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Best Propane & Fuel Mosquito Foggers

Summer is a time for us to enjoy the sun, warm weather and the outdoors, but it also is the time of mosquitoes and different insects that can ruin our time outside, because no one likes to suffer from mosquito bites. That’s why mosquito foggers are one of the best insect and pest control and repel systems to use to remove insects from your garden or backyard. Although there are few different mosquito fogger systems out there, one of the best ones especially for those who want portable and easy to use system are propane foggers.

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Summer is a time for us to enjoy the sun, warm weather and the outdoors, but it also is the time of mosquitoes and different insects that can ruin our time outside, because no one likes to suffer from mosquito bites. That’s why mosquito foggers are one of the best insect and pest control and repel systems to use to remove insects from your garden or backyard. Although there are few different mosquito fogger systems out there, one of the best ones especially for those who want portable and easy to use system are propane foggers.


Burgess 1443

Well priced, easy to use and very effective, this is the fogger you need for controlling mosquitoes in yard.

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Golden Eagle

This stainless steel beast will get rid of mosquitoes in fields, warehouses, greenhouses, factories and more.

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Bonide 420 Fog-Rx

Light weight and compact size fogger that effectively deals with all backyard mosquito problems.

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Burgess 1443


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The fogger doesn’t come with a propane cylinder, meaning that you will have to purchase it separately;
  • This fogger could be too small to efficiently use for fogging huge fields.

Burgess 1443 Review

This Burgess fogger is probably the most popular fogger around and there is a good reason for that too, because the fogger is really good at its job and at the same time is very easy to use and handle.
This insect fogger is great to use in yards for parties, barbecues, and special events or on regular bases for mosquito free time in backyard, because this fogging system provides instant results. It is an insect killing and repelling system all in one compact fogger.

To use this propane insect fogger you only need the device itself, some insecticide and a propane cylinder of course, because it is propane powered fogger. For this purpose any standard propane cylinder that you can buy in most hardware stores will work.
The container, in which you would put the insecticide into, can hold up to 40 ounces (1.18 liters)of liquid, which means that with just a single refill you will be able to fog quite a large area, for example a larger backyard, but with multiple refills you will be able fog even a large field if necessary.

The insecticide laced fog that will come out of the nozzle, will be about 10 feet tall and cone shaped without any odor or color. That means that you can fog your picnic, camping or outdoors dining area and you will be able to enjoy a mosquito free time for many hours. But if you repeat the process for a few day,s then the effect will last even up to few days after the fogging. And for those who worry about the safety of the fogger and the mist that comes out of it, there is special trigger lock installed that doesn’t allow accidental dispensing of insecticide, but the fog clears in seconds and the fogged area is safe to use within minutes of fogging.

The size of the fogger is about 6.9 inches to 15.5 inches to 11.2 inches (17.52cm x 39.37cm x 28.44cm) and it weighs only 2.8 pounds (1.27kg), so it is compact and light enough to use for extended period of time and any place you want.


Golden Eagle


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • You can only use oil based solutions with this fogger, so that might limit you in terms of applications of this fogger.

Golden Eagle Review

And then there is the Golden Eagle Thermal Fogger that absolutely is the king of all thermal foggers, hence also the price of this unit. However, the price also reflects the efficiency and capability of this fogger, because it truly is one of the best foggers you can get.

This fogger is able to output 9 gallons of fog per hour, meaning that even when using it in a large area, you will be able to treat that area quickly. And the fogger is able to break down any solution into 50 micron down to even 0.5 micron small droplets which provides that the emitted fog will be the finest it can be, treating even the smallest of insects or mold spots.

If we touched the subject of treating insect and mold problems with this fogger, then I need to mention that because this fogger is able to turn oil based liquids into fog, it can be used not only as a powerful mosquito fogger, but also for fighting odors, mold, bug infestations and so on.

The 1.1 gallon solution tank helps with the uniformity of the fogging process, because it allows you to fog for a while before you need to refill that tank. Unfortunately, the 0.2 gallon fuel tankcan cause some problems with that, but as long as you aren’t fogging one area for longer than an hour, it shouldn’t be a problem. Use this fogger to treat both outdoors and indoors areas, and see how easy it is to get rig of insects and other problems.

This fogger weighs 19 pounds (8.6 kg), which is not a lot for such a big fogger and its dimensions are 52 by 9.5 by 14.5 inches (132 x 24.1 x 36.8 cm), so it might take some time to get used to working with this fogger.


