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Best Mouse Repellents

Noticing signs of mice in your house can be extremely worrying and, unfortunately, getting rid of these small pesky rodents can be very challenging. So, finding the best mouse repellent for your situation will help to not only get rid of mice that have set up home on your property but will also prevent them from returning. Yet, it can be difficult to know which are the best mice repellents as not all work effectively. Which is where this article comes in because in it we have highlighted some of the best natural rodent repellents that work with varying degrees of effectiveness.

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Noticing signs of mice in your house can be extremely worrying and, unfortunately, getting rid of these small pesky rodents can be very challenging. So, finding the best mouse repellent for your situation will help to not only get rid of mice that have set up home on your property but will also prevent them from returning. Yet, it can be difficult to know which are the best mice repellents as not all work effectively. Which is where this article comes in because in it we have highlighted some of the best natural rodent repellents that work with varying degrees of effectiveness.

best mice repellent

Rodent Defense Spray

When we think about vehicle protection from chewing rodent damage then this spray works best to deter mice from your car.

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Exterminators Choice All Natural Spray

Exterminators Choice All Natural Spray

If you need to protect a large area of your property from mice and other rodents, then this 1-gallon chemical-free mouse repellent is an excellent choice.

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best mouse repellent

Fresh Cab Pouches

These natural pouches are deterring mouse from your house and any other place using only the smell that mice don’t like at all.

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Rodent Defense Spray


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Some users report that the spray was ineffective for their uses
  • Slightly more expensive when compared to similar products

Rodent Defense Spray Review

If you need to keep vehicles free from the destruction that mice and other rodents can cause, then choose this repellent spray by Exterminators Choice. This is a peppermint mouse spray that leaves behind an odor that mice hate. Because of that, mice should stay away from the sprayed areas.

One of the reasons for choosing a spray repellent over a solid pouch repellent is that the product is more versatile. For example, you can use this all-natural, nontoxic spray, which contains a mixture of peppermint essential oils, rosemary, garlic, pepper oil, and vinegar, to protect your car’s wiring by spraying it under hoods, in the engine compartment, and around wheels. And because the spray deters mice from coming near your vehicle, you won’t also have to worry about finding dead animals in your engine.

This spray is also effective against other rodents such as squirrels, chipmunks, and rats which can damage your car. One thing to consider about this peppermint spray for mice, though, is that you will need to apply the solution fairly frequently for best results.

Compared to some of the other peppermint oil sprays, this vehicle protection spray by Exterminators Choice gets good reviews. Some vehicle owners say that this repellent product has prevented chewing rodents from causing a lot of expensive damage.


Fresh Cab Pouches


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Not suitable if you have large infestations of mice
  • May lose their effectiveness if they get damp or wet
  • Not great for open spaces or outdoors
  • Require replacing every 30 days or less

Fresh Cab Pouches Review

This natural mouse deterrent by Fresh Cab uses a combination of natural oils that are known to help keep mice and other rodents at bay. These repellent pouches are nontoxic to pets and children and are a humane way to repel pests. Like I mentioned before, these natural rodent deterrents contain a blend of essential oils including fir oil, rosemary, lavender, and lemongrass essential oils which means that they will keep protected areas smelling fresh and free from bad odors.

One of the reasons for including these repellent pouches in this best mouse repellents article is that you can use them in almost any indoor area to keep it free from scurrying pests. These products claim to protect rooms, attics, crawl spaces, and garages from rodent activity for up to 30 days. They are also small enough to help protect hard-to-reach places from a mouse infestation.

The manufacturers say that one pouch can help protect up to 125 sq. ft., which is about the size of a small room. However, if you need to quickly eliminate many mice from your property, you may need to place more repellents. These products are also easy to use and there is no risk of getting dangerous chemicals on your skin. You just need to open the container and put them in strategic locations.

