Insects are an inevitable problem, and people have been trying all possible weapons to successfully win this battle, but it is not always as easy as spraying insecticide. Nowadays the market is so full with countless insecticides, organic and chemical ones, foggers, sprays, bombs and many other kinds of products that it is hard to fight the right one for your needs, as they all have different purposes, characteristics, and target insects. Therefore, a little research beforehand is a must, if you have been facing the problem of insects invading your home, garden or any other property. Henceforward, I will be reviewing some of the best pyrethrin and pyrethrum foggers.

CB – 80 Contact AerosolOutdoors,
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CB – 80 Contact Aerosol


  • Manufacturer: FMC Corporation
  • Net volume: 1 can is 17 oz
  • Active ingredients: pyrethrins, piperonyl butoxide
  • Meant for: killing large variety of insects and pests
  • Target insects: Flies, Mosquitoes, Wasps, Gnats, Cockroaches, Ants, Crickets, Spiders, Silverfish, Small flying Moths, and other pests
  • Where can be used: outdoors and indoors
  • Kid safe: Yes
  • Pet safe: Yes
  • Residue: Yes
  • Odor/scent: strong odor
  • Other features: Package quantity – One, long straw like attachment helps to direct spray.


CB-80 pyrethrin fogger is manufactured by FMC Corporation, which has a history of more than hundred years in creating insecticides. It all started by a man named John Bean, who wanted to invent a more efficient insecticide spray pump. But today FMC Corporation is one of the world’s leading chemical companies, working on new innovations and evolving every day. Nowadays FMC Corporation operates in other spheres, such as pharmacy, energy and even food industries. And their aim is to help farmers and pharmaceutical companies by providing the most efficient and sustainable products in the industry.

pyrethrin fogger

This pyrethrum insecticide is one of the leading product in the industry, proven its efficiency and quality. It kills various kind of insects very fast and is highly effective. CB-80 spray can be used both, indoors and outdoors, however, it is not advised for long term use indoors, as this spray is chemical. In order to get rid of all flying insects indoors, close all windows and doors and spray insecticide all over the rooms in sweeping motions. For crawling insects, in addition to spraying the whole room, pay attention to hiding places and any cracks and smaller holes where you could find these insects. Directly spray insecticide in such places. If you just want to use CB-80 for prophylaxis reasons, you can spray all door frames, window sills, and any cracks with it, so that mosquitoes won’t enter the room, but it is not necessary to treat the whole room, as the spray does contain toxins which are not healthy. If your animals have been infested by pests, CB-80 contact aerosol can be used directly on animals’ fur, however, it should be reminded that it cannot occur too often, and should be as the last resort. All in all, you should remember that CB-80 spray does contain chemicals, therefore ventilate treated areas after use.

This specific spray has a straw-like attachment, which helps to better navigate and direct the spray, making smaller cracks and holes are easier accessible. CB-80 Contact Aerosol comes in one size which is 17 oz. spray can, in a size of 9.35 x 2.6 x 2.7 inches in dimension. Considering the fast exposure, CB-80 spray is more than effective. It not only kills pests’ immediately but keeps your home free from them. Although it is not one hundred percent harmless, this spray is based on chrysanthemum oil and contains pyrethrin, which is one hundred percent natural. Although it will not be completely harmless, natural ingredients will be less toxic.

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  • Straw like attachments allows to direct the spray
  • Fights large variety of pests
  • Very effective


  • Contains chemicals and toxins
  • Has strong odor
  • Fumes are very intense, therefore ventilation of premises are a must after use
  • Pricy

Doktor Doom Total Release Fogger


  • Manufacturer: Doktor Doom
  • Net volume: 3 oz.
  • Active ingredients: pyrethrins, piperonyl butoxide
  • Meant for: fighting insects in gardening areas such as greenhouses, fruit and vegetable storage areas and indoor gardening areas
  • Target insects: fungus gnats, spider mites, two-spotted spider mites, aphids
  • Where can be used: outdoors and indoors
  • Kid safe: yes
  • Pet safe: yes
  • Residue: no
  • Odor/scent: light odor, which fades away quickly
  • Other features: fogger breaks down in few hours therefore doesn’t leave any residue


This manufacturer has been around since the end of 1990’s. Although it might not be as long as other similar producers, Doktor Doom can be proud of its history. It was one of the first pesticide brands to realize and start the trend of manufacturing more natural and less chemical insecticides. We could even call them trendsetters in this sphere.Many larger companies have just now started to introduce much safer ingredients, for example pyrethrin, but Doktor Doom has been manufacturing such products for twenty years now. They are proud to be manufacturing the highest quality products with the safest ingredients, but still providing the best possible result.


