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The Best Snake Proof Boots

The environment is usually the first factor that comes to mind when purchasing the right snake proof boot for your needs. Whether working outside in the underbrush or specifically hunting for snakes, you need to have the right shoes to do the job correctly. So what factors make the best snake boots?

The environment is usually the first factor that comes to mind when purchasing the right snake proof boot for your needs. Whether working outside in the underbrush or specifically hunting for snakes, you need to have the right shoes to do the job correctly. So what factors make the best snake boots?

Guide Gear Country

Guide Gear Country Boots

It doesn't just protect against snake bites but against rough terrain. The rubber bottom protects your feet from below as you walk.

LaCrosse Snake Boots

LaCrosse Snake Boots

Whether you’re hunting, working, or doing some outdoor chores, you can’t go wrong with this pair of durable snakeproof boots.

Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Boots

Rocky Men’s Lynx Boots

This full lace boot offers thick layers of protection against snake bites and will keep you comfortable and safe simultaneously.


Guide Gear Country Boots


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The rubber is limited to just the sole of the boot rather than being full rubber.

Guide Gear Country Boots Review

Guide Gear Country has been designing boots for the roughest and toughest of conditions, to withstand the rockiest or swampiest environment you choose to travel.

They designed these boots to keep your feet warm, dry, and to even offer snake protection against most snake bites in addition to being waterproof boots. This slip resistant, waterproof boot is ideal for hunting in the snake’s natural habitat: in swamplands and long grass.

This partial rubber sole makes these one of the best snake boots to protect you, keeping the fangs away from your feet.

Between its gripping ability from the pattern on the tread to the snakeproof and waterproof features, this boot is a winner no matter which way you look at it. 


LaCrosse Snake Boots


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Not insulated for cold conditions, these boots are ideal for the southern climate and/or summertime exploits.
  • No zipper closure or lace up boots in this type unfortunately, which can make putting the boot on or taking the boot off difficult for some people.

LaCrosse Snake Boots Review

Wearing snakeproof boots is key to any good snake hunting trip, and the flexible snake protection fabric made for thie snake proof boot make great wet boots as well as some of the best boots for wading through snake territory. 

LaCrosse has been designing the best boots with rubber for your foot for over a century, and they continue to deliver the best quality rubber boot. 

Designed specifically to walk through snake country, this snake proof hunting boot will protect against snake bites and from watery or muddy conditions. 

This full leather boot allows for a firm grip while also being flexible enough to take on and off with ease. No more fighting with your boots when you want to come home to relax. 

This brand ranks among the best snake proof boots to date, and make perfect hunting boots to guard against even a venomous snake bite by the added layers of rubber.


Rocky Men’s Lynx Boots


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • They are not actually an insulated snake proof boot, so they can’t meet extreme cold conditions, but they hold up better than some all-rubber varieties of boot.
  • These rubber boots will help to keep your feet cool during warmer outings.

Rocky Men’s Lynx Boots Review

Rocky’s snakeproof fabric allows for both breathability as well as protection against venomous and nonvenomous snakes alike. The sole was designed to keep your feet comfortable by absorbing shock, while also keeping you safe with the added layers of rubber and the snakeproof fabric. The layers are both durable and offer a flexible amount of movement so that your comfort is still notice after wearing these boots all day.

Ideal for traversing rocky terrain when snake hunting, these boots will protect against harsh abrasion, sharp rocks/corners, and snake attacks alike. You can feel safe wearing these boots while working out in the woods all day or hunting, hiking, you name it! Any outdoor activity that will take you to wetlands or marshlands is an activity that has the chance of running into snakes, so it’s best to be prepared with a waterproof snakeproof boot.

They also make women’s snake proof boots! 

Other products to consider


Thorogood Men’s Snake Boot


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Does not appear to be insulated for cold weather exploits, not that snakes are out and about during cold weather (hot blooded, afterall).

Thorogood Men’s Snake Boot Review

Dessigned with the southern hunter in mind, Thorogood has created an excellent choice for a pair of snake proof boots that guarantee a long life spand full of comfort and protection.

The comfortable insole allows you to walk or hunt all day without feeling fatigue in your feet, while also protecting you against rocky or gritty terrain as well as snake bites. This cushion almost gives a sense of weightlessness to the walk.


Rocky Red Moutain Boots


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Not listed as being insulated or suited for winter weather.
  • Not a rubber tipped boot, which is not ideal for traveling through brush or tall weeds or grass where you can’t really see where you are walking; it would be wiser to invest in a boot that allows for 360 degree protection.

