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Top 5 Best Mole Repellents

Moles are difficult pests to remove if they establish their home in your yard. However, there are some usual tricks that you can use to deter them. For example, more repellents are effective in mole control. So, let's begin our discussion by reviewing some of the best mole repellents.

Moles are difficult pests to remove if they establish their home in your yard. However, there are some usual tricks that you can use to deter them. For example, more repellents are effective in mole control. So, let's begin our discussion by reviewing some of the best mole repellents.

IMustGarden Mole Repellent

IMustGarden Mole & Vole Repellent

ImustGarden is safe for plants, pets, and grass, so it will not interfere with any fertilizers on your lawns.

Bonide MoleMax Repellent

Bonide MoleMax Repellent Granules

Bonide MoleMax repellent is an organic irritant to voles, moles, squirrels, and burrowing pests.

JIA LE Solar-powered Mole Repellent

JIA LE Solar-powered Mole Repellent

JIA LE repellent keeps your garden safe from moles using ultrasonic waves and is powered by solar.


IMustGarden Mole Repellent


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Need water to activate repellent

IMustGarden Mole Repellent Review

There are many mole repellent companies, but IMustGarden is one of the most popular. The company’s primary focus is gardening, more than plants and flowers. IMustGarden always addresses pest issues with approaches that are non-toxic and don’t have any negative impact on the environment. 

Additionally, the company refuses to use harmful chemicals, poisons, or any toxic glues in the products. Instead, IMustGarden picked all-natural ingredients and made a mixture, plus refined that to give a safe, strong, and effective work against plant and garden pests. 

All the company products are tested or proven, and most products are pet, people, and earth-friendly products.     

IMustGarden mole and vole repellent contain solid botanical oils and a concentrated active mixture that provides professional strength. 

The all-natural ingredients make it safe for the environment, people, and pets. This product doesn’t have any poisons or harmful chemicals that threaten nearby wildlife and animals.     

Various repellents like solar spikes, traps, and poisons are available. However, IMustGarden organic repellent penetrates more profound than other repellents. 

It means this repellent soaks down quickly into the deepest burrows and tunnels. This deeper penetration drives away any pests in the specific area. Moreover, IMustGarden mole and vole repellent coverage area are about 10,000 sq. ft. 

It is available in three sizes: 4-pound jar, 5-lb, and 10-lb bags, so you can opt according to the size of your garden. 

If you are fertilizing your garden, this is the best mole repellent that comes with an all-natural ingredient that is safe for newly seeded plants and grass. In addition, this product will not interfere with the fertilizer process.       

The usage of this repellent is straightforward and quick. You just need to apply it to your garden and activate it with water. This is the best mole repellent that safes your investment for healthy lawns.    


  • Area Coverage: 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Type: Natural 
  • Scent: Pleasant 
  • Size: 10 lbs



Bonide MoleMax Repellent Granules

What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Not a long-lasting repellent


Since 1926, the company Bonide has been giving solutions for your garden, lawn, and home pest problems. This is a pioneer in garden and lawn care because its products deliver permanent results. 

The company’s goal is to assist clients throughout their whole purchasing process by recommending solutions.   

This mole repellent is made with biodegradable materials that make it environment and people-friendly. In addition, these mole repellent granules effectively repel ground squirrels, rabbits, armadillos, voles, gophers, moles, and many other wild burrowing animals.    

Bonide MoleMax repellent is manufactured to protect your yard. You can use it on your planting beds, ornamental gardens, and lawns. 

It deeply penetrates the soil of more than 5,000 Sq. Ft. and keeps the burrow animals away. Thus, to protect your garden, there is a need to reapply this product every 3 months.   

If you are searching for a budget-efficient repellent, then Bonide MoleMax repellent is the best mole repellent for you. It comes with a 5-lb bag that is more than enough to use for up to 3 months. 

The company uses castor oil as an active ingredient that generates a repulsive environment for vole and mole to drive them away from lawns.      

Practically, Bonide MoleMax repellent is odorless; you will not feel any scent after application. But remember to apply it to your garden 3 or 4 times during the summer season. 

This is because the summer season indicates the mole season. Another good thing is that it will also not affect any earthworms.  

