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Best Mosquito Netting for Patio

Mosquito bites are extremely irritating, itchy, can cause infections and can even be dangerous to our health and well-being. Therefore, in order to keep mosquitoes and other insects away from us without having to use chemical repellents, candles or any other bug repelling product, we can use mosquito netting for the patio. These nets are an easy way how to prevent mosquitoes from bugging us while we’re enjoying our time outdoors. So, let’s look at some of the most popular and best mosquito nets for the patio currently on the market.

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Mosquito bites are extremely irritating, itchy, can cause infections and can even be dangerous to our health and well-being. Therefore, in order to keep mosquitoes and other insects away from us without having to use chemical repellents, candles or any other bug repelling product, we can use mosquito netting for the patio. These nets are an easy way how to prevent mosquitoes from bugging us while we’re enjoying our time outdoors. So, let’s look at some of the most popular and best mosquito nets for the patio currently on the market.


Ideaworks Outdoor Screen

By featuring a weighted down tube this screen will be perfect for your patio and will shield you from both the sun and insect.


EasyGoProducts Screen

This is the most secure option among all of these patio screens since it features zipper entry, mesh walls and ceiling and PVC floor.


Mekkapro Mosquito Net

Efficient, multi-functional, classy and extremely portable are the main features that make this patio netting a great choice.


Ideaworks Outdoor Screen


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Needs to be hand washed and air dried
  • The plastic of the tube is fragile

Ideaworks Outdoor Screen Review

The manufacturer and distributor of this gazebo with netting is a company called Ideaworks. They are a worldwide company, distributing different outdoors appliances, furniture and garden accessories. Mainly they provide and offer different electricity and lighting appliances, for example, garden lights and lamps. But they also have furniture, like chairs, and mosquito nets.

This mosquito net is intended to keep the bugs and insects away and let you have a nice and relaxing time outdoors. There is nothing more relaxing and pleasant than having lunch on your patio or in your backyard. But often, insects and mosquitoes are extremely irritating and bugging, but with mosquito netting, you can keep them away. It very easily installed. You need an eleven-foot umbrella, any kind or brand as this mosquito netting for patio will work with any, and you simply attach it to your outdoor umbrella. The construction is very lightweight, so it shouldn’t require much strength. Also, it has a zippered entry, for easier access and also to keep mosquitoes and insects from getting away. As for most of the similar mosquito nets, this one also has a plastic tube at the bottom, which is designed to be filled with water and to keep the net secured and in place when the wind blows. But the plastic used to manufacture tube is fragile, therefore you have to handle it with caution otherwise it can break.


EasyGoProducts Screen


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The product doesn’t include the tent frame or its canopy

EasyGoProducts Screen Review

The manufacturer of the last mosquito netting for the patio is a brand called EasyGoProducts, which offers many different products, beach umbrellas to utility pull wagons and more. Although their offer is very widespread, they have not lost their quality and very qualitative and effective products can be expected from the company.

This mesh net screen room is equipped with two doors and four windows. The net is manufactured from a fine mesh, and lined with a durable PVC material, making sure that this screen tent is able to withstand even the windiest and wettest conditions. Its design makes it extremely popular and easy to use. And even easier to set it up, since it had a quick pop-up design, just unfold it, zip it together and you have yourself a mech screen room to shield you from mosquitoes and other pests.

Overall, this mosquito net is extremely well made and will be usable for several seasons. The only downside to this product is that comes with neither the canopy or tent frame. But if you already have those at home, then this product will be perfect for you!


Mekkapro Mosquito Net


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Only one opening
  • No frame to hold its shape

Mekkapro Mosquito Net Review

MEKKAPRO is a company which sells mainly original, hand-crafted products for outdoors adventures and sports activities, which includes sleeping bags, sleeping pads and mosquito netting. The company has gained huge popularity among those who love camping, thanks to the quality and pleasing design of their products. And they have stellar customer service track record, which stems for offering a money-back guarantee and answering any questions you might have in a timely manner.

MEKKAPRO mosquito netting for the patio is a great way to keep away those irritating insects and mosquitoes, whilst having a lovely day outdoors. These mosquito netting curtains are not only meant for outdoor patio use, but they can be also used indoors, for example, hung above your bed. Because, often mosquitoes and other flying insects find their way indoors, and interrupt our sleep during the night time. So having such mosquito net above our sleeping area will prevent insects from interrupting us. Additionally, when purchasing MEKKAPRO mosquito netting for patio you will also receive a carry pouch, making it easy to take this mosquito net with you wherever you go.

