV fogger. A powerful enough sprayer or mist blower should allow you to treat the whole tree as well.

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