Furthermore, during the plantation or seeding process, Bonide MoleMax repellent will not damage your fertilizer process. Plus, it will protect your yard from mole problems.   


  • Area Coverage: 5000 Sqft. 
  • Type: Granules 
  • Scent: Odorless 
  • Size: 5 lbs


JIA LE Solar-powered Mole Repellent


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The vibration of this ultrasonic repellent is a little bit loud
  • Does not work for a long time in heavy rain

JIA LE Solar-powered Mole Repellent Review

JIA LE repellent comes with solar panels that absorb sunlight and work for a long time. There is no need to change or charge batteries due to the solar system. That’s why you can say that this is the best energy-saving repellent. 

This is a chemical-free repellent because it comes with solar panels. The ultrasonic pulses will go inside the soil to generate sonic waves plus vibration. 

This vibration always scares burning pests like scorpions, moles, mice, snakes, gophers, and more without using poisons and harmful chemicals. These repellents will never harm your family, pets, and soil.  

This solar creates a compelling drive to repel moles, gophers, and sneakers out on your lawn. JIA LE outdoor repellent is very convenient to install, plus no wiring is required. 

Moreover, this repellent is the best waterproof and rainproof ultrasonic repellent that works perfectly even in heavy rain. 

However, always remember, don’t soak it in water for a longer time; otherwise, it will stop working. These solar panels offer a great range of applications. You can apply it to your farm, garden, and paddy field.

Your purchase comes with a 90-day warranty and 8 solar panels. The company also offers excellent customer support. You can contact them in case of any problems or questions about products. The company will give you a response within a few hours.  

These panels are very lightweight repellents, so everyone installs them. But, before installation, you have to dig a hole, then configure these panels 8-inch deep. Finally, you can press a button to turn it on or off. These 8 solar machines work well in all weather conditions.   


  • Area Coverage: 400 hertz 
  • Type: Ultrasonic
  • Scent: None
  • Size: 8-pack

Other products to consider


Nature's MACE Mole Repellent


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Less effective because you have to apply it regularly

Nature's MACE Mole Repellent Review

Nature’s MACE delivers plant-based solutions as compared to toxic control of pests. Additionally, this approach will create a healthy household, ecosystem, and agriculture. 

All the ingredients are blended in an appealing way to deter moles or repel them from entering the garden. 

Moreover, this repellent has 300% active ingredients, making it practical and powerful. Nature’s MACE repellent is available in three sizes so that you can opt according to the size of your garden.   

This product is substantial as compared to the above products. This is because; the company uses a combination of odors and scents scientifically found in nature. 

Nature’s MACE vole and mole repellent are non-toxic and biodegradable. For that reason, it is safe to use around pets, children, vegetation, and plants. 

The included natural ingredients help to fertilize your garden and lawn. In addition, you can use it to repel moles during all seasons like winter, fall, summer, or spring. 

You can use it during a bright sunny day and a heavy rainy day. Moreover, you can use it usually when the seasons change. This is because Nature’s MACE granular stays inside the soil and will not wash off. 

This liquid repellent uses 32-oz castor oil to protect about 5,000 Sq. Ft. This castor oil also helps to protect your planters, flowers, garden, lawn, and more. Thus, Nature’s MACE is a great manufacturer that provides safe and environment-friendly animal repellents. 

The usage of this fluid is also very convenient, messy, and hassle-free. A complete guideline is provided to help users. So, try to follow all the provided instructions for effective results. Another good thing is that your product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Area Coverage: 5000 Sq. Ft.
  • Type: Liquid 
  • Scent: Natural 
  • Size: 2.25 lbs


Tomcat Gopher & Mole Repellent


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • An expensive option

Tomcat Gopher & Mole Repellent Review

Tomcat produces a great range of mole control products. Each product gives you various benefits to control mole activity. If you want to kill moles or trap them, Tomcat manufactures those specific products, so you can pick as you wish.     

This is the best granular mole repellent technology that keeps the moles away from your garden. Tomcat uses a technology known as GPT, which means Water & Ground Penetration technology. This technology allows the Tomcat repellent to absorb into your ground’s soil.

Furthermore, water is most important to push the gopher or moles out of your garden. So, try to give water for at least 2 to 3 days. This will be a more effective product that repels gophers, moles, armadillos, voles, and burrowing pests. 

