Best-Selling Mosquito Traps Reviewed

A lot of people think that mosquito traps are inefficient and cannot diminish the mosquito population living near your home, which is why mosquito traps have the reputation of quite a controversial product. However, if you want something that will provide great results in mosquito control, and you are willing to wait a few weeks for the full effect of these devices to start showing, then you might want to look into insect traps. Read on as we examine what exactly are mosquito traps, how to chose the best one for your needs and which traps are the best of the best on the market right now.

Our Top 10 picks

ImageNameUsageAttractionTarget insectsNoiseOdorPrice&More info
Mega-Catch-Pro-900-ULTRA-100Mega Catch Pro UltraOutdoorsCO2Mosquitoes, flies, midges, etc.NoNoBuy on Amazon
Hoont-Mosquito-KillerHoont Mosquito TrapOutdoorsUV lightMosquitoes, flies, midges, etc.NoNoBuy on Amazon
Dynatrap-DT2000XL-100Dynatrap DT2000XLOutdoors, IndoorsCO2, UV lightMosquitoes, flies, etc.NoNoBuy on Amazon
KATCHY-Electric-Insect-trapKATCHY Insect TrapIndoors, OutdoorsUV lightMosquitoes, flies, midges, etc.NoNoBuy on Amazon
Dynatrap-100Dynatrap Insect TrapOutdoorsCO2, UV light, waterMosquitoes, flies, midges, etc.NoNoBuy on Amazon
Blue-Rhino-SV3100-100Blue Rhino SV3100OutdoorsCO2Mosquitoes, etc.NoNoBuy on Amazon
Stinger-indoor-trap-100Stinger Insect TrapIndoorsUV lightMosquitoes, flies, moths, ladybugs, etc.NoNoBuy on Amazon
Koolatron-MK05-100Koolatron MK05Outdoors, IndoorsCO2, UV light, heat, octenolMosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums, etc.NoNoBuy on Amazon
Viatek-mini-trap-100Viatek Mini TrapOutdoorsCO2, UV lightMosquitoes, flies, midges, etc.NoNoBuy on Amazon
Cocoweb-SmarTrap-100Cocoweb SmarTrapOutdoors, IndoorsUV lightMosquitoes, flies, gnats, midges, etc.NoNoBuy on Amazon

(Individual reviews of each product are down below)

What are Mosquito Traps?

Insect traps are devices designed to capture mosquitoes. And some of them are even capable of actually killing the blood-sucking insects. However, all of these devices are jumbled into this mosquito trap category for one simple reason – they all lure the unwanted pests to them and capture them.

Mosquito traps are a natural way of eradicating all the pesky insects troubling your household in the summer. And by employing them you can have an outdoor party or any other activity in your backyard without worrying about insect bites. Pesticides that are often used in killing mosquitoes can be quite toxic to certain individuals and pets. So, since mosquito traps don’t use them, they have an edge over insecticides and other similar chemicals.

How Do Mosquito Traps Work?

The modus operandi of mosquito traps is a unique one.

The lure used by most of these devices (usually it is is Octenol) dependent on how efficiently they can mimic our respiratory patterns. Often, this entails the production and subsequent release of CO2 from the device. This isn’t surprising since the exhalation of carbon dioxide and the emission of heat are the main ways how the blood-sucking insects are able to locate us as their targets. The visual organ for most mosquitoes is quite primitive and incapable of helping their cause, so they rely on scent and heat detection to find us. So with the traps mimicking us, the mosquitoes believe they are a potential target. Yet as soon as they fly near the traps, they capture the insects.

Some traps are even equipped with a suction mechanism which makes the capture of them even more efficient. The mosquitoes are pulled into a waiting net where they are killed using heat. This approach might not be the best but it has its benefits because an area with an alarming mosquito population will profit immensely from such a trap.

The use of a sticky lure is also still a much-utilized attractant in mosquito traps. In these types of traps, the likely landing spots of these insects are identified and laced with an extremely sticky substance. Once a mosquito lands on one of these locations, it is held firmly in place, making it easy to kill them. And although this might not be a very effective way of capturing mosquito outdoors, it can be helpful indoors.