Bonide 420 Fog-Rx


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The propane cylinder must be purchased separately.

Bonide 420 Fog-Rx Review

Then there is this Bonide mosquito fogger that measures up to all the propane fogger standards with efficient fog, great and compact size and easy-to-use design.

Firstly, this fogger is an outdoors yard fogger so it can be used in any outdoors or open place where you have mosquito, fly, gnat, moth or other insect problem. So you can clear your yard, garden, playground, or event space from unwelcome insects in the matter of minutes.
The mist this fogger produces will be extremely dense and tall, to reach not only grass and low bushes but also tree foliage and all cracks where insects might be hiding.

The manufacturer used durable nylon when producing the fogger itself and a translucent material for the bowl so you can see the insecticide level and predict when and if you will need to refill your fogger while fogging.

The mosquito fogger is propane powered so it works with a mosquito fogger propane cylinder that needs to be attached on the back of it. Then all it is left to do is pour in some insecticide, ignite the fogger by pressing the self start igniter switch and use the easy trigger button, that will dispense the fog, so all of the mosquitoes and other insects are killed.

You also will be able to easily walk around and fog large area with this fogger, because it is not only efficient but quite lightweight and easy to maneuver. It weighs about 4 pounds (1.8 kg) and is 8.2 inches to 13 inches to 5.5 inches (20.82cm x 33.02cm x 13.97cm) in size.

Other products to consider


Repel 190397 (2 Pack)


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The insecticide tank is built into the fogger unit, so it could be hard to clean it, if that is ever necessary;
  • This is not the biggest of foggers, so won’t be suitable for big mosquito control operations.

Repel 190397 (2 Pack) Review

For those who want a sophisticated fogger with sleek lines yet also great efficiency and that will do the job of getting rid of mosquitoes in you backyard, this Repel insect fogger might be just for you.

The efficiency of this fogger comes from its ability to fog up to 5,000 square feet large area in only about 10 minutes, so, even if you have no time but still need a mosquito-free area, then this device will be able to provide that for you. The fog that it emits is thick, coating every inch of treated area with insecticide, however, because the insecticide is applied in fog form, people can enter and use the treated area only 5 minutes after the fog has settled.

Like the name of this fogger suggests, it is a propane fogger, so you will need to purchase either a 14.1 ounce or a 16.4 ounce propane cylinder and attach it to the end of the device before you can use it, but once it is done nothing is stopping you from clearing your area from mosquitoes and other flying and biting insects.

Effect that the fogger creates will last a minimum of 6 hours, but that time can be increased by regularly fogging your designated mosquito-free area and breaking the mosquito life cycle. And because the fog consists of very fine particles, it will leave no residue and the fogged area will be safe for anyone.

Dimensions of this fogging device are 19.2 by 10 by 17.6 inches (48.76 x 25.4 x 44.7 cm) and it weighs about 3.6 pounds (1.63 kg), so you shouldn’t have a problem lugging around the fogger when you are trying to mosquito-proof your camping ground, backyard or favorite picnic spot.


Longray Pulse-jet


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The fuel tank of this fogger isn’t the biggest, so it might be a bit inconvenient to refill it if you are fogging a certain area for longer than an hour;
  • This fogger should only be operated outdoors, which limits the usages of this fogger a bit.

Longray Pulse-jet Review

Then there is this Longray Pulse-Jet fogger, that is a bit cheaper than its Vectorfog counterparts, but this device still is very efficient and can even be used as a commercial fogger, because it will be able to work not only at combating mosquitoes, but also at eliminating things like mold, fungus and so on.

Speaking about efficiency, this fogger will output up to 11.9 gallons of insecticide laced fog in one hour, meaning that the time period in which you can fog even a large area is very small. And because the finest droplet setting for this fogger ir 0.5 microns, the fog that is emitted by this device will be extra fine.

But what does a fine mist mean? Well mainly it means that there is no chance that the fog can leave any residue on the area where you are using the fogger. And secondly, it also means that the fog will able to get into the smallest of place, like between leaves or in wood cracks, so these areas too are covered with the insecticide and no mosquito gets spared.

The stainless steel construction of the fogger provides not only a sleek look to the tool, but also as a guarantee that the fogger will last a long time and even the most corrosive liquids won’t be able to do damage to the device. And if I mentioned liquids then, yes, with this device too you can use both oil and water based ones, so you have a chance to choose for what you use the device and what solution you pour into it.

