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Best Raccoon Traps

Raccoons are adorable adaptive animals coexisting with humans but can also destroy your garden and damage your property. However, a sturdy raccoon trap with a trigger and handle guard can keep these omnivorous animals out of your home.

Raccoons are adorable adaptive animals coexisting with humans but can also destroy your garden and damage your property. However, a sturdy raccoon trap with a trigger and handle guard can keep these omnivorous animals out of your home.

Faicuk Large Animal Trap

Faicuk Large Animal Trap

This rust-resistant galvanized steel equipment is the best raccoon trap with a great trigger.

Havahart 1085 Raccoon Trap

Havahart 1085 Raccoon Trap

This trap with patented design sets the standard and streamlines raccoons and other animal-catching processes.

Tomahawk Live Trap Model 608SS

Tomahawk Live Trap 608SS

This raccoon trap has a rear sliding door for baiting and protects the trip plate with a critter-proof pan guard.


Faicuk Large Animal Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • More muscular and more giant animals can destroy it
  • Setting the trip plate can be frustrating

Faicuk Large Animal Trap Review

Faicuk is a reliable global leader offering high-quality and best-selling wildlife and pest control products. The brand creates great traps with innovative construction, triggers, and edges. It helps catch raccoons and other animals without hurting them to keep your yard safe.

The Faicuk large animal trap and its line of metal box-shaped instruments are known for their efficiency in catching raccoons without injury. In addition, you can trust other products from the same manufacturer thanks to the Faicuk large animal trap’s unique abilities.

Sturdy steel construction, space-saving storage, and handle guard justify Faicuk’s raccoon trap as the best overall. Besides, this collapsible animal trap uses a trigger to shut the door in multi-seconds to prevent animal escape. 

Furthermore, this pesky raccoon trap is foldable, making it easy to transport and store in various locations. You can fold the equipment flat and reassemble it in a quarter of space. You never have to worry about the weather damaging this equipment as it is corrosion and rust-resistant.

This raccoon trap has smooth edges with no sharp or dangerous parts to cause injury. Instead, you’ll get a great handguard designed to protect your hands from scratches and bites. Furthermore, the well-designed top handle has a metal design to prevent large raccoon injuries.

The idea is to set the trap, catch the raccoons destabilizing your yard or home, and call animal control. Next, assemble the trap in a box shape and place it in your backyard. Anytime animals walk into the open trap, it closes the door, leaving them at your mercy.

Consider this equipment if you cannot compromise on quality and performance. This product effectively catches any nuisance animal wreaking havoc in your yard. This exceptional product weighs only 10.23 pounds and is for medium-sized animals.


  • Manufacturer: Faicuk
  • Item Weight: 10.23 pounds
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 11 x 13 inches
  • Target Species: Rats, cats, raccoons, rabbits, and groundhogs


Havahart 1085 Raccoon Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The trigger requires regular maintenance
  • Tricky trap mechanism

Havahart 1085 Raccoon Trap Review

Havahart is a leading brand with over 70 years of experience producing innovative, quality live animal traps and pest control. This brand delivers safe electronic solutions, animal repellents, and traps with patented time-release technology. This animal trapping technology makes this model the first of its kind to meet consumer needs.

The Havahart 1085 animal live trap, and its extensive product line is efficient, durable, and can trap large animals. Furthermore, trusting other products by the same manufacturer is advisable thanks to Havahart 1085 exceptional performance. The desire for continuous research makes the brand more relevant.

Durable high tensile steel, safe-release lever, and smooth interior edges justify this model place as the best single door. Besides, this live raccoon trap has a handguard to limit interactions with your hands to prevent scratches during raccoon removal.

Furthermore, this revolutionary live animal trap with smooth edges interior has a design for animal protection. The smooth edges prevent animal injuries after falling prey and during transportation.

This equipment has a spring-loaded door lock and sensitive screws to trap animals and prevent an escape. You can use this adjustable trap for larger animals and even quick motion with one hand.

Consider setting the trap in an open location with the level. Then, anytime an animal steps into the trap, the sensor triggers the closed cage gravity action door. You can unlock the door with the level in locations where they can cause zero harm.