In addition to imitating our respiratory patterns, fragrances which these insects find attractive also are incorporated into a mosquito trap. This increases the effectiveness of the trap significantly and makes sure more mosquitoes are attracted to the trap and therefore more mosquitoes are captured and killed.

Usually operating most of these devices requires power. Some utilize certain organic compounds as fuel while others use electricity to provide the energy needed for the trap to work and for the lures to be emitted. If the device is electricity dependent, it will need to be connected to an electrical outlet to work. This might limit the outdoor use of such a trap. But, of course, there is always the option of just getting a powerstrip and plugging the trap into it. While some products work without the need of electricity because they are powered by compounds like propane. This improves the versatility of this device enabling it to work farther from your home and in places without access to electricity.

Are Mosquito Traps Safe?

The safety of mosquito traps is beyond doubt. Unlike pesticides which are known to be toxic to people and pets, mosquito traps don’t produce chemicals which are hazardous to the members of your household including your pets. Frankly, most mosquito traps are built not to harm even beneficial insects like moths and bees. This only goes to show how safe these devices are.

Tips on Using Mosquito Traps

Here are some useful tips to help you make the most of a mosquito trap:

1. Pick the ideal trap for your home

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of opting for quantity instead of quality. This approach almost always backfires wherever it’s applied and purchasing a mosquito trap is not an exception. If your home is rather large, buying a decent sized unit will be your best choice. But you might need to purchase a few units if the area to protect from mosquitoes is really big to ensure that mosquitoes are kept away from your home.

2. Target the mosquito species troubling your home

There are many different species of mosquitoes. So by identifying the mosquito species which are disturbing the peace in your particular area and then purchasing traps with a significant success rate against those species will ensure you the best results. For instance, the Aedes aegypti mosquito is a known pest in areas which are densely populated and big cities are greatly by this group of mosquitoes. Therefore, if you live in such a location, going for a trap with a good track record against Aedes aegypti mosquitoes will be your best bet at keeping the mosquitoes away.

3. Proper positioning of the mosquito trap is vital

One common error among homeowners is placing the mosquito trap in the part of their house that is used all through the day. This is almost like rendering the device handicapped. It might still catch some mosquitoes but not nearly enough to see significant results. So place the trap in an area that doesn’t get that much traffic, and see the number of mosquitoes in and around your home diminish by the hour.

4. Don’t expect immediate results

Contrary to what is achieved using insecticides, mosquito traps will take a little longer to do any visible damage to the unwanted pests and their population. Using these devices is a gradual process which requires your patience and persistence. Therefore, don’t expect zero insects in 10 minutes after turning on your mosquito trap. Wait a few days and you might be surprised at how efficient insect traps actually are.

5. When mosquitoes are active is the best time to strike

Set up your trap just before the mosquitoes become active. This usually is during the sunset and sunrise. In these two peak periods, the movement of mosquitoes is glaringly noticeable. So with your trap in place and in perfect condition, most of the irksome insects that are out and about should be lured to their deaths.

How to Choose the Best Mosquito Trap for Your Home

Deciding to purchase a mosquito trap shouldn’t be something you rush into without proper information. This could complicate an already complex situation even more. But picking the ideal mosquito trap is something achievable. Here is our guide towards making this supposedly difficult task a-walk-in-the-park. Here we go:

  • Attractants differ with mosquito species: Mosquito traps depend greatly on the attractant they use to work effectively. Because the attractant is the substance that lures the mosquitoes into the trap. And since different species of mosquitoes respond better to different attractants, you need to choose a trap that will provide the best results in your particular area.
  • Maintenance factor: A trap is as good as how well it is maintained. Pick a trap which you can easily keep clean and in shape. If the electric variety is something you can handle, then go for it. But if the fuel-dependent trap is more up your alley, then go for that.
  • Trap location: Where you intend on using the trap could decide which device you settle for. Some traps are not meant to be used indoors while others are only effective in your home. Check the attributes of the unit you are considering and pick the one which dots all of the I’s and crosses all of the T’s for you.