The smell and unpleasant smell of this helps you to relocate burrowing pests. The company uses GPT technology that improves the ability of castor oil. When you mix it into the water, that covers up to 4,000 Sqft area.     

Apart from that, Tomcat repellent is safe for your gardens and lawns. You can also use it during the seeding process or plantation procedure to protect from moles. Tomcat uses authentic ingredients, including Fuller’s earth, Lecithin, and castor oil.

So, you can grow vegetables in your garden safely. Your purchase comes with a guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your product, you can write an email to customer support with proof. The company will refund your full amount.    


  • Area Coverage: 4000 Sq. Ft.
  • Type: Granules
  • Scent: Unpleasant
  • Size: 4 lbs

Gophers vs. Moles vs. Voles – what’s the difference?

Before buying a mole repeller, you must ensure what you are dealing with. Maybe you are dealing with gophers or voles and are mistaking them for moles

You will have to go for a different kind of repellent. Therefore, understanding the difference between them is essential. 

What are gophers?

gopher vs moleGophers are about the same size as squirrels, and they prefer eating roots and bubs. They can also pull the entire plants underground for eating. Their mounds are fan-shaped and are flatter from the top compared to moles, and they also have a hole aside. 

What are voles?

vole vs moleThese critters look like mice, and they feed on stems and shrubs closer to their holes. They only spend a short time above the ground. They also leave numerous small holes so they can build a web of small interconnected tunnels

What are moles?

mole damageThese animals don’t come above ground too much as they prefer eating grubs and bugs in the vegetation or the soil. Mole tunnels are crisscrossing and can devastate rose plants when you are looking to mow them. 

You can identify molehills and mounds pretty comfortably. They have recognizable rounded volcanic-shaped mounds. 

Do mole repellents work for gophers & voles as well?

Now, the question is – does a mole repellent work for voles and gophers too? It is essential to understand that moles are different animals from gophers and voles. 

Voles and gophers are commonly mistaken for moles, and people tend to use the same repellants for all three animals. 

While some products might be effective for all three animals, not all mole repellents will work for voles or gophers. Therefore, you have to be careful which type of repellent you’re looking for when buying these repellents. 

You have to decide whether you are dealing with the issue involving all three of these animals or are you looking for a repellent that works explicitly for one of these animals. 

Make your decisions based on the scope of the problems you are dealing with. Otherwise, you will buy the wrong repellant that won’t work. 

Types of mole repellents & how to use them

There are different types of mole repellents you can find on the market. You can deal with your pest infestation in a suitable way for your yard. We will discuss each of these types one by one in the following text, 

Natural mole repellents

Natural mole repellentsThese repellants include the liquid, granulated, or spray types, and their only defining factor is that they are made of natural ingredients. These ingredients include castor oil, garlic, citronella oil, and others. These are better than mole traps as they are not harmful. 

The natural deterrents, such as castor oil granules, have powerful smells that these moles don’t like, and they might also give a flavor to the worms and grubs in the soil that models don’t eat. As a result, moles tend to stay away and look for food elsewhere. 

Ultrasonic mole repellents

These mole repellents exploit the delicate sensory organs that moles have. They use low-frequency ultrasonic waves that are up to 400 Hz. These waves are sent into the ground to irritate, repel, and distract all such subterranean pests. 

Ultrasonic repellents are commonly used products as they are easier to use than other repellents. They also don’t require much attention, and you won’t have to go for reapplication. In addition, many repellents are now powered by solar energy. 

You will only have to place such a solar mole repellent in a good location. Just leave these solar-powered mole repellers out there to do their jobs.

Granulated mole repellents

These repellents include both natural and chemical-based products, increasing the product’s overall efficacy. You can sprinkle mole repellent granules using your hand or directly from the bag, or you can use the spreader if you want to disburse it more uniformly. 

These repellants tend to last longer compared to their spray or liquid counterparts. However, you will have to reapply them from time to time for a more continued effect. Make sure to go for product recommendations for initial application methods and frequency of reapplication. 

Liquid mole repellents 

Liquid mole repellents These repellents tend to be the most complicated of them all. You will have to mix them with dish soap or dilute them with water before using them in your yard. 