If you’re in the market for a sturdy raccoon cage with effectiveness and ease of use, this product is for you. Try this product for its innovation and outstanding performance. You’ll never have to worry about animal cruel treatment laws or pay fines. This model is best used to trap adult raccoons, groundhogs, stray cats, skunks, etc.


  • Manufacturer: Havahart
  • Item weight: 10 pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Product Dimension: 32 x 10 x 12 inches
  • Target Species: Raccoons, groundhogs, opossums, skunks, and cats


Tomahawk Live Trap 608SS


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Assembling can be frustrating
  • Verified purchase complained about the tricky backdoor

Tomahawk Live Trap 608SS Review

Tomahawk is an American company founded in 1966 and remains a global leader in wildlife and pest control services. While homeowners enjoy wildlife control products from this company, it remains focused on developing innovative solutions for clients. You have probably used one of Tomahawk products if you’re into wildlife protection and management.

With the Tomahawk line of products ensuring reliability, effectiveness, and performance, you can trust the Live Trap Model 608SS. In addition, the brand has a strong connection with its final customers, which is an essential part of its business strategy. That’s why they fulfill customers’ needs and exceed expectations.

The Tomahawk Trap Model 608SS is heavy-duty and features a rear sliding door for baiting, ideal for indoor and outdoor usage. Besides, the professional-grade equipment has a great handle and an adjustable trigger to trap animals.

This live animal trap has tighter mesh patterns with a robust wireframe for durability and efficiency. Furthermore, the model comes with extra steel rods reinforcing the structure for improved strength. You never have to worry about catching medium-sized raccoons or stray cats with this trap.

This adult raccoon trap’s critter-proof pan guard ensures safe trapping and will not harm raccoons. Instead, you’ll get a spring-loaded ideal for locking the trap door to prevent animal escape.

It is common knowledge that a quality raccoon trap will rid nuisance animals from your yard, and this model is not an exception. Assemble the sure-fire trap parts and place them strategically to remove raccoons and even wild animals from your home.

The trap door locks automatically when live animals or your neighbor’s cat steps into it. Consider this model for its effectiveness in trapping raccoons, rats, or cats inside or outside your home.


  • Manufacturer: Tomahawk Products
  • Item Weight: 12 pounds
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Product description: 32 x 10 x 12 inches
  • Target Species: Rats, cats, raccoons, and rabbits.

Other products to consider



Havahart 1045 Live Animal Trap

What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The trigger requires regular maintenance
  • More muscular animals can destroy it


Havahart is a star in the wildlife and pest control industry with innovative and efficient products and services. A company trusted and recognized by customers for over a century, and a half knows its onions. Over 75 years of existence is clear proof that this brand is a force to reckon with in the industry.

The brand’s customer relationship, competence, and quality are fully incorporated into this Havahart 1045 live animal trap. As a result, globally, customers on various platforms sing praises for Havahart traps.

This high-quality dog-proof trap built with alloy steel will deter raccoons and leave a lasting impression. Two spring-loaded doors, rust-resistant galvanized wire, and steel construction make the equipment the best two-door animal trap. Besides, you can trap these creatures from different directions and protect your hands from the animal bite with a large handguard.

Furthermore, this 1045 live animal two-door trap has steel reinforcements, two traps, small mesh openings to prevent unwanted animal escape. You can eliminate undesired catches and target specific animal sizes with this product.

This raccoon trap has smooth internal edges to protect trapped animals and prevent injuries. Next, you’ll get a convenient carrying handle that keeps the trap away from your body during transportation. Finally, consider using this equipment along animal travel paths to increase your odds of a catch.

Assemble this Havahart 1045 live animal trap against your yard or garden wall to trap the creatures wreaking havoc in your home. Next, the trigger closes the trap when an animal walks into it. After trapping, relocate raccoons and other trapped animals in areas they cannot cause harm.

Consider this 1045 live animal two-door trap for its premium materials and exceptional features. This model can withstand harsh and cold weather conditions and is ideal for targeting pesky raccoons and small animals.