Other products to consider


Exterminators Choice All Natural Spray


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Reviews are mixed regarding the effectiveness of its repelling activity
  • May not be effective for getting rid of a severe infestation of mice

Exterminators Choice All Natural Spray Review

If you need to protect a large area of your property from mice and other rodents, then this 1-gallon chemical-free mouse repellent is an excellent choice. The mouse spray formula contains active natural ingredients such as peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and white pepper. You can use this spray outdoors and indoors to deter mice from your home, flower beds, garages, or outbuildings. Because this natural mouse deterrent isn’t toxic, you don’t have to worry about polluting the ground with dangerous chemicals.

One of the reasons why many users choose Exterminators Choice repelling sprays is because they are designed by professional exterminators. And since this repellent spray only deters mice, not kill them, you don’t have to worry about picking up dead, disease-infested rodents from your yard. Treating areas of your home and yard will also help to prevent other critters like roaches, chipmunks, voles, and other pests from bothering you.

As with most mice and rat repellents that use all-natural ingredients, users report mixed results. Some users have reported success in greatly reducing the number of mice by spraying the perimeter of their property regularly. The same users also report that the exterminator spray is good for other bugs and creepy-crawlies. However, some say that they haven’t noticed any changes in the signs of mice activity around their home.


Handcraft Peppermint Oil


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • As with most peppermint oils for getting rid of mice, you need to apply the solution regularly
  • Not everyone experiences good results using peppermint oil rodent repellents

Handcraft Peppermint Oil Review

This peppermint oil to get rid of mice works by creating aromas that mice hate to prevent them from entering your property. This high-quality essential oil contains at least 10% menthofuran which is a natural rodent and insect deterrent. As with the other peppermint essential oils, you can use this to create peppermint mice-deterrent sprays or soak cotton balls in a peppermint solution.

When compared to similar peppermint oils marketed as mice repellents, this Handcraft peppermint essential oil product seems to be of high quality. Potent, long-lasting aromas from peppermint oil are essential to their effectiveness. The fact that this product contains a guaranteed amount of menthofuran is a good indication of its potency as a pest deterrent.

As with most natural peppermint oil mice deterrents, you will need to apply a solution regularly to protect areas. However, because this is a high-grade pure peppermint essential oil, you can adjust the concentrations to suit your needs. When compared to other peppermint essential oils, this product works out as a slightly more expensive product.


Sheriff All-Natural Spray


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • If you already have a mouse problem, the deterrent effects may just move your rodent problem to another area of your house
  • Requires frequent application to keep treated areas rodent-free

Sheriff All-Natural Spray Review

If you want to deter mice and other small rodents from your property without worrying about using toxic chemicals, then this all-natural mouse repellent may be a good option. This rat and mice repellent uses a combination of peppermint oils and spearmint oils to help protect your property. And it is safe enough to be used in areas that children or pets frequent without posing any risk to their health.

One of the reasons for including this natural spray for mice in this article is that it comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle. You can also use this peppermint spray repellent to protect car engines, garages, storage, car and yard from destructive rodents. And by using this spray, it is possible to repel mice from nooks and crannies of your home and scurrying behind cupboards and nesting in hard-to-reach places.

As with many peppermint oil-based repellents, this may not be effective in driving mice out of your home.

Also, some users have found the spray solution to be ineffective in dealing with their rodent problem.


T3-R Pest Repeller


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What we like :

What we don't like :

  • May take up to 2 weeks to become effective
  • Ultrasonic repellents aren’t scientifically-proven to work for rodents, squirrels, and other small mammals

T3-R Pest Repeller Review

If you are looking for a way to repel mice with the minimum fuss, then this rodent repellent may help to keep mice away from your yard, home, and garages. This high impact mice repeller by T3-R uses mouse repellent noises, sound waves that humans and pets can’t hear, to irritate mice and prevent them coming near.

One of the reasons why this device ultrasonic mouse repellent works better than some of the other electronic repellers is that it sends out sound waves in 3 different directions. Rather than having multiple devices plugged in, you should be able to keep a large area free from small rodents with one device. The unique feature with this product is the “T3R” technology which varies the ultrasonic sound. This helps prevent mice and other rodents getting used to the annoying soundwaves.