So now that you know more about what mosquito traps are, how they work and how to choose the best one for you, let’s get to the reviews of the best mosquito traps on the market. Although they all are manufactured by trusted brands, they differ in their use and price quite greatly. Therefore, hopefully, these reviews will help you decide on the trap that is perfect for you and your situation.

Mega Catch Pro 900 ULTRA Mosquito Trap


  • Manufacturer: Mega-Catch
  • Coverage: 1.5 acres
  • Can be used in: Outdoors
  • Noise: No
  • Odor: No
  • Target insects: Mosquitoes, flies, midges, etc.
  • Method of attraction: CO2
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 14.5 x 22 inches (31.7 x 36.8 x 55.8 cm)

Mega Catch Mosquito Trap review

Mega-Catch-ULTRA-Mosquito-TrapFirst in this best mosquito trap review list is this black, highly tech Mega Catch mosquito Trap by you guessed it Mega-Catch, which is a mosquito-specific insect trap that is made especially for mosquito problems.

Particularly this mosquito trap which could be considered as the best mosquito trap attracts mosquitoes using the Mosquito-Attracting-Stimuli (MAS) method – with the help of the Variable Quantity Slow CO2 Gas Release System this trap emits specific amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), that duplicates human breathing this way attracting the mosquitoes better than most other mosquito traps. On top of that, you can tune this system to target specific species of mosquitoes allowing you to get rid of mainly those mosquito species that actually carry diseases and that way can do serious harm. The mosquitoes will be able to sense this CO2 even being as far as 150 feet (45.7 m) and will fly towards the Mosquito-Catch, not knowing that once they get close enough they will get trapped inside the device where they will die.

But if you want even better results you can buy different fragrance strips that will boost the mosquito capture rate even more. With this device, you will get a programmable timer that will let you set the trap to start working at a certain time, an extension cord that plugs the trap to electricity so it is able to work and other components that will ensure that this mosquito trap works up to its potential. And by using this trap you can be sure that 1.5-acre radius from the trap will be clear of mosquitoes and you will actually get the chance to enjoy your time outdoors.

Click Here for Price & More Info on Mega-Catch Mosquito Trap


  • Will rid whopping 1.5 acres of mosquitoes, making this the most powerful mosquito trap among all the others in this list;
  • The CO2 emitting system paired with the release regulating system ensures the trap not only works as it is supposed to but that you can also tune it to target specific mosquitoes;
  • Has a timer that allows you to program the trap to start whenever you need it to start;
  • Runs quietly and without emitting any odor or chemicals.


  • Needs a power outlet to work, because this trap is powered by electricity, not with the help of batteries;
  • Is quite bulky looking, so won’t exactly blend into the environment.


Hoont Mosquito Trap


  • Manufacturer: Hoont
  • Coverage: 1000 square feet
  • Can be used in: Outdoors
  • Noise: No
  • Odor: No
  • Target insects: Mosquitoes, flies, gnats, etc.
  • Method of attraction: UV light
  • Dimensions: 19 x 11 inches (48.26 x 27.94 cm)

Hoont Mosquito Killer review

best selling mosquito trapsIf you are looking for a good way how to limit the number of mosquitoes visiting you while you are enjoying your time outdoors, then you might want to look into this Hoont mosquito trap, because it is one of the best mosquito traps and ways how to get rid of mosquitoes for a longer time.

Even though the price of this mosquito trap might seem a little high, for it you will get a great product that can work wonders in the insect control department. This one little device is able to cover up to 1000 square feet large of area meaning that you can use it even in larger backyards. The trap will attract mosquitoes and a few other flying insects with UV light that is very appealing to mosquitoes. And once the mosquitoes get close enough, they will be sucked into the insect trap by the fan that this trap is equipped with, where they will slowly dehydrate and die within 24 hours or so.