Rocky Red Moutain Boots Review

Perfect for snake hunting in the woods or underbrush, these boots scan protect against a variety of puncture wounds from snake fangs to thorns and weeds. They are flexible so you can still maneuver through uneven terrain with ease and feel safe against the elements. 

The unique pattern on the sole allows for better traction in muddy or watery conditions.

Some styles come in a cowboy boot design, but most are camouflage. Other boots don’t compare to Rocky’s brand when it comes to traction and rubber protection for your feet. Like and flexible SnakeGuard material protects against snake bites while allowing for breathability through the flexible material.

What makes boots snake proof?

It is imperative that you arm yourself with the best protection against snake bites when going on a hunting trip. There are several factors you have to take into consideration before choosing the ideal hunting boot that best suits your needs: the terrain you will be walking through, the weather conditions of the area, and the potential attacks you may undergo, such as a snake bite.

So what makes a good snake proof boot?

  • Thick layers of material to protect your skin from the snake’s fangs
  • Thick rubber is the ideal material for protection against venomous snakes 
  • A good snakeproof boot needs to be waterproof since most snakes live near a source of water, especially swampy and muddy areas.  

Factors to consider when choosing the best snake proof boots

  1. choosing the best snake proof bootsAre they waterproof? When snake hunting in particular, the natural surroundings are likely to be moist and/or very muddy. So you need a good pair of boots that will keep your feet dry and protected at the same time. 
  2. Be sure they have rubber bottoms, and it’s even better if they are rubber tipped boots with or without the shin guard. If you know you will be traversing through tall weeds and grass, it would be wise to choose the brand that offers shin guard protection. 
  3. Check for the type of material used all around the boot; does it have Snake Guard material, made of full grain leather, or have gore tex lining? You want to ensure the entirety of the boot is going to have bite protection. Snake boots work well with leather options as well as rubber ones. 
  4. How long are they? Some people get half-calf sized boots but if you’re going for more serious protection, then you should think about getting the longer, knee-high snake boot. 

Snake-proof boots vs. Snake gaiters

Snake gaiters are not actually shoes, like snakeproof boots. Gaiters are like sleeves for your calves that can guard against snake bites, thorns, bushes, and other insects/animals. 

The best snake proof gaiters are made from durable material intended specifically to protect you from snake fangs and venomous snake bites. Gaiters are more frequently sold as protection against snow. 

The downside to gaiters is that they aren’t shoes, therefore, you still need snake proof shoes in order to complete your outfit for a snake proof outing. 

How long do snake proof boots last?

That depends on how frequently you use them, and how they are used. Most boots created specifically to be snake proof are extremely durable, and therefore, they naturally last for several years. That’s also considering that they are properly maintained snake boots, and that they receive the correct treatment if the matieral is, say, waterproof full grain leather. 

Someone that might use these boots on a daily basis for rough and tough work in the underbrush might see fewer uses than the average weekend need for heavy-duty snake proof boots. You can maintain these boots as best as possible, but if they are seeing daily use, you might only get a few years out of them, depending on how heavily they are used. If we’re talking constant hiking and climbing as a career or something, then you might go through these a little bit faster than the average wearer. 

How to maintain snake proof boots

Despite most brands of snake proof boots being waterproof, it’s best to avoid water when you can in order to keep the life of these boots going. It’s like having a set of brand new tires and then being more cautious about avoiding potholes. You still want to avoid hazardous conditions when you can, especially if part of those boots is genuine leather! 

When you’re not wearing them, avoid sunlight with these snake boots, as you want to preserve the material as best you can. The best snake proof boots have full grain leather upper halves to them, and you want to take care of that leather if you have that type of snake boot. 

The average price of snake boots vs gaiters

Gaiters clock in at about $23-75 depending on the type of material. If you are purchasing gaiters for snow protection, they are much cheaper. They are meant to keep snow from getting into your shoes if you aren’t wearing long boots. The heavy-duty ones are more expensive but they can protect you against bites, although I’m guessing your shoes probably won’t. 

A decent pair of brown leather boots can range from $160-250 easily. But you need to be sure that you choose a pair either intended specifically to guard against snake bites or is at least made to protect against them. 

A solid rubber sole with multiple layers of material is the best way to ensure you won’t be harmed by any snakes you may encounter, so when in doubt, go with the boot. 