It is extremely easy to set up and install this mosquito net as MEKKAPRO mosquito curtains come with a full hanging kit and since the net can be hung anywhere in your house, outdoors or even in different hotels, and outdoors spots. It is designed to be versatile and flexible when it comes to the location of use. You can use it anywhere and on anything, from double beds, single beds and cribs to camping gear, hammocks, picnic and patio table and chairs, you name it. In addition, the Polyester mesh material is durable yet very breathable, so will keep away all insects and bugs. It is designed so that wind and fresh air get thought, but any insects, even the smallest ones, cannot get past the netting. And since you can take these mosquito netting curtains camping or on vacation, where they might get dirty, the design of this netting allows them to be washed in the washing machine without ruining the material. Sometimes, washing similar products in the washing machine can damage them, but MEKKAPRO mosquito netting for patio won’t be damaged at all.

The only downfall to the Naturo outdoor mosquito netting is that it has no shape, frame or form to it. It won’t hold its shape, therefore if you choose to use it outdoors, you have to think about how to secure the mosquito netting curtains to stay in place. Here you can get creative and secure the net in place using rocks, branches, string or any other materials that can be found around you. However, when it comes to an indoor setting, it is perfect for it as you don’t have to deal with wind indoor.

Other products to consider


LB International Enclosure


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The outdoor umbrella has to be bought separately

LB International Enclosure Review

LB International, Inc., which is a New York-based company, is an importer and distributor of this mesh mosquito net. They are an international company as their products are distributed all around the globe. Because it is a family owned business, with a history of over seventy-five years, LB International is a very respected and trusted retailer.

It will fit over a nine-foot patio umbrella and will be extremely easy to be placed on it. However, the patio umbrella itself is not included, as for the most porch curtains available in the market. It has a water-filled edging at the bottom of patio mosquito net, in order to keep the net in place and avoid it from whiffling around in the wind. It also has a zipper enclosure, to secure it and avoid insects getting inside these porch curtains.

Overall, this is a great patio mosquito net for homes, as it is safe for kids and animals, has no smells or scents to it, will be easy to set up and has a water bag edging to keep it secured and sturdy in place.


Sunshine Umbrella Net


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Filling up the bottom with sand can be messy

Sunshine Umbrella Net Review

The distributor of this patio umbrella mosquito net is a company by the name of Sunshine. They are retailers of many different items among which you will also find this patio umbrella mosquito net.

It is very similar to the rest of patio mosquito net systems available. You purchase a net, which needs to be secured onto a patio umbrella, or any other item intended for that purpose. For example, some porch curtains can be hung from the ceiling or from trees. This patio mosquito net differs because it has an adjustable diameter and height. You can adjust it to your necessary size, but not larger than a 9-foot umbrella. If necessary you can make it smaller, in case you have an umbrella for kids.

This gazebo with netting has a zippered entry, minimizing the chances of mosquitoes getting in. And it has very tight net weaving so that even the smallest insects and bugs cannot get it. Some patio mosquito net systems have great designs, but the netting is not very tight, therefore small insects still get in and disturb you but with this pation netting, you will be completely protected also from the small insects. Also, this patio mosquito net has a built-in water or sand fillable tube at the bottom of the net, which is installed in order to keep the netting in place. Often, when gazebo with netting is set up outdoors, it tends to float in the air when the wind blows, therefore bottoms with built-in fillables have been added to patio mosquito net systems. Many similar mosquito nets for patio have a fillable bottom, but only with water, this one also has an option of sand. But the filling process can get quite messy.


Yescom Gazebo Canopy


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The mesh is very thin
  • Comes in one color

Yescom Gazebo Canopy Review

Yescom Inc. is a distributor of this Yescom mosquito screen mesh netting for an outdoor patio. It is not a manufacturer and designer because Yescom Inc. is an e-commerce business, which sells various products online. It started as a retailer of cell phone accessories but since have introduced many other products and brands to their online store. From a small retailer, Yescom Inc. has grown to be an international company, selling worldwide, proving that all of the products and items they sell are qualitative.

The Yescom colored mosquito netting screen mesh net for the outdoor patio is mainly designed to keep away irritating mosquitoes and other biting insects during summer time, it will also serve as a sunblock and provide you with shade, so you can have a relaxing time outdoors without worrying about sunburn and mosquitoes. This is a gazebo canopy designed to fit 10 square feet umbrella. And putting it on and replacing the old mosquito net won’t be very difficult. However, it might slide down as the velcro is not included. But you can use other attachments found in your house and secure this mesh screen in place so that it doesn’t move around.