The trap an all its counterparts is made out of heavy-duty materials, so it is able to withstand even harsher weather conditions and is waterproof, which is great, because that allows you to power this trap 24 hours a day for at least the first week, so that you are able to break the mosquito breeding cycle and actually see results. One warning though, the mosquito trap manufacturer say that as it is with all insect traps significant improvements will be seen after about a month of the trap working day and night, so if you don’t see that much of an improvement as soon as you turn this mosquito trap on, don’t worry, the trap isn’t broken, this is still one of the mosquito traps that work. It just needs time to achieve any visible results.

Click Here for Price & More Info on Hoont Mosquito Trap


  • Uses UV light to attract insects, which will guarantee that pests like mosquitoes and flies will be lured by this mosquito trap;
  • The fan that is used in the production of this best mosquito trap will let the device efficiently suck the mosquitoes in without accidentally letting any out;
  • Heavy-duty material parts ensure durability and protection against even the harshest of environments;
  • The trap is waterproof so you can use it hail rain or sunshine;
  • This device doesn’t emit any odor or noise so it won’t disturb you even if the mosquito trap is turned on during a party or romantic evening outdoors.


  • Noticeable results will be seen only after at least 7 days of constant operation, but heavy improvement only after about 4 weeks of 24/7 operation of this mosquito trap;


Dynatrap DT2000XL Insect Trap


  • Manufacturer: Dynatrap
  • Coverage: 1 acre
  • Can be used in: Outdoors and indoors
  • Noise: No
  • Odor: No
  • Target insects: Mosquitoes, flies, etc.
  • Method of attraction: UV light, CO2
  • Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 14 inches (40.6 x 35.5 x 35.5 cm)

Dynatrap DT2000XL Insect Trap review

best mosquito trapAnother mosquito trap capable of covering the same amount of space (1 acre) but that works a bit differently is this Dynatrap insect trap that is considered as a contestant for the best mosquito trap title. This trap although cheaper than others still offers not only sleek design but great efficiency in controlling mosquitoes.

The way this one works is it attracts mosquitoes with two methods – UV light and CO2. This insect trap not only is equipped with a UV fluorescent light, that emits light in a particular color temperature attracting different flying insects but also comes with titanium dioxide coating, that lets the trap emit CO2 and lure mosquitoes to it. And once they get close to the trap, they get sucked into it with the help of vacuum fan, trapping them inside without a chance of getting out.

This mosquito trap will be great at covering at least 1-acre large areas, successfully removing mosquitoes from this area, so it can be used in backyards and parks, on patios or even indoors so your house doesn’t get infested with mosquitoes. The trap also has a special closing system so mosquitoes cannot get out once they have been sucked in, and the light plus CO2 luring system provides that this trap doesn’t emit any smoke, pesticide, odor or anything else that might cause the trap to be disturbing.

Click Here for Price & More Info on Dynatrap DT2000XL Insect Trap


  • Dual UV light and CO2 emitting system provides that the trap will efficiently lure in all flying insects, including mosquitoes;
  • Vacuum fan will suck up even the smallest insects, not leaving any to bother you;
  • The trap is able to rid about one-acre large of an area of flying insects;
  • Doesn’t emit odor, pesticides or any other potentially unhealthy substances;
  • Can be used outdoors as well as indoors.


  • It might take a while for you to start seeing actual improvements in mosquito or insect population;
  • The price of this trap could prove to be too large for some budgets.


KATCHY Mosquito Trap


  • Manufacturer: KATCHY
  • Coverage: 320 square feet
  • Can be used in: Indoors and outdoors
  • Noise: No
  • Odor: No
  • Target insects: Mosquitoes, flies, midges, etc.
  • Method of attraction: UV Light
  • Dimensions: 5.4 x 5.4 x 9 inches (13.7 x 13.7 x 22.8 cm)

KATCHY Electric Insect Trap review – one of the best mosquito traps

For those who need a mosquito trap that works both outdoors and indoors, is able to lure mosquitoes via the UV light it emits and that has several other great features that will let you spend time outdoors (and indoors) free of mosquitoes and other biting insects, then you might want to take a look at this Katchy Black Supernova electric insect trap.