This pyrethrin fogger is specifically designed to fight insects in gardening areas and storage space, such as greenhouses, fruit, and vegetable storage places and even indoor gardening areas. It can be used on all plants and vegetables to fight insects such as fungus gnats, spider mites, two-spotted spider mites, aphids. You simply spray fogger onto the plant and it will eliminate all unwanted insects and keep them away. When used, it should be directly sprayed onto plants or infected surface.

As Doktor Doom is manufactured from natural components, it does not leave any residue. And, moreover, fruits and vegetables can be harvested already two hours after being treated with the fogger, as it breaks down in a couple of hours. In addition, it does not leave any odors and scents. Because of the natural ingredients used, Doktor Doom is very unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. Doktor Doom fogger comes in a can of 3 oz. and product dimension of 2.1 x 5.6 x 2.1 inches.

Although, pyrethrin insecticide contains natural ingredients, often spraying the plants can be harmful to them and damage fruits and leaves, leaving a plant in bad condition. Therefore, this fogger must be used only if necessary.

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  • Does not leave any residue
  • Odorless
  • Manufactured from natural components
  • Vegetable and fruits can be harvested two hours after being treated with the fogger


  • Works only for few, specific insects
  • Can damage plant if used frequently

Pyrethrum Total Release Fogger


  • Manufacturer: BASF Corporation
  • Net volume: 2 oz.
  • Active ingredients: Pyrethrum, Piperonyl Butoxide
  • Meant for: designed to be used on ornamentals, herbs and vegetables and other indoor garden plants
  • Target insects: aphids, fungus gnats, mites and whiteflies
  • Where can be used:  indoors
  • Kid safe: yes
  • Pet safe: yes
  • Residue: yes
  • Odor/scent: it is not odorless, however, odor can be tolerated
  • Other features: bomb fogger, which does not take a lot of effort to treat plants


Manufacturer of this pyrethrum insecticide is BASF Corporation which has a very long history of more than hundred years, first created in China. In the middle of the twentieth century, they became a transnational company and started taking over the world. They manufacture various products in different spheres, but their main focus is researching chemistry, in order to reach best results in whatever product they are designing. They believe that through innovation and science they can reach the maximum level of efficiency in all spheres.

pyrethrum fogger

Pyrethrum total release fogger is used as an early rotational insecticide indoors, in garden centers, greenhouses, hobby greenhouses and nurseries on bedding plants, cut flowers, flowering hanging baskets, foliage, potted flowering plants, and ornamentals. As it is pyrethrum release bomb, and supposed to cover an area which is up to 3000 square feet large, you should be careful if you have smaller space. Therefore it is advised to leave doors or windows open for smaller rooms. When using a fogger, you should place it in the middle of the room and activate the bomb and leave the place, as it is not going to be healthy breathing such air. After you have treated the wanted area with pyrethrin fogger, you should ventilate the room, otherwise, your plants can get extremely dry and even die, as this pyrethrum fogger does leave residue on leaves and other parts of the plant.

Pyrethrum Total Release Fogger works as a bomb, which should be activated and left in the middle of the room, it will treat plants in the room. It is a can consisting of only 2 oz. which means that larger warehouses and room will need more than one fogger to be effective.

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  • Easy to treat the whole room at once
  • Eliminates all insects listed above fast


  • Can harm plant
  • Small packaging
  • Works only indoors

Durvet Fly Dairy Bomb


  • Manufacturer: Durvet
  • Net volume: 25 oz.
  • Active ingredients: pyrethrins, piperonyl butoxide
  • Meant for: indoors, and for use on animals, especially on cows and horses
  • Target insects: kills and repels flying and crawling insects
  • Where can be used: indoors and on animals
  • Kid safe: yes
  • Pet safe: yes
  • Residue: no
  • Odor/scent: no
  • Other features: no ozone depleting components


The Durvet is a company mainly focusing on producing animal health care products. Hence Durvet Fly Dairy Bomb is mainly aimed for use on animals to fights insects. As every other pharmaceutical company, they have realized how important it is to evolve and grow every day. And how important it is to bring new and improved products to market, therefore every year they design around twenty new products. The mission of this company is to ensure that animals are healthy and living in an insect free environment. They are proud to have core values, such as delivering superior service for customers, focusing on customers and their well-being and focusing on animals, and helping them. These core values help to provide the best quality and the most efficient product they can manufacture.