According to the manufacturer, one of these units is strong enough to protect up to 6,000 sq. ft. Although some users report limited results with these rodent repellent units, many have had good success in keeping homes and gardens free from pests. Also, compared to other units that emit rodent repellent sounds, one unit covers a larger area.

About mouse repellents

There are different types of products that are designed to keep mice away from your property. Many people choose nontoxic repellents that either scare mice away using ultrasonic sound waves or leave odors that confuse or repel mice. Each of these types of natural mice repellents have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Mouse repellent sprays

The best types of natural mouse repellents use peppermint oil as their base repelling odor. Some of these products come in ready-to-use containers and contain other ingredients to increase their effectiveness. Other natural mice repellents are just basic essential oils that have a number of uses, including using them in an essential oil repelling spray.

One of the drawbacks of using natural sprays is that their effectiveness is not always guaranteed.


Essential oils tend to evaporate quickly. This means that if you don’t reapply the solution regularly, your rodent problem may return.

However, because these natural sprays don’t pollute the environment, they are the best choice for many people who want an eco-friendly solution to their rodent problem. Peppermint sprays for mice are generally safe to use if you have pets or young children in the home.

Ultrasonic mice repellers

These plug-in units generate sound waves above the limit of human and most pets’ hearing. One of the reasons why many homeowners try these units is because they require little maintenance. First of all, you need to identify areas where mice could inhabit or frequent and then strategically place the electronic rodent repellents to prevent mice from coming near.

Among the main complaints of these ultrasonic repellent, devices is that they are not always effective. It seems that mice may get used to the sounds emitted or prefer to put up with the noises rather than risk moving outdoors.

Who needs mouse repellents?

Although some people like to keep mice as pets, no homeowner wants to have mice invading their property as uninvited guests.

Many natural mouse repellents are not suitable for getting rid of an already-existing rodent infestation.

However, all the undesirable pests are gone, mouse repellents can help to keep the mouse populations to a minimum.

Using the best rodent repellents will also help to keep you and your family safe from disease. A worrying study in 2018 found that many mice carry pathogens that are resistant to antibiotics. Scientists have found that mice can carry bacteria such as E. coli, C. difficile, and Salmonella. Some of these infections, if left untreated, can even be deadly.

Common terms about mouse repellents explained

  • Essential oils. These are extracts from plant leaves, flowers, bark, or roots that contain volatile oils. Usually, the oils are extracted by distillation and contain highly-concentrated compounds with a strong aroma.
  • Repellent. Repellents are designed to keep pests away without causing physical damage.
  • Trap. A device to catch an animal or rodent. Traps can be used to kill rodents to limit their numbers or catch them humanely to be released away from the home.
  • Ultrasonic sound waves. Some repellents emit high-frequency sound waves higher than 20 kHz, meaning that they don’t affect humans.

How natural mouse repellents work

Peppermint mouse sprays

What is the science behind the use of peppermint aromas to scare away mice, rats, and other rodents?

It is thought that there are a number of mechanisms why peppermint oil gets rid of mice. Some people claim that its strong aromas mask pheromone trails. This can help to disrupt the signaling methods rodents use to communicate. There is also some scientific research on rodents that peppermint oil aromas act as a natural deterrent. For example, researchers found that rats tend to stay from areas treated with peppermint oil. Natural repellents using peppermint oil were seen as a more ecological-friendly way to control rodents and protect the environment. However, it has to be noted that no studies have been carried out on mice specifically.

When deciding to use peppermint essential oils to send mice scurrying away, it is important to remember that the aromas of essential oils can evaporate quickly. This means that natural rodent sprays are only short-term deterrents. There is also the chance that peppermint sprays just move a mouse population to another area of your property. So, you should protect multiple areas of your property to ensure mice stay away.

Plugin mouse repellents

Mice repellers that work on the principle of ultrasonic waves are designed to target the nervous system of mice and rats. The effectiveness of ultrasonic devices to keep buildings and properties free from pests may have some use. Research carried out by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln say that ultrasonic repellents don’t cause harm to the environment. They work by generating ultrasonic pulses that humans and most pets can’t hear. Ultrasonic rodent repellents are limited by the fact that the further the sound has to travel, the weaker it becomes.