The way this mosquito trap works is it uses electricity to light up the UV light inside the trap. And since insects like mosquitoes, flies, and others are very attracted to UV light, the trap efficiently lures the bugs in. Then after mosquitoes are close the device will suck the mosquitoes into the trap using a fan. And even the smallest of insects won’t be able to get out thanks to the glue stick board that this trap is equipped with, causing them to die. But that is not the only thing that is so great about this best mosquito trap.

Additionally, this trap can be charged via a USB port which is convenient in our day and age, when most of our devices already are USB chargeable. The trap will cover about 320 square feet large area and will keep this area free of mosquitoes and most other biting insects. And the mosquito collection board, where the mosquitoes stay after they are sucked into the trap, is easy to clean and empty.

Click Here for Price & More Info on KATCHY Insect Trap


  • Emits UV light that attracts mosquitoes and some other biting insects;
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors because it will protect a 320 square feet large area from mosquitoes;
  • The fan mechanism will suck in any lured mosquitoes and will keep them in via the glue board;
  • It is cordless and works on electricity, letting you use it even you don’t have an electrical outlet available;
  • This mosquito trap can be recharged using both a USB port and a regular wall outlet.


  • Doesn’t cover that large of an area, so won’t be suitable for large backyards;
  • This insect trap works better in an enclosed space.


Dynatrap Insect Trap


  • Manufacturer: Dynatrap
  • Coverage: 1/2 acre
  • Can be used in: Outdoors
  • Noise: No
  • Odor: No
  • Target insects: Mosquitoes, flies, midges, etc.
  • Method of attraction: UV light, CO2, water
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 10 x 10 inches (31.75 x 25.4 x 25.4 cm)

Dynatrap insect trap review – mosquito traps that work

best mosquito trapFor outdoors insect control in a smaller yard or other outside areas, you might want to take a look at this Dynatrap insect trap, because it is made to efficiently combat most flying insects including mosquitoes in about ½ acre area, luring them with three different attractants methods and guaranteeing great results.

Some mosquito trap reviews don’t mention this, but this insect trap is one of the best ones because it features a three-way method of attracting all flying insects. First of all the trap, with the help of fluorescent lamp built into it, emits a UV light that is a huge attraction to many flying mosquitoes. Secondly, the surface of the trap also is coated with titanium dioxide which will produce CO2 that is one of the main mosquito lures, because that is the same gas we emit when we are exhaling. And thirdly, there also is a water collecting tray that comes with this mosquito trap in which water collects whenever it rains or the dew falls in the mornings, attracting also those insects that like to breed in standing water and efficiently targeting them, too. Then once the pests have been lured in, the powerful yet concealed vacuum will suck in all of them and bring them to a cage where they will spend their last hours.

Speaking of this cage, it is not only spacious therefore able to collect a lot of insects, but it also is easily taken off of the mosquito trap and cleaned out, so the trap can work its magic and collect new insects, ridding your outdoor space from them. If this doesn’t convince you to check it out, then maybe the fact that this particular model of mosquito trap won the Ideas, Inventions, and Novelties Exhibition (IENA) award for the best invention will. Just try it and see how good it is.

Click Here for Price & More Info on Dynatrap insect trap


  • The three-way insect attraction – UV light, CO2, and water – will ensure that all flying insects from mosquitoes to flies will be captured by this trap;
  • There is a water tray installed in the trap so it is able to attract mosquitoes that use standing water as breeding grounds and kill them, too;
  • A powerful vacuum that is made to work without sound, not only ensure that the insects are caught and killed, but also makes sure that this trap operates very quietly;
  • Durable materials and construction will ensure that the trap can withstand different outdoors conditions, even extreme temperatures, and winds;
  • The trap doesn’t emit sound, odor, pesticides, insecticides or buzzing noises.


  • Will efficiently attract mosquitoes in about ½ acre radius, but won’t be effective for outdoors areas larger than that;
  • Shouldn’t be used indoors.