  • Manufacturer: Havahart
  • Item weight: 11.09 pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Product Dimension: 36 x 10 x 12 inches
  • Target Species: Raccoons, groundhogs, opossums, skunks, and cats.


Safeguard 52830 Raccoon Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Tricky trap mechanism
  • More muscular animals can destroy it

Safeguard 52830 Raccoon Trap Review

Safeguard Corporation is passionate about producing high-quality and durable pest control products with innovative solutions. This brand has numerous products to its name that are synonymous with efficiency and sustainable value. Like many of its products, the Safeguard 52830 is one to rely on for performance and excellence.

The Safeguard 52830 quality trap is one of the best equipment to get rid of raccoons from your home. It is so because the innovative features integrated into the equipment are sensitive to animals and can hold them without escaping.

This raccoon trap position is justified by the heavy-duty reinforced door, bait tray, and galvanized wire design. The galvanized wire design makes the trap corrosion and rust-resistant and ideal for various weather conditions. Besides, the reinforced door has a sensitive trigger that prevents an unwanted escape.

Furthermore, this live animal trap has an excellent catch and a rear release slide door, making it easy to release trapped raccoons. You can trap animals without injuries with this model interior design. You never have to kill raccoons and face the law with this model.

Assemble the equipment, unlatch the door by lifting the handle, place the bait and lose gently. The door locks when an animal steps into the trap. Slide open the rear and lift the door out with extreme caution. Consider wearing gloves or protecting your hands with heavy leather to prevent bites and scratches. Try this dog-proof product out because of its innovative features, performance, and delivery.


  • Manufacturer: Safeguard Products
  • Item Weight: 10 pounds
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Product description: 30″ x 11 x 12 inches
  • Target Species: Rats, cats, raccoons, rabbits, and groundhogs

This guide discusses the best raccoon traps more in-depth. Furthermore, we’ll dive into how raccoon traps work and your required trap sizes. Finally, you’ll learn to catch multiple raccoons with the best raccoon trap and improve your knowledge.

How do raccoon traps work?

Raccoon traps are large metal equipment to lure live raccoons with food as bait. Chicken parts, sardines, vegetables, pet food, fish, and cat food are baits attracting raccoons and other animals. Consider changing the bait after 72 hours if the first is ineffective to ensure optimal results.

Set your cage trap close to the den, trash cans, or areas where they cause damage. Animal trails, cracks in stone walls, gardens, and yards are ideal locations to set your trap. With these animals performing various activities, they can easily fall prey.

When these animals step into the trip pan at the back of the trap, the trigger shuts the door. These traps keep the raccoon inside and alive. Then you can release the trapped animals at a distance from human dwellings. Consider driving ten miles away before dropping these animals at the release site.

How to set up a raccoon trap? Step-by-step guide

Most cage traps come fully assembled, but you need to set them up for productive results. There are ways to set up this equipment and solve your raccoon problem, and we will dive into them below:

Cut Cable Ties

Your first task after unboxing this equipment is removing the fixed cable ties. Next, consider cutting the cable ties and removing the rear door lock. Furthermore, it enables effortless unfolding and sets you on the animal trapping path.

Unfold and Fix the Shape

Consider fixing the cage clip by unfolding and pressing the “U” support arm. The support arm restores the cage shape and gets it ready for action. Now lock the rear door, connect the “U” hook and trigger arm to the front door.

Connect the Door to the Trigger Arm

Use your thumb on the front door lock, pick it up, and place it on the trigger hook. You’ll find the hook connected to the arm before placing it in desired locations to catch animals.

Before setup, read the usage steps, whether you’re setting up a duke dp coon trap, Faicuk trap, or oxgord live animal trap. Consider carefully handling the sharp edges and read your location’s animal trapping laws.

When is the best time to trap raccoons?

Most raccoons are active at night and in the morning hours. Mother raccoons often come out at any time of the day to find water and resources to feed their babies. So it’s normal to find raccoons during the day as they seek shelter or move to a new location.

trap raccoonsYou’ll find these animals in large holes, fallen logs, trash bins, trees, etc. Abandoned barns, cars, crawl spaces, and in the wild are other locations you can find these creatures. At the same time, these animals are nocturnal and do not have the vision of dogs. Instead, they sense and locate things with their paws.