If you use the wrong ratio while mixing the repellent, the solution might be ineffective or extra potent, damaging the lawn. 

A liquid-repellent can also be made of natural or chemical ingredients, and it also comes in large quantities. Therefore, you will guarantee that you will always have more than enough to keep your yard safe. 

Spray-based mole repellents

These repellents are also available in their natural and chemical-based variants. However, you will have to reapply them at a much higher frequency than other repellent types. 

But they are the second easiest repellent type to use after their ultrasonic counterparts. As soon as you bring your repellent home, start spraying it on your yard as per the instructions, and then reapply it accordingly. 

Natural vs. Chemical mole repellents

You have to understand how natural and chemical mole repellents work and what suitable scenarios. 

Natural mole repellents

These repellents can be spray-based, coarse, or in the form of concentrated liquid. They only have natural ingredients in them. Such repellents are only effective if you apply them correctly with the correct ratio or dosage. 

These repellents are 100 percent safe for the environment, and they don’t leave any residue. Some of these products are even safe for pets and kids too. 

Chemical-based mole repellents 

These repellents can also be spray-based, granulated, or in the form of concentrated liquid. Furthermore, most of them frequently use castor oil as a base ingredient. But they also have some additional additives that increase the overall capability of the repellant to deter moles.

These chemicals also help the replies last longer, even in poor weather conditions. And you can find a variety of products available for mole extermination in addition to repelling them. 

How to get rid of moles naturally?

There are different types of homemade mole repellents you can make right in the comfort of your home. They are all made of natural ingredients, so they are not harmful to kids or pets in your home. 

There are certain smells that moles don’t like. Some of the most common home remedies for repelling moles include:

  • castor oil,
  • red pepper,
  • garlic,
  • cinnamon,
  • cayenne pepper.

Moreover, you can use coffee grounds or cat litter to deter mole activity from your yard. 

get rid of moles naturallyYou can also go for planting flowers in your yard, including marigolds and daffodils. These are natural mole repellents as daffodil bulbs are toxic, and moles will avoid their roots. At the same time, marigolds are too aromatic for them, and they have pyrethrins that will keep the soil bugs away that moles eat. 

As a result, they will keep moles away as they will have less to feed on and look elsewhere. Furthermore, any plant from the allium family is a natural mole repellent.

Eucalyptus and mint oil are also pretty effective in getting rid of these moles. 

Moles also don’t like the smell of tar, and some people also use dried blood or even tobacco to control moles from their yard. 

Also, keep your lawn tidy and clean so no bugs enter the soil because moles eat these bugs, and if they don’t have food to eat in your yard, they will stay away from it. 


Do ultrasonic mole repellents work?

Ultrasonic mole repellers will only work if they are good quality and can produce ultrasonic waves up to 400 Hz. Anything under that and the repellent won’t work. So, make sure to go for a repellent rated to produce ultrasonic waves at least at this frequency.

What scent do moles hate?

Moles despise the scent of tar, and they don’t like dried blood as well as tobacco. They also don’t like coffee grounds and marigolds. These are the scents that will keep moles away from your yard. 

Can I get rid of ground moles permanently?

It’s pretty hard to get rid of these moles permanently. They can return to your yard each year if you don’t tidy up your lawn. 

You have to ensure that you don’t provide them with the ideal environment to enter your lawn. They will never enter your yard if they don’t find any bugs, grubs, or worms to feed on. 

How do we prevent moles from coming back?

Keep your yard clean and use mole repellents regularly. They live in grubs, so you need to eliminate their food source. 

You can use daffodils and marigolds and even dig a trench. Coffee grounds, dried blood, peppers, caster, and mint oils are highly effective in keeping moles away and preventing them from coming back. 


The best mole repellent on the market today is the IMustGarden’s Mole & Vole Repellent. The best thing about this repellent is that it is made of all-natural ingredients and has a pleasant smell. So, it won’t be discomfiting for kids and pets in your home. 

A single 10 lbs pack of this repellent can cover up to 10,000 sq. ft. It is an effective gopher repellent and can tackle armadillos, skunks, ground squirrels, chipmunks, and other burrowing animals

For excellent repellency, it contains up to 20 percent castor oil and other botanical oils. This mole repellent is earth, people, and pet friendly.

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