The fogger together with a 1.58 gallon formulation tank is 50.4 by 12.2 by 14.2 inches (128 x 31 x 36 cm) in size and it weighs 28.4 pound(12.8 kg), so be careful when you consider buy or not to buy this fogger, because it is no the lightest of machinery.


Hudson 62691


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The propane cylinder needs to be purchased separately from the fogger itself;
  • Device might prove to be too small to efficiently fog really big areas like fields and such.

Hudson 62691 Review

Another thermal fogger, that operates with the help of propane and will produce dense fog that will get into every nook and cranny of your area, killing mosquitoes and riding your space from them is this Hudson propane insect fogger by H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company.

Thanks to the fact that this fogger produces tall and thick cone of fog that will linger in the fogged area for a couple of seconds, you will be able to banish not only all mosquitoes, but also other flying and crawling insects, clearing your area in minutes. And afterwards, depending on what type of insecticide you use, the effect will last first up to 6 hours and later can be built up to a few days of mosquito-free environment.

The fogger is built up from a rich blue colored fogger body, that will make it easier to not lose your fogger, with a metal coil for fogging and attachable white colored insecticide liquid container, where you can fit up to 0.5 gallons of any insecticide. And because the insecticide tank is light colored you will be able to clearly tell how much product you have left and when you will need to go refill the container.

This fogger can be used with any normal sized propane cylinder, enabling you to not only easily move around while you are fogging, without the need to worry about wires or cords, but also enabling you to take the fogger camping or to your friends BBQ and clearing this area from mosquitoes, too.

Size of this Hudson fogger is  7.2 by 11. 2 by 15.5 inches (18.28 cm x 28.44 cm x 39.37 cm) , meaning that the fogger is not too big and can be easily stored , and it weighs only about 3 pounds (1.4 kg), so you shouldn’t have any problems of carrying it around and fogging your area with this device.


Vectorfog H200SF


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Because the fuel tank is only 0.3 gallons, you might need to refill it a bit more frequently;
  • Since the fogger is heavy and bigger in size, it might be harder to manoeuvre it and carry it around.

Vectorfog H200SF Review

Similarly to the VectorFog H100SF fogger, this one too is a commercial grade fogging unit that can handle many different solutions and turn them into a fog that is thick and very efficient at killing mosquitoes and many other things.

The efficiency of this fogger can be proved just by looking at the solution output that this fogger has. This fogger is able to output up to 13.2 gallons of insecticide or other solution per hour, and with the droplet size of that out-put fog being at 5 to 30 microns, it means that this fogging machine will cover a huge area in just a short amount of time and you won’t have to waste your time to have mosquito-free living space.

But the small droplet size also means that the fogger won’t leave any residue in the area that is fogged with this machine. Often, when you use spray insecticides, they can leave unpleasant and often even harmful residue, but not this fogger, because as soon as the fog has settled, you will only see an area that is free of different insects or other problems that you were combating with the Vectorfog H200SF.

Just like its predecessor, this device, too, is able to turn water and oil based solutions into thick, white fog, so you have much larger variety as to what type of solutions you can buy and use with this fogger, and the formulation tank on this fogger is 1,71 gallons large, so it will last you a while until you will have to fill it up again.

And this fogger, too, is a bit heavier than the first foggers on this list. The dimensions of this unit are 55 by 12 by 6 inches (139.7 x 30.48 x 15.24 cm) and since it weighs 23.8 pounds (10.8 kg), you might need some additional accessories like a shoulder strap, for it to be comfortable to lug this fogger around.


Vectorfog BY100


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • This fogger requires to purchase a propane or butane cylinder for it to work.

Vectorfog BY100 Review

This BY100 propane mosquito fogger is manufactured by a company called Vectorfog. BY100 is a propane insect fogger, which can be used in various applications, starting from insect and pest control to spraying sanitizing solutions. This is a portable device that works with a propane or butane gas, so you will need to insert a gas cartridge in the back of the fogger.

BY100 yard fogger is made from a durable plastic so it’s pretty light and easy to carry around, the burner is made from a stainless steel material. On top of the fogger there is a handle for carrying the fogger, a place to attach a shoulder strap if you need to fog larger areas and below the handle is a fogging trigger. As mentioned, the fogger is powered by a fuel cartridge, however, it does not come included with the fogging device, so you will need to purchase the cartridge separately. Butane or propane fuel cartridge will cost around 10 dollars. To light the fogger you can use an auto ignite switch, so you don’t have to light it manually with matches or a lighter. The fogger is equipped with a 0.7 gallon (2.8 l) solution tank, which is made from a chemical resistant plastic material. You can use both oil or water based fogging solutions with this tool.