Durvet Fly Dairy bomb pyrethrum fogger is used not only on premises and plants as all other foggers, but it is manufactured particularly for use on animals, specifically on cattle, horses, swine, chickens and other livestock. It kills and deters all crawling and flying insects, even the ones which might be resided in the fur of animals. It is very important to relieve animals from all insects which might live on them because they bring not only a lot of discomfort but also sicknesses. Most livestock animals are grown in order to produce meat, milk, eggs. But if insects have brought diseases, these consumable goods are no more usable. Although the name of this product mentions fogger bomb, it works as any other spray, you just aim at the target and spray.

Although it comes as a spray, it is not flammable, therefore you do not have to worry about it setting on fire. Moreover, products natural components ensure that Durvet pyrethrin fogger isn’t harmful to the environment as it has no ozone depleting components. It comes in a size of 25 oz. spray bottle, and is an insecticide spray.

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  • Natural
  • Can be used on animals and premises
  • Fights all crawling and flying insects
  • No ozone depleting components
  • Nonflammable


  • Bomb in the name might be misleading, as it works as a spray

Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger


  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Brands
  • Net volume: 1.2 oz.
  • Active ingredients: tetramethrin, cypermethrin, piperonyl butoxide
  • Meant for: fast kill fogger, meant for cracks and wholes which are difficult to be reached
  • Target insects: roaches, fleas, ants, spiders, water-bugs, crickets and other insects
  • Where can be used: indoors
  • Kid safe: yes
  • Pet safe: yes
  • Residue: no
  • Odor/scent: no, it helps neutralizing odors and smells
  • Other features: dry-fog formula, does not leave any residue or oil


Spectrum Brands is an enterprise providing a large spectrum of various products, and the Hot Shot line being one of them. Spectrum Brands is leading company in providing batteries, home locksets, construction workers hardware, plumbing, shaving and grooming products, personal care products, small household products, pet supplies, yard, garden and home insect control products, insect repellents, and auto care products. As you can see they offer a very large variety of different purposes product. Line Hot Shot consists insect repellent products, different foggers, and sprays.

pyrethrin insecticide

Hot Shot pyrethrum insecticide is designed to fight roaches, fleas, ants, spiders, waterbugs, crickets and other insects which are living and hiding in hard approachable places, small holes, and cracks. This fogger penetrates all small cracks eliminating insects completely. It is usable only indoors in apartments, attics, barns, basements, boat cabins, cabins, campers, crawl spaces, garages, homes, households, sheds, storage areas and trailers. And before using it, you should close all the doors and windows, open all cupboards, cabinets and drawers, and every other place, where insects might be hiding. Shake the fogger and place in the middle of the room on a chair. You should be aware of the fact that when treated, area should not be entered for at least two hours. And when the time has passed you can air out the room. Also, it is authorized to be used on cats and dogs to fight fleas, therefore animals can enter the room when fogger has been activated. It is not advised to use this fogger on too small rooms, and areas.

Its dry-fog formula guarantees that your furniture and belonging which are located in treated room will not get ruined, and have any residue on them whatsoever. Hot Shot fogger will not leave stains or oily residue after use, and it will not have any odor. Moreover, this fogger has active components which are designed to neutralize any smells and odors which are already there. Fogger comes in a pack of three 1.2 oz. cans, however, you should only use one at a time.

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  • Odorless
  • Does not stain anything
  • Dry-fog formula
  • Reaches all holes and cracks
  • Immediate kill of insects
  • Keps insects away for several months
  • Can be used to fight fleas on cats and dogs


  • Might cause allergic reaction
  • Flammable


It depends massively on what are your needs when choosing the right pyrethrin and pyrethrum foggers. Either, you are using it indoors, on animals, for small holes, plants, or in small rooms. Also, it greatly depends on what kind of insects you are dealing with when choosing the right insecticide. Because there are insecticides which are designed to deal with all insects and some are specifically designed for certain insects. So, when you have considered all necessities and prefers, it will be very easy to determine which insecticide will be the best option.