What to do if bitten by snake you believe to be venomous 

You want to elevate the bite wound above the heart, so sitting or lying down is best. If you were bitten in the forearm, keep your arm raised above your heart and lie down. 

Do your best to keep your heart rate low in order to slow the poison’s progression. 

Wash the wound with warm, soapy water and bandage after drying. 

Call for an ambulance as soon as you can, and give the operator as much detail about the snake as you can remember (if you don’t already know the type of snake that bit you). If you are in the north, chances are that the only poisonous snake that can bite you is a water moccasin, but southerners have a lot more variety of snakes that are venomous. 

bitten by snakeRattlesnakes and copperheads are a plenty in the south, and there are even more snakes that look like dangerous snakes when really they are just non-venomous fakes. 

Don’t try to catch the snake or suck out the poison, and don’t drink alcohol to soothe any pain, as alcohol is a blood thinner. 

Do snake proof boots protect from other venomous creatures?

Absolutely! As long as a poisonous bug doesn’t make its way inside your boot, you will remain protected from a variety of puncture wounds. It doesn’t matter so much if some type of animal poison gets on the boot, as you can wash that off with a regular cleanser (given the material is not full grain leather). 

Even if you are bitten by a snake that releases venom into your boot, all it needs is a good hot, soapy water cleaning (as long as the material allows for that). Double check your skin to be sure there are no open wounds or scratches anywhere; better safe than sorry. 

Frequently asked questions

Do snake-proof boots really work?

If you purchase the correct type of snakeproof boots then yes, they work. There are boots that have been specifically designed to protect you against snake bites, so it’s important to choose a brand that made them for this specific purpose if you are to go hunting or if you will be working with heavy brush and briar. A good pair of snake boots can guard against a variety of puncture wounds, such as from thorns or pricker bushes. 

Can you use snake proof boots for hiking or other activities?

use snake proof boots for hikingOf course you can! In fact, hiking is another reason for these boots. You never know what type of terrain you will be up against, and if you are planning on going deep into woods, it’s better to be prepared with snake proof boots! 

They can also protect you from rocky terrain while keeping your feet feeling comfortable, and they are usually waterproof because a snake’s natural environment is waterlogged areas and/or tall grass which is usually muddy stomping grounds for humans. 

Whether you’re hiking, climbing, or just taking a stroke through the woods, you should consider bringing with you the best snake proof boots you can find.

Can snakes bite through leather boots?

While the snake can bite through rubber, the idea is that snakeproof boots have multiple, thick layers of snake bite proof material that keep the snake’s fangs from reaching your skin; you shouldn’t even feel the snake’s fangs against your skill. You might feel pressure where the snake bit, but that depends on the size of the snake and where it bites you. The best snake boots will not allow you to feel a thing.  

Are snake boots waterproof?

Not all brands of snake proof boots are waterproof, so it’s important to do your research on the boots you want to buy in order to make an informed decision. It would be wise to invest in a nicer pair of boots that are waterproof, since snake habitats are usually damp/muddy. 

Most hunting and fishing takes place around swampy, watery, muddy areas, which makes the perfect home for a snake. You’ll want to be sure that you are buying waterproof boots in addition to being a pair of snake proof boots. 

How can I prevent my pet snake from biting me?

pet snake bitesFirst off, make sure he/she is fed. They are a lot nicer once they have been fed, and most species of pet snake available to the general public are not the aggressive kind. The snakes you see in pet store are chosen specifically for their temperament, so chances are good you will get a gentle pet. 

On the off chance that you get a pet snake that strikes at you every time you open the cage, try putting on a pair of work gloves until your pet becomes accustomed to you reaching your hand into the tank. 

Be sure not to go for the animal’s head, as that is their most sensitive area and they do not like being touched there. If the snake forms an “s” in the striking position, back away until the snake returns to a calm position. For a while, he or she will likely strike at you every time you try to pick them up, so the best you can do is let them do that to the gloves until they see that you are not a threat. 

Snakes can learn and adapt; they will know who you are and when feeding time is, so be sure not to try to handle your pet around its dinner time. Many snake owners put their pet in a separate enclosure entirely so that the animal gets used to one specific area for food and therefore they are not going to confuse your hand with food either. 


There are multiple factors to consider when purchasing the right snake proof boot to meet your individual needs. Rubber soles, multiple layers of material, material designed specifical to ward off snakes, and waterproof material are all important factors in choosing the right boots. No matter which boots you choose, be sure to wear knee high boots in order to deflect against snakes; the best snake protection is thinking ahead to avoid a snake bite. 

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