Best ULV Ultrasonic Foggers

If you have a mosquito, an insect or even a pest problem, good idea as to how to control and battle this problem is to buy a mosquito fogger, because this device will safely and efficiently kill insects and repel them. If you find that you need a fogger that can be used outdoors and inside your house or garage then a good option for you is a ULV fogger. ULV stands for Ultra Low Volume fogger which means that it will emit a lot more delicate and fine mist that is suitable for indoor spaces too, not only outdoors areas.

Tri Jet ULV Fogger

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Probably the most popular ULV fogger is this Tri Jet one because it is a universal multi-use ultrasonic fogger that has various applications and regimes that lets you control how the fogger performs.

This ULV fogger is powered by a 110-volt electric current which means that all you need to work this fogger is an electric outlet, which is very convenient for those who use the fogger indoors, as well as for those who want to fog their backyards or gardens.

The fogger features a nozzle that allows you to adjust the mist output from 0 up to 12 ounces (~354ml) per minute, as well as the height of the mist, can be adjusted up to even 30 feet.

A great thing about this fogger is that you can use basically any kind of liquid with this fogger – water or oil based one which means that it can be anything from insecticide to disinfectant to sanitizer liquids. This feature expands the range of uses for this fogger and makes sure you can even use as a commercial fogger not only as a home fogger.

All parts of the fogger are rust proof so the fogger won’t break or wear down easily and it weighs 13 pounds (5.8 kg) which means it will be pretty easy to transport it from one place to another.


Longray Basic ULV Fogger

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Another wildly popular ULV fogger is this Longray unit because it has features that really lets you utilize the fogger in various ways and get your money’s worth in the many times you will use it.

This fogger too works by using electricity as a power source – it needs to be plugged into a regular wall outlet, but it is very economical, so even extended or frequent usage won’t break your bank and will only leave you with a well-fogged area.

Because this fogger can be used outside or indoors, and with liquids that are oil or water-based, that gives you options as for on what you want to use it. You can use it as regular mosquito fogger, as an insect repellant, as a disinfectant, deodorant, or even as a way to distribute pesticides.

Features that differ this ultrasonic fogger from others are the adjustable flow flex hose, that is specially made so that the cold fogger can be carried around and used by directly pointing the hose to the thing you want to fog, which is great because that allows you to really spray all nooks and crannies where insects like mosquitoes and other pests like to hide.

The fogger will give out fog that will consist from tiny droplets that are 5 to 50 microns big which means the emitted fog will be very fine and therefore will give better coverage as well as it will diffuse a lot faster letting you use the fogged area after a shorter period of time.

The fog nozzle is clog resistant, the liquid tank that is located at the bottom of the unit is durable, because made from a chemical resistant plastic, and there is a handle on the top of the fogger that will make it easy to move this 8.6 pound (4 kg) fogger around and use it also manually.


Longray Carryall UVL Ultrasonic Fogger

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Another Longray product is this ULV fogger which basically is the carry-on version of the previous fogger.

This fogger although has a bit smaller capacity in terms of liquid tank volume and overall size still has all the beneficial features that the Longray Basic has.

For example, this fogger too produces a mist that consists of 5 to 50-micron droplets which means that the fog has better penetration and diffusion characteristics. Additionally, this one have also a precision valve, that lets you control the rate in which the fog will come out of the fogger. You are able to choose the flow rate from 0 to 7 gallons (26l) per hour so that you can adjust the fogger when fogging larger or smaller area.

This fogger too has a 20 inch (50.8 cm) flex hose for precision so that you can direct the fog at narrow spaces or even fog around hard to reach corners. But the extra thing to this smaller ultrasonic fogger is the fabric strap that can be adjusted and will make working with the fogger much easier and much more comfortable.

The liquid tank is able to hold up to 1.6 gallons (6l) of water or oil based liquids and the unit itself weighs only about 9 pounds (4kg).


Hudson 99598 Electric Fogger

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If you want a fogger that is very ascetic in its design and very efficient at its job then you should look into this Hudson fogger, because it is multi-use fogger that is able to distribute tall cone of fog and spray wide area in short amount of time.

This fogger features a 2 gallon (~7.5l) white liquid tank that not only can hold a lot of insecticide or any other kind of liquid you might use, but it will also be very easy to see how much liquid is felt in the container and whether you need to refill or you will be good to fog.

Other convenient things that will ease your fogging experience even more are the carrying strap that will make sure the fogger sits comfortably on your shoulder and a coiled hose that will make it easier to reach places that otherwise would be tricky for example ceilings, rooftops, etc.

The mist that the fogger produces will be made up of 22 to 46-micron particles and additionally, you can adjust the fog output from 1.5 to 14 gallons per hour, which means that you can tailor the fogger to any weather conditions and any size fogging area.

This ULV fogger works using regular electricity current and in return will give out fog with an average shooting range of 13.5 feet (~4 m). And this is great because the fogger also works with many different products from insecticides to even disease control products, which means this Hudson unit is very versatile and it has multiple uses.

The ultrasonic fogger is also very portable because it weighs only 11 pounds (4.9 kg) so you will be able to easily move around with it and fog your designated area.


B&G 2600 ULV Flex-A-Lite Cold Fogger


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And last but not least is this B&G ULV fogger that also has quite a unique design and all the features that make up a great and useful fogger.

This unit, being a cold fogger, is powered by electricity requiring you to simply plug the fogger into an electrical outlet and you are good to go. That is very convenient because you don’t have to purchase a propane tank or batteries to fog any area, you just need access to electricity.

The fogger is equipped with 1.5-gallon (5.6 l) liquid tank which means that inside it you surely will be able to put a good amount of liquid for even large area fogging. And the liquid can be water or oil based so you can use it for killing mosquitoes, controlling insects and pests or even for applications such as odor control or disinfection.

The 48-inch (121 cm) hose attached to the unit and the fogging nozzle distribute the fog in 20 to 35-micron particle cloud, so that everything you fog is sure to be covered with the liquid you decide to use. And there also is an adjustment knob that easily lets you control the output volume and particle size.

The fogger is designed to be ergonomic, because the handle of the ultrasonic fogger is constructed together with a liquid tank, distributing its weight evenly and making it easy to carry the unit. And the rotation-molded unit itself is very durable and won’t break easily.



Those who need an indoors and outdoors mosquito control solution might want to take a look at a ULV fogger because ultrasonic fogger is a device that can be used in various different settings with various different insecticides and by people with various different skill levels. The spray of a cold fogger will efficiently kill and repel mosquitoes, without leaving a residue, letting you hang out in your yard or indoors space just minutes after fogging and still enjoy a mosquito-free time.

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