These creatures primarily rest during the day, and other raccoons hunt for food at night. So if you’re on the hunt for raccoons, the best time to trap these creatures is at night. Wear gloves and set live traps, and you’ll get them. The reason is that these animals wander around and perform various activities in the dark.

Best raccoon trap bait

There is no best raccoon trap bait as these animals are omnivorous, consuming animal foods and plants. They can eat anything in sight when in desperate need of food. However, you can use various foods as bait for attracting these animals to your small trap.

From marshmallows to wet cat food, fresh fruits, vegetables, bacon, canned tuna, and eggs are ideal baits for raccoons. Unfortunately, while stealing bait is another hobby, they fall prey. So if you’re tired of large raccoons wreaking havoc in your home, consider fatty meat, tin foil, and sweet corn as baits. Crayfish, clams, berries, acorns, grains, and nuts are other attractive baits for these animals.

What to do with captured animals?

Consider approaching the raccoon trap cautiously because trapped animals are always frightened and unpredictable. Avoid sudden movement and approach the cage slowly because these animals have smaller ranges. Most traps have a gauge that keeps animals at a distance.

safety with captured raccoonFurthermore, it protects your hand from scratches and bites from a wild animal. However, cover your hand with rugged leather or gloves for protection and give the animal a positive vibe. Finally, keep the raccoon calm while preparing its transportation in the live animal trap.

Relocate the captured animal a few miles away from your home where they can trouble no one. Then, consider calling the police or reaching out to local authorities for proper instructions to remove raccoons.

Can you make a raccoon trap yourself?

You can make a raccoon trap with a sturdy garbage can, wood plank, and a picnic table. Hand gloves for protection and bait for attracting these animals are other required items. In addition, you need rocks and bricks to protect the garbage can at the end of the table to avoid tripping.

Fill the can with 15cm of water and place the plank in the garbage can with one part on the table. You never have to worry about the board staying on the table and can tilt when these creatures step a foot into it.

It’s time to introduce the bait close to the overhang for animals to fall prey. Now that you have a raccoon trap consider setting it in your desired location and checking for results in a few hours. 

Frequently asked questions

Do raccoon traps work?

These traps are versatile, reliable, and can deter small and larger raccoons from your home. But if raccoons are destabilizing your garden or home, it’s time to trap them and release them at a far distance. Raccoon traps have sturdy materials and efficiently trap rats, cats, or raccoons inside or outside your home.

What size trap do I need for a raccoon?

When determining the size of your raccoon trap, consider the size of these animals. Raccoons are big, muscular animals, so think of an enclosed foothold or coil-spring foothold for trapping. Consider the #160 and #220 ideal trap sizes for raccoons without unwanted injuries or harm.

Why should I use a trap?

Wildlife management professionals or homeowners who don’t want raccoons or wild cats ravaging their homes can use traps. The essence of using a trap is to capture animals in your home until you can release them into the wild. Trapping protects against property damage from endangered species and is ideal for wildlife management.

How do you catch multiple raccoons?

You can catch raccoons with a trap that can capture various animals in one sitting. These traps differ from conventional single catch traps and are more efficient. Consider a multi-catch raccoon trap if you want to catch multiple raccoons at once. These traps doors allow various entries in a single set.

Can you catch a raccoon without a trap?

You can catch a raccoon without a trap using a barrel or can. Peanut butter, chicken parts, and fish are ideal baits for catching these animals. Place these baits at the end of the barrel or can. These creatures get trapped for food, letting you catch them without a trap.

Conclusion – Which is the best raccoon trap/cage?

Plants and animals are factors attracting raccoons to your garden. Unlike many traps, the Faicuk large trap is your solution. This animal trap has a sturdy steel construction, space-saving storage, and a handle guard to protect your hands from scratches. This trap is easy to set up, has sensitive triggers, and can withstand any weather with rusting. In addition, this model built with premium materials is corrosion and rust resistant with smooth edges.

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