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The Best Gypsy Moth Sprays

Gypsy moths are considered a major pest, due to their voracious appetite for leaves and wood. The damage gypsy moths cause to your trees will make them much more susceptible to fire and disease. Meanwhile, the wooden structures of your home, sheds and the like will also be left in a more vulnerable state once the gypsy moth is through with them. Fortunately, there are ways to protect you and your property from the scourge of gypsy moths, and a good gypsy moth spray is by far the best of them. That is why we have composed this article which not only explains the benefits of gypsy moth sprays but also points you toward the best products in this category on the market today.

Gypsy moths are considered a major pest, due to their voracious appetite for leaves and wood. The damage gypsy moths cause to your trees will make them much more susceptible to fire and disease. Meanwhile, the wooden structures of your home, sheds and the like will also be left in a more vulnerable state once the gypsy moth is through with them. Fortunately, there are ways to protect you and your property from the scourge of gypsy moths, and a good gypsy moth spray is by far the best of them. That is why we have composed this article which not only explains the benefits of gypsy moth sprays but also points you toward the best products in this category on the market today.


Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer

This spray is an effective, easy-to-use and eco-friendly means of ridding your outdoor space of gypsy moths.


Bonide Thuricide Insect Killer

Featuring an organic formula this product provides a foolproof way of treating your yard from gypsy moths.


Garden Safe Bt Concentrate

Easy to apply and 100% organic this worm and caterpillar killer is ideal for at-home and professional use.


Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer


What we like:

What we don't like:

  • Not certified organic, so not quite as eco-friendly as some products out there.

Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer Review

Safer Brands Caterpillar – and gypsy moth, and many other pests besides – killer concentrate provides another effective means of ridding your backyard or fields of ravenous insects before they lay waste to your crops. Effective against caterpillars, worms, cabbage loopers, gypsy moths, and more, you can use it up to the day of harvest without fear that it will affect the edibility of your crops – or take out beneficial insects alongside those you want to target. That makes it far superior to many comparable insecticide products out there on the market today. So too, does the fact that it is effective almost immediately – whilst bugs that ingest the spray may seem initially to be OK, in fact from that point on they will cease eating your vegetables. Easy to use, simply follow the directions for diluting your 16 fluid ounces can of Safer Brand concentrate, and spray on your plants also as directed. The Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer Concentrate is suitable for use at home by the amateur gardener, or by the professional in commercial greenhouses. And with its OMRI listing, it is far safer and eco-friendlier than a lot of pesticide-based pest-control products out there today. It’s a very good answer to the question of how to get rid of gypsy moth caterpillars.


Bonide Thuricide Insect Killer


What we like:

What we don't like:

  • The product has quite a strong smell which might not be pleasant to everybody.
  • Once mixed, the liquid has to be used up within 8 hours.

Bonide Thuricide Insect Killer Review

The ‘bronze medal’ for best gypsy moth spray killers out there today goes to this offering from Bonide Products. Their Certified Organic formula contains 0.8 percent Kurstaki as its active ingredient, it is effective against leaf and vegetable eating caterpillars, worms, cabbage loopers, and gypsy moths. Specially formulated so that it kills pests ONLY, whilst leaving beneficial and harmless wildlife untouched, targeted insects that ingest this concoction will stop feeding on your plants immediately, and will stop breathing within 2 to 3 days more. That makes it one of the fastest acting insecticide products out there on the market today! With its Certified Organic rating, it is also one of the most eco-friendly. In addition, you can use it on your plants up to the day of harvest – without fear that you will end up with a tainted harvest. The Bondie Products gypsy moth spray comes in a 16-ounce bottle – a pint of this stuff will treat almost 11,000 square feet of territory. That’s fantastic value for money! Easy to use, full instructions are provided with the product. Just dilute with water as directed, and you will be good to go. And it is suitable for the backyard gardener, and commercial operations alike – it is one versatile little pest control product.


Garden Safe Bt Concentrate (Pack of 6)


What we like:

What we don't like:

  • Once diluted, the mixture has to be used within the first 24 hours.