Blue Rhino SV3100 SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator


  • Manufacturer: Blue Rhino
  • Coverage: 1 acre
  • Can be used in: Outdoors
  • Noise: No
  • Odor: No
  • Target insects: Mosquitoes, etc.
  • Method of attraction: CO2
  • Dimensions: 24.9 x 12.1 x 19 inches (63.2 x 30.7 x 48.2 cm)

Blue Rhino SV3100 SkeeterVac mosquito trap review

skeetervacAnother outdoors oriented mosquito trap that can cover up to a 1-acre large area and that works efficiently and will serve you a long time is this black colored SkeeterVac mosquito trap.

The main pests that this trap targets are mosquitoes which makes it the best mosquito trap for outdoors use. But along with mosquitoes, it will also be able to capture flies and other insects that commonly are found in people’s backyards and gardens. How does this particular trap work? It attracts mosquitoes by turning propane into CO2 gas which is one of the main things that attract mosquitoes. So even though you will need to buy some propane for this mosquito trap to work, it is a small thing compared to the effect this trap has. Then after the mosquitoes are lured into the trapping system, using vacuum as well as sticky paper, traps the mosquitoes and doesn’t let them out of their trap.

You can even tune the amount of CO2 that the trap emits to a specific mosquito species so that the trap mostly attracts the mosquitoes that can be found in the area where you live. And this will also be useful if you want to especially avoid those mosquito species that carry different mosquito-borne diseases, like the Aedes mosquitoes for example. The trap will work most efficiently when placed in a shady spot. It can be easily secured in place with the system that comes with the trap, and there is also a rain cover that comes with the trap, that will protect the trap from severe weather conditions as well as other things that could damage it. Just remember, that big improvement will start to show only after about a month of regular usage, because this will give the trap time to break the mosquito breeding cycle and to kill most of the adult mosquitoes, so don’t expect the trap to show extraordinary results right after you plug it in. It is not a mosquito repellent, rather it is a mosquito attracting and killing device.

Click Here for Price & More Info on Blue Rhino SV3100 mosquito trap


  • Will cover up to one acre large area and rid this area of insects;
  • Works mostly for mosquitoes, but will also capture other similar flying insects;
  • Doesn’t emit any odor or sound, so won’t bother you when it is on;
  • Traps the mosquitoes using a vacuum and sticky paper ensuring better insect capture;
  • Comes with special secure installing kit and rain cover that will allow it to withstand even harsher conditions;
  • Can be dialed to target specific species of mosquitoes, which is great if you want to get rid of only those, that carry different diseases.


  • Clear results will be seen only after a month or so and only after you have operated the trap regularly during this month, so you have to give the trap some time to work;
  • It is an outdoors only device, so it isn’t recommended to use it inside;
  • It does require a propane tank to be able to emit the CO2 gas that will attract mosquitoes.


Stinger Indoor Insect Trap


  • Manufacturer: Kaz
  • Can be used in: Indoors
  • Noise: No
  • Odor: No
  • Target insects: Mosquitoes, flies, moths, ladybugs, etc.
  • Method of attraction: UV light
  • Dimensions: 8.4 x 8.4 x 12.4 inches (21.3 x 21.3 x 31.4 cm)

Stinger insect trap review

Stinger-Insect-TrapIf you are looking for the best mosquito trap that is geared towards indoor use and that won’t take a lot of money to buy then you might want to consider this Stinger indoors insect trap, because it is specially designed to be used inside your house or apartment and to catch all the mosquitoes and other flying insects that dare to venture indoors.

The method of attracting the insects for this Stinger trap is solely a fluorescent bulb that emits white UV light, that way attracting mosquitoes and luring them close to the trap. And once they are close enough the fan that is installed inside of the trap draws the insects in the trap where they slowly dehydrate and die in the special compartment in the middle of this trap. But even if the UV light is the only attractant, that doesn’t mean that this mosquito trap is weak or inefficient, because if that was the case we wouldn’t put it in this mosquito trap review.