As already mentioned, Yescom mosquito netting for a patio is not only protecting you from mosquitoes and other irritating insects but will also serve as a sunblock, creating shade and blocking harmful UV rays. It is said to be longer lasting than other similar mosquito netting curtains, and last you a whole year. Normally, similar outdoor mosquito netting curtains are designed to last for a season, which is approximately three months. But, Yescom mosquito netting for patio will last you at least two seasons. And, in order to keep fresh air and ventilation going, the net is designed with zippered ventilation top with mosquito netting, so that the fresh air can circulate but mosquitoes don’t have any way to get through. Not only that, it is designed to allow extremely easy access, as this patio netting has four zippers on each side. As sometimes it can get extremely complicated to get into the net, and you can easily get tangled up, they have added more zippers so that you have easier access. Lastly, it is waterproof and won’t get ruined by rain as some other mosquito netting curtains do.

But the only downfall to this mosquito netting for a patio is that the mesh itself is very thin, so you have to be very careful when handling it so that it doesn’t tear. And the net itself is included, but the umbrella or stand does not come with this purchase. Therefore, customers who already have an umbrella or some kind of stand are advised to purchase Yescom tan mosquito netting screen mesh net for an outdoor patio.


Plow & Hearth Umbrella Canopy Mosquito Net


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The plastic tube has a tendency to leak
  • Netting tears quite easily

Plow & Hearth Umbrella Canopy Mosquito Net Review

The distributor of this patio netting for umbrella is a company called Plow and Heart. They have been operating for over thirty years and have proven to be extremely successful at what they do. From a small country retail store, they have grown into a multinational and worldwide multi-channel online retailer, providing many different products for home, outdoors and garden.

With this umbrella net, you can keep mosquitoes away and have an enjoyable time sitting outdoors. It will keep away not only mosquitoes but also other flying insects and irritating pests that are not welcome and are extremely aggravating. Plow & Hearth Outdoor Umbrella Canopy Mosquito and Insect Net with Zippered Opening is easy to set up, as you just have to drop this mosquito netting for patio over your outdoor umbrella. Although umbrella is not included, this umbrella net is not specifically designed for an exact one, so it will fit any umbrella of a size of seven to nine feet.

Umbrella net is made out of tightly woven polyester, in order to be breathable and let the fresh air in, but also to keep all insects from coming inside, even the smallest ones. It has a plastic tube at the bottom in order to help the mosquito netting curtains hold the necessary shape and restrain it from whiffling in the wind. Plastic tube has to be filled with water so it has some weight to it. Also, this patio mosquito net has a zippered opening, so that you don’t leave any opening for mosquitoes and bugs to crawl inside.

But, as for most products, this patio mosquito net has some disadvantages. Because the water tube is made out of regular plastic, it has a tendency to leak over time, because little, microcracks develop. It will hold the water perfectly at the begging, but with time you might need to change the tube. In addition, netting is extremely delicate, it will be fine if you handle it with caution, but if any force is used then most probably the net will tear and break. And lastly, the netting itself is quite large, with large holes, therefore, the smallest insects will still have a way of getting in.

Overall, a great choice if you are looking for regular mosquito netting for the patio. The supplier is very trustworthy and you can expect great customer service.


Sid Trading Patio Canopy


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The bottom water tube might leak
  • Umbrella does not come with the net

Sid Trading Patio Canopy Review

The distributor of this umbrella mosquito net canopy is the SID Trading, abbreviations standing for Super Incredible Designs. It is a trading company, distributing many different canopies and play tents, manufactured by selected and trustworthy manufacturer. They distribute decorative, modern and qualitative canopies for different purposes. And because of that, they have improved their design and functionality to the maximum and can offer the best product in the market.

The umbrella mosquito net is 118 by 87 by 472 inches in size, larger than average mosquito net. This mosquito netting for porch can be used outdoors, in your garden, porch or backyard. It is extremely easy to set up and will fit your already existent umbrella patio set. It has clasp closure at the top for easier setup, and at the bottom, it has a plastic tube, which will keep the mosquito netting curtains in place. The plastic tube has to be filled with water in order to hold the necessary shape and in order to resist any force from the wind. Often mosquito nets are hard to adjust and use outdoors, because of how lightweight they are and that means that even the slightest breeze can dislocate net. Therefore they have introduced plastic tube setup, to help with this problem, and to make it easier for outdoor use. The design is very simple, it has black netting with black trim, or white netting with the white trim, offering two colors to choose from. The entry is zipped so that mosquitoes have no opening through which they could get in.

The only minuses that this patio screen has is that the plastic tubes, which are meant to hold the shape of the net and keep it from blowing in the wind might leak. As the tube is made out of plastic, over time tube can get damaged and water can start to leak. And the net is designed to go with an umbrella, which is not included and should be bought separately, adding extra spending.

To conclude

Overall, mosquito netting for patio and gazebo is a great solution to avoiding mosquitoes when you are trying to enjoy lunch, or when you are having a reading session or just relaxing. They are a great option if you don’t want to use chemicals, sprays, candles or any other product, which has odors, noise or residue, but want the mosquitoes to stay away from you.

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