Garden Safe Bt Concentrate (Pack of 6) Review

This offering from Garden Safe takes the cake as the best gypsy moth spray out there on the market. When diluted with water (easily achieved), this liquid concentrate kills worms, caterpillars, gypsy moths, and other common backyard pests that like to make a feast of your garden. Unlike some other such products out there, it does not kill all wildlife indiscriminately – correctly applied, only the targeted insects will be eliminated, with birds, earthworms, honeybees and other beneficial insects spared. Most importantly, your carefully cultivated vegetables will remain safe to eat. Easy to use, you simply spray the at-risk plants with the Garden Safe solution, and observe positive results in next to no time. Insects that ingest the insecticide will seem unaffected initially, but what you will notice is that they stop feeding on your plants immediately. Apply at the first signs of an infestation of pests, and re-apply weekly until your garden is a fully pest-free zone. Indeed, comparable products aren’t nearly as fast acting as the Garden Safe Moth Spray killer. Suitable for at-home users and professional gardeners alike, The Garden Safe Moth Spray Killer concentrate formula is made from 100 percent organic materials. In that respect also, it’s far superior to most DEET-containing insecticides out there in the pest control marketplace. If you want to know how to get rid of gypsy moths, then this is one of your best options out there.

Other products to consider

Hi-Yield Thuricide Concentrate

There is a lot of really great gypsy moth sprays out there on the market nowadays. Some other fine products that you may want to consider include the Hi-Yield Thuricide Concentrate, which is effective against caterpillars, worms, gypsy moths and all the other usual backyard pests that want to make a meal of your vegetable garden. Though a quality spray, the active ingredient inside it is Bacillus thuringiensis, which is not quite as eco-friendly as the products reviewed above. It is up there as one of the best gypsy moth killer products on the market today.

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew Concentrate

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew Concentrate is another fine gypsy moth spray, and one of the best gypsy moth spray offerings currently available on the market right now – that is effective not only against those critters but also beetles, caterpillars, worms, borers and more. This gypsy moth repellent can be used on all types of fruit and vegetable plants – as well as ornamentals. One disadvantage it possesses is that the active ingredient, Spinosad, a compound isolated from a naturally occurring bacterium that dwells in the soil, is not quite as potent an insecticide as some of the other products reviewed here.

Summit Caterpillar and Webworm Control

One more gypsy moth spray that deserves a mention is the Summit Caterpillar and Webworm Control. Easy to use and safe against earthworms and other beneficial wildlife this product kills pests thanks to its active ingredient – organic thuricide (BTK). On the other hand, compared to some other products reviewed here, it is not quite as comprehensive in terms of the range of different insects it is effective against. If you want to know how to prevent gypsy moths in your yard, then this spray is still a very good answer.

Monterey Garden Insect Spray

The Monterey Garden Insect Spray is also a good gypsy moth spray, it can be used on all outdoor fruits and vegetables, as well as ornamental plants, and is effective against a range of hungry critters. It contains the active ingredient Spinosad, though, which again is not as effective at repelling bugs as some of the other products reviewed here. The Monterey Garden Insect Spray is still a very good spray though.

Demon Max Insecticide

Finally, the Demon Max Insecticide also merits consideration as a quality gypsy moth spray. It can be used on all outdoor fruit and vegetable plants, ornamentals, lawns and turf, and even the soil – and effectively controls a broad array of insects. The active ingredient is Cypermethrin which, whilst a powerful insecticide, is not renowned for its environmental credentials – that’s just about the only drawback of this product though. It is still one of the best gypsy moth spray products going around at the moment, though.