Vectorfog BY100 fogger produces thick cloud of fog that penetrates the smallest indoor and outdoor areas. The fogger will produce particles in 5-30 micron range, which is the most effective size of particles for mosquito control. The flow rate of this fogger is approx. 0.5 gallons (2 l) an hour and with a full tank you can fog for almost 1.5 hours. The best features of BY100 thermal fogger are portability, large spray distance of approx. 30 feet (9 m), effective particle size for insect control and chance to use both water and oil bases fogging solutions. The size of this fogger is 24 x 7 x 16 inches (62 x 18 x 41 cm) and it weighs around 3.7 pounds (1.6 kg). The fogger comes with a 1 year warranty.


Vectorfog H100SF


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Since this is a heavy duty fogger, it is bigger in size and also much heavier, meaning that it might prove difficult for some to operate it.
  • The fuel tank of this fogger is only 0.3 gallons, that the fogger uses in one hour, so if you want to operate the fogger longer than that, you will need to refill the fuel tank.

Vectorfog H100SF Review

For a more heavy duty fogger option that will be able to easily cover even a huge area, but still will be somewhat homeowner friendly in terms of how easy it is to operate this device, check out this VectorFog thermal fogging machine.

The name fogging machine already indicates, that this isn’t your average small backyard fogger, and looking at this fogger you can also tell, that it can be easily used for more commercial fogging operations. That reflects also in the performance of this thermal fogger, because the device is able to give out up to 15.5 gallons of insecticide per hour, which is very impressive and will let you quickly cover large area with fog that is deadly to mosquitoes.

Since this units capacity is so big, it needs to have a formulation tank to match. That is why the insecticide reservoir can hold up to 1,18 gallons of solution that can be turned into as small as 5 micron droplets, providing that the insecticide leaves no residue on the fogged area.

On top of that this stainless steel unit is able to process both oil and water based solutions, so you can basically use any type of insecticide with this fogger and it will still work just fine. And you can even use disinfectant, deodorant, fungicide and pesticide solutions in this fogger, to combat things like bad aromas, mold, and different other bugs besides mosquitoes.

Of course, because the unit is so capable, it also is bigger in dimensions, standing at 46.4 by 14.9 by 10.2 inches (117.8 x 37.8 x 25.9 cm), as well as much heavier, coming in at 18.7 pounds (8.5 kg)when it is empty, so you will need to have some skill to operate this unit.


Black Flag 190095


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • You will have to buy the propane cylinder separately, because it doesn’t come with the unit;
  • Insecticide also isn’t included upon purchase.

Black Flag 190095 Review

Similar popularity has acquired this Black Flag propane mosquito fogger, because it has very similar features to other, low priced foggers, but with a completely different design.

To use this fogger you will also need an insecticide and a propane canister, and then all you need to do is to fill up the tank with an insecticide, attach the propane can, ignite the fogger and you can start to fog your outdoors areas with fog that will kill and repel insects and mosquitoes by simply pressing the auto start button on the fogger.

This propane fogger has 32 ounce (0.94 liter) insecticide container that is worked into the fogger itself so you won’t need to screw it off to pour the insecticide into the liquid tank.
By using this fogger you will be able to produce about 10 feet tall cone of thick and insecticide laced fog that will immediately kill bugs and insects upon contact and afterwards repel them from coming inside the fogged area.

This yard fogger weights only 3.6 pounds (1.63 kg) and its sizing is 8.3 to 20.3 to 10 inches(21.08cm x 51.5cm x 25.4cm), so you will have no trouble using the fogger not only in your backyard, but take it camping, to a picnic or any other place you don’t want to encounter mosquitoes.


If you are looking for the best fuel and propane mosquito foggers, then look no further than this list of the top propane insect foggers. From Burgess 1443 to Golden Eagle Thermal fogger, all these products exhibit superior operational skills and efficiency, letting you eliminate mosquitoes quickly and without much effort.

If you experience mild mosquito infestation, we suggest you consider checking out the best mosquito foggers or buying propane bug killer, as it’s a bit cheaper and has less maintenance than a regular fuel fogger.

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