Is there any scientific proof as to the effectiveness of these devices? The researchers found that these devices can have a repelling effect but that rodents may get used to the sounds. However, there was no conclusive proof that they always work. However, many ultrasonic mouse repellent reviews say that they have been effective for many people

What other types of mouse repellents are available?

Apart from ultrasonic mice repellent units and peppermint mouse sprays, there are a number of other mouse repellents on the market. Some websites promote the use of mothballs for eliminating mice from your property. However, these contain potentially-harmful chemicals and are not effective outdoors. Other repellents such as ammonia, castor oil, cayenne pepper, or tarragon only have limited use and probably won’t resolve your mouse infestation problem.

What should you do if natural mouse repellents don’t work?

Natural mouse repellents aren’t effective at killing mice or getting rid of them from your property. Once mice have set up home in a warm environment where there is an abundance of food, it can be difficult to get rid of them by natural means.

To deal with a large infestation of mice, you may need to call a pest control expert to remove the rodents from your home. Once this is done, you can then use a combination of repellents to prevent mice from returning. However, for your efforts to be effective, you must stop up all entry points where mice can get into your property.

Mouse repellent buying guide

If you are looking to buy the best rodent repellents, what should you look for to control mice?

  • When looking for the best natural sprays to repel mice, then most repellents are peppermint oil-based. You should think about if you want to buy a ready-to-use spray formula or make your own spray using peppermint essential oil. Also, it is important to see how well users rate specific spray repellents as some may be stronger than others.
  • One of the essential factors to look for when choosing the best ultrasonic mouse repellents is the type of pest you want to get rid of. Some repellers are designed for insects and bugs, whereas others are better for small rodents.
  • It is also good to remember that not all units are as effective for mice as others. In fact, very few scientific studies back up the claims of ultrasonic repeller manufacturers. So, it is also important to read users’ reviews as to their effectiveness.

Other useful information about mouse repellents

Seeing signs of a mouse in your property means that it is time to take measures to get rid of the pest. Noticing droppings, shredded materials gnawed holes, or hearing mice scurrying are warning signs that action is needed.

However, keeping mice out of your property once you have got rid of them can be a challenge. For example, did you know that a standard mouse can squeeze through holes the diameter of a pencil!

Knowing something about the behavior of mice can also help keep your home mouse-free. Mice use ultrasound to communicate and they can hear up to 90kHz. This is why some people choose ultrasonic devices to protect their home from these tiny rodents.

Mice can also climb vertically up to 2 meters and have been known to chew through electrical wires. But, knowing that mice like to travel along edges of walls and units can help you know the best places to place repellents or mice traps.

How to use mouse repellents

The best way to use repellents to keep mice as far away from your property as possible is to use a combination of strategies. For example, you can use peppermint oil sprays to protect specific areas of your house where you have found evidence of mice. If you know where mice have entered the property or have created nests, natural repellent sprays can help prevent mice from returning to those areas.

At the same time, ultrasonic devices can add an additional layer of protection that should help to keep areas of your home free from rodent activity. However, even many of the best electronic rodent repeller reviews say that it is important to deal with a rodent infestation before using repellents in your home.

To conclude

Knowing how to repel mice effectively and naturally takes a measure of determination and planning. Mice can be very difficult to get rid of, especially if it is cold outside and food sources are scarce. Because mice carry diseases and can cause destruction to your property, it is essential to keep these pesky creatures out of your home.

Compared to the solid repellent units, the natural rodent sprays were more effective as they were more versatile. For example, it is easy to make your own solid unit to get rid of mice by spraying the natural defense spray on cotton balls, floors, or other hard surfaces.  As the most effective repellent spray, we choose Rodent Defense Spray.

There seemed to be little difference in the effectiveness of the peppermint essential oil mice repellents. All peppermint essential oils have a wide range of use – everything including rodent repellent to aromatherapy.

Some of the best pouches repellent reviews recommend Fresh Cab Repellent Pouches. This is because the pouches consist of only natural ingredients and do not harm people and pets, and you can place them everywhere need to.

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