It only means that this mosquito trap is environmentally friendly, not emitting any insecticides or smoke. On top of that it also operates virtually without any sound, so you can use it even during the night no keep you safe from mosquitoes while you are sleeping. And the trap is also easily disassembled by just snapping off the top of the trap so you can do maintenance things like exchange the UV bulb or clean out the fan, which will let you keep the trap clean and working to its maximum efficiency.

Click Here for Price & More Info on Stinger insect trap


  • Specially made for indoor use and to catch bugs that most often venture into houses and apartments;
  • This best mosquito trap will run without sound or any other emissions so that it doesn’t disturb you in your house and can be left on even during the night;
  • The top of the trap comes off, so you can easily exchange the UV bulbs or clean out the insect trap, keeping it working to its maximum capacity;
  • The fan that is installed inside the trap will efficiently suck in and trap all mosquitoes, flies, moths, ladybugs and other insects that come close to it.


  • UV light is the only method of attracting insects, so this trap could not be as efficient in attracting some of the bigger insects;
  • It is meant for indoor use, so it is not recommended to use it outdoors.


Koolatron MK05 Champion Mosquito Trap


  • Manufacturer: Koolatron
  • Coverage: 1/2 acre
  • Can be used in: Outdoors and indoors
  • Noise: No
  • Odor: No
  • Target insects: Mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums, etc.
  • Method of attraction: UV light, heat, octenol, CO2
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 11 x 9 inches (3.8 x 3.3 x 2.7 cm)

Koolatron Mosquito Trap review

best mosquito trapThen there is this decorative mosquito trap that can serve as a decor element, too, because it has uniquely made design making it look more like a little statue or candle holder than a mosquito trap.

But don’t judge a book by its cover, it still is an effective mosquito trap that is capable to eliminate mosquitoes in an area that is up to ½ acre large. The method of insect attracting for this mosquito trap is a combination of four things. Firstly there is CO2 that in the combination with heat will mimic human breath and attract mosquitoes, then there is blue UV light that is specially made also to attract blood-sucking insects, and lastly this insect trap also gives out something called octenol – a chemical substance used mostly in Canada and Northern U.S. regions, that also is a way to recreate human breath therefore efficiently attract all species of mosquitoes as well as black flies, no-see-ums and so on. Then once the mosquitoes have flown close to the trap, the vacuum that the trap makes sucks the insects in trapping them in the mosquito trap and not letting them out.

This trap also is small in size so will fit even in the smallest of spaces, so you can even place it on your windowsill or any other small space. And it will be easily assembled so once you get it after purchasing it because you will only have to unpack it and briefly assemble it. With this best mosquito trap, you can enjoy the benefits of having a mosquito trap without having it stand out and everyone wondering what is that device.

Click Here for Price & More Info on Koolatron Mosquito Trap


  • Unique design so the trap looks more like an interior decor than a mosquito trap, therefore it will blend in nicely in any place;
  • It is small yet powerful, so you can place it in any smaller space and it will still be able to catch all unwanted insects including mosquitoes;
  • It will clean up around ½ acre area so will be perfect for smaller gardens or homes;
  • This trap uses 4 different attractants so it is guaranteed that insects will choose to fly towards the trap, not you.


  • The price of this trap might seem a bit high because it is not the biggest mosquito trap, however, the design of it makes up for that;
  • ½ acre coverage might be too small for people with bigger backyards or big homes.


Viatek Products Mini Mosquito Trap


  • Manufacturer: Viatek
  • Can be used in: Outdoors
  • Noise: No
  • Odor: No
  • Target insects: Mosquitoes, flies, midges, etc.
  • Method of attraction: CO2, UV light
  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 7.2 x 7.2 inches (18.2 x 18.2 x 18.2 cm)

Viatek Mini Mosquito Trap reviews

viatek mosquito trapIf you are in the market for something cheaper and smaller but that will still be efficient at capturing mosquitoes and helping you clear your backyard, garden or patio from them, then refer to this Viatek mosquito trap and its review because this is one of the best mosquito trap reviews of this product.

