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Black Flag 190095 fogger


  • Category: Thermal fogger
  • Type: Propane
  • Manufacturer: Black Flag
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs. (1.6 kg)
  • Dimensions:8.3×20.3×10 in. (21×51.5×25.4 cm)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Container Capacity: 32 oz. (0.95 L)
  • Propane Gas Cylinder: Not included
  • Auto-Ignite Button: Included


Black Flag is known for its insecticides that eliminate all kinds of insects and pests. They also have a fogging device: the Black Flag 190095 propane fogger. This is a thermal fogger that heats the insecticide of your choice to produce a dense fog cloud that kills any mosquito that comes in range. This fogger will need a propane cylinder to work, of course.

Size and Weight

The Black Flag 190095 fogger is 8.3×20.3×10 in. (21×51.5×25.4 cm). When the insecticide container is empty, the fogger weighs 3.6 lbs. (1.6 kg).


This Black Flag fogger has a similar design to other thermal foggers. The body is made from durable plastic. The compact design makes the fogger quite light, so it’s easy to carry around. This Black Flag fogger is portable and has a convenient handle, which will allow you to fog larger areas without any problems.

Black Flag 190095

There are multiple triggers and valves on the fogger. As usual with thermal foggers, the fogging trigger is on the handle. There’s an auto-ignite button on the body. This button triggers a spark that lights the burner so that you won’t need to use a match or a lighter to light the coil. If the auto igniter doesn’t work, you can still light it up by using a match or lighter. There’s also a fuel control valve on the side of the fogger. By turning this valve, you can increase or decrease the fuel supply.

The burner has the same parts as other propane foggers, with a coil, coil basket, and a nozzle inside. The burner uses propane gas to heat. Once it’s hot and the insecticide gets pumped into the burner, it vaporizes and sprays out as fog.

The Black Flag 190095 fogger is different from other propane foggers thanks to its built-in solution container. There’s a hole on the top of one side of the fogger to fill with the insecticide or fogging solution of your choice. You can then seal the container with a plastic cup.

The container has a capacity of 32 oz. (0.95 L), which is a bit less than foggers with an attachable container. On the other hand, mosquito foggers with external containers can usually store over 40 oz. (1.1 L) of insecticide, so you can fog larger areas without stopping to refill.

Click here for pricing and more info about the Black Flag 190095 fogger.

Black Flag 190095 fogger packaging


The fogging process with a Black Flag insect fogger is similar to other propane mosquito foggers. This fogger is for outdoor use only. It works great outdoors, killing and repelling insects for a couple of hours or even days so that you can enjoy bug-free outdoor time. 

The fogger outputs a cloud of fog that measures approximately 10 ft. (3 m), so you can fog a smaller backyard in just a couple of minutes. You should use this Black Flag fogger with a Black Flag insecticide to achieve the best results when fogging.




Do you know where I can order the Black Flag 190095 fogger
Shipment to FRANCE
Thank you


    Hi, I would suggest you to contact the manufacturer of Black Flag fogger, The Fountainhead Group by clicking here.
    They should be able to give you more information about the product availability in Europe.


Don’t waste your money . Nothing but problems with mine


    Sorry to hear that. It is possible that you received a faulty unit. Have you tried contacting your seller? Fountainhead is always very customer friendly and these products do come with a warranty. Good luck!




    Hi Kenneth,
    You can check out the user manual for this product here.


1 yr old fogger and the cup in the pump inside the tank broke, no parts available
so its junk now , it’s a shame it works so well used one at work and here at home
got rid of the bugs


Have used my fogger for 3 summers now. When this one stops working I’ll buy again. Fill with mosquito killer, let it heat up and fog. Can’t get much simpler. When you’re finished let it sit with the heat on until it stops fogging, turn it off and let it cool down then store it for tomorrow evening.

David Hass

used my fogger in my work shop. had a fog so thick I could not see from one end to the other. did not kill one single mosquito. Could actually see them flying around in the fog. very disappointed. did the killing ingredient get taken out? Flys did not seem affected either.


    That how effective a fogger is at killing mosquitoes, flies and other insects is largely dependent on what fogging solution you are using in your device. So for me to be able to tell you the possible reasons why your fogging efforts didn’t kill the mosquitoes and flies in your area I need to know what fogging solution you used.

    David Hass

    Black flag fogging insecticide formula 2

    Sachit Baliga

    Our Black Flag stopped fogging. When the trigger is pressed you see drop of fluid fall from the nozzle. Any troubleshooting tips?


    Here’s the label, you should check it out. Troubleshooting tips start on page 6. If you don’t find your answer, you can try contacting the manufacturer or the seller.

Oscar Perez

We just bought this fogger and used the Black Flag fogging isecticide and it didn’t kill a thing! So frustrating and disappointing!


    Sorry to hear that, Oscar. Did you try fogging in the early morning or late afternoon, thoroughly coat all of your shrubs, trees, and lawn and reapplied the product every day to every few days? This is crucial for best results when using the Black Flag fogger and insecticide combo.

S Lewis

Hello, is this fogger ok to use on my child’s playground using the Black Flag insect fogger?


    As long as your child isn’t present when you actually do the spraying and you wait until the area is completely dry before letting your kid back into the playground it should be fine.

nancy Lawrence

how do you turn the fogger off I lost the instruction manual

    Kristiana Kripena

    You can find the use and care manual for the Black Flag 190095 fogger here.

DJ Eddy

I’ve had my Black Flag Fogger for four summers now. I love how easy it is to use, and how well it works. We spend a lot of time in the backyard, and anytime I use the fogger we’re insect free for the evening.
Great product! When and if it breaks down, I’ll buy again.

Bill Fort

I have blueberry bushes. I am in South Carolina. The berries are ripe now 6-19-2020. Is it safe for me to use the Black Flag fogger with the Black Flag brand insecticide formula liquid on or around the bushes? Should I spray high or low? Do we need to wash berries & if so for how long after spraying?


    The manufacturer suggests not using the insecticide on or around edible things. Therefore we suggest leaving the bushes alone or picking another solution if the problem needs to be dealt with.

Donovan Christy

I have had my Black Flag fogger for 10 years or more. When it works I font have to worry aabout mosquitoes at all. Here in Southeast Texas the mosquitoes will tear you up. Once I fog the area we are mosquito free. Times like now its been on 15 minutes and no fog yet and the fire keeps going out. Its great when it works.

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