This product differs from most similar ones that can be purchased because it is much smaller in size and different in design. However, like most insect traps, this, too, lures pests with a combination of ultraviolet light that is emitted by a high-intensity LED bulb and CO2 that is made with the help of TiO2 or titanium dioxide, because these two elements are the biggest mosquito as well as other biting insect attractions. Then once the insects are close to the Viatek mosquito trap, they get sucked into the holding chamber of the trap by a powerful vacuum fan, where the mosquitoes die from dehydration about 8 hours after they get trapped.

So this insect trap not only is perfect for mosquito trapping but also won’t emit different toxic substances like insecticides, that can harm our health, making it pet and child safe. Also, there won’t be any sound or distinct vibrations that will make the trap noticeable even in the quietest of evenings, and the green color will help the trap blend in with the rest of your backyard or garden. And lastly, the mini size will let you move it easily and place wherever you want because it won’t need a lot of space.

Click Here for Price & More Info on Viatek mosquito trap


  • Small size makes it unnoticeable as well as gives you options as to where you want to place it;
  • The green color of the trap lets it blend into your backyard, garden, etc.;
  • Specially made to kill mosquitoes & other biting insects;
  • UV light and CO2 mosquito attraction combination ensures better results;
  • The high powered vacuum will suck in any insect that flies close to the trap;
  • The price, compared to other mosquito traps, it very cheap.


  • It is smaller, so can cover smaller area;
  • Meant for outdoor use only.


Cocoweb SmarTrap


  • Manufacturer: Cocoweb
  • Can be used in: Indoors and outdoors
  • Noise: No
  • Odor: No
  • Target insects: Mosquitoes, black flies, sand, flies, biting midges, gnats, midges, etc.
  • Method of attraction: UV light
  • Dimensions: 6.6 x 6.6 x 11 inches (16.7 x 16.7 x 27.9 cm)

Cocoweb SmarTrap review

best mosquito trapFor a more universal use mosquito trap that can be used whether you are indoors or outside and that will run silently and won’t disturb you, check out this Cocoweb SmarTrap, because it is one of the best these kinds of mosquito traps and you can find out why comparing this to the other mosquito trap reviews.

This insect trap mainly targets mosquitoes, however, it is known to be efficient at capturing other insects, too, like different kind of flies, gnats, and midges that can be found inside your home or around your backyard or garden. It works by luring these insects with a warm UV light that is emitted by a LED bulb, capable of lasting more than 50,000 hours, so you probably won’t have to change the bulbs any time soon. Then one the insect is close to the trap, it gets sucked in by the device, efficiently trapping the insects inside and killing them.

But even though there is a fan and a light bulb that could potentially emit a lot of noise, the trap runs silently and also doesn’t emit any other disturbance like odor or smoke, so you can easily place in any room you want and it will work with you barely noticing it. This SmarTrap also is compact enough that you can place it even in the smallest of nooks and it will still work wonders, as long as it will be plugged in and turned on. And you can even choose from three different modes that allow you a larger variety of different effects.

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  • Works by luring mosquitoes using a UV light that is emitted by long-lasting LED bulb;
  • After the mosquitoes are close to the trap, they get sucked in by a fan and trapped inside the mosquito trap;
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors, so gives you a larger variety as to where you can place this mosquito trap;
  • Doesn’t produce noise, odor or any toxic byproducts, so you can safely use it in your home around children and pets.


  • Needs an electric outlet to work, so cannot be used far from an electricity source;
  • Uses only UV light to attract insects, which can be less appealing to some of them.



Mosquito traps aren’t a quick solution to mosquito or other insect problems, but it’s an efficient one. Once you got your mosquito trap working for a while, it will break the insect breeding cycle and after a month or so you will see huge improvements in your insect population and the effect will last for a long time, only getting better with each new day that the mosquito trap is running. And if you are searching for the best mosquito trap among all of the insect traps that are on the market right now, then you have come to the right place, because we have compiled a list of the top mosquito traps to help you chose the one that will be the most suited for you.

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