About gypsy moth sprays

If you want to know how to control gypsy moths, then it is important that you get a good overview of gypsy moth sprays. Gypsy moth sprays are insecticide-laced aerosols that are designed to repel and kill gypsy moths, worms, caterpillars and other insects that cause damage to your plants and fruit and vegetable crops. You simply dilute the pesticide concentrate contained in the bottle of gypsy moth spray you have purchased and spraying every square inch of every plant that is at risk from these voracious eaters. There is a wide range of such products now available on the market, and they all differ somewhat in terms of their various features. These sprays can be classified according to the spectrum of insects they are effective against; the active ingredients that they contain – and a number of other considerations as well.

What type of users are gypsy moth sprays intended for?

Although most of them are marketed as commercial insecticides, gypsy moth prevention sprays are generally speaking just as suitable for use at home by the backyard amateur gardener who likes to supplement his diet with some homegrown fruit and vegetables. Though these are powerful insecticides, if you follow the direction for use correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems using these sprays in your modest backyard garden or fruit orchard, or on your lawn or ornamentals.

The most common terms you should know explained

The pesticides used in gypsy moth sprays can be split into two categories: biological pesticides and chemical pesticides. By far the most common kind of biological pesticide used in gypsy moth sprays is Bacillus thuringiensis, commonly known as Bt. Found naturally in the soil, Bt. rapidly kills gypsy moths, caterpillars and other such pests that consume it. On the other hand, it spares birds, animals, humans and other insects that are considered harmless. It is sold under a number of labels – Thuricide, Foray, and Dipel are just a few.

As for chemical insecticides, these are synthetic, industrial-produced chemicals that also are poisonous to gypsy moths, caterpillars and the like. The most common active ingredients in these gypsy moth insecticide pesticides are substances like carbaryl and acephate. Compared to biological pesticides, these chemicals are stronger and much more indiscriminate in terms of the wildlife they are poisonous towards.

How gypsy moth sprays work?

So, how to protect trees from gypsy moths using gypsy moth sprays? The mechanism behind gypsy moth control pesticides and sprays is very simple. A powerful insecticide is diluted with water and is sprayed as an aerosol upon all plants – vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals, etc. – that are at risk of being damaged by gypsy moths and other pests. The insects that ingest the insecticide are poisoned shortly thereafter – or at least are repelled from ever encroaching upon your plants again. The beauty of most of these gypsy moth pesticide products is that they don’t kill indiscriminately. The active ingredients are specially formulated so that they kill harmful insects alone, whilst sparing harmless and beneficial wildlife like earthworms, birds, honey bees and other pollinating insects. They also ensure you can keep spraying your produce up to the day of harvest, without the edibility being affected.

Interesting fact

Some gypsy moth sprays may not kill all gypsy moths and their caterpillars in your yard outright. They may just temporarily immobilize them. This is where you - and your hefty boots - come in. Catch and crush these pests as they lie paralyzed on the ground. And to make sure you get them all, you will have to do a thorough search of your garden, going through it with a fine-tooth comb, so to speak.

What can other, similar product groups gypsy moth sprays replace?

A gypsy moth caterpillar spray is a good replacement for other all-purpose pesticides out there on the market – many of the latter are composed of toxic chemicals and are not safe to apply to plants intended for human consumption. They also target wildlife indiscriminately, killing many unfortunate creatures who pose no threat but just happen to come into contact with the insecticide.

If gypsy moth sprays don’t suit my needs, is there any other product group I should be looking for?

Pesticides are not the only means of controlling gypsy moths, caterpillars, and other similar pests. Besides gypsy moth sprays as a form of gypsy moth control, among other gypsy moth caterpillar control methods, you can use commercial traps to fight this scourge. Simply place them around key places in your home, and the powerful chemicals used by the traps will lure in the pests before killing them. Alternatively, you can invest in microbial – not chemical – insecticides. These utilize microbes whose scent is attractive to the gypsy moth, enticing them to seek out and consume a bait laced with a poison that will kill the insects that consume it. There are a number of such gypsy moth treatment products out there on the market nowadays, and they are growing in popularity. Each of these products provides a good complement to a high-quality gypsy moth spray

Gypsy moth spray buying guide

As we have seen, there is now a range of gypsy moth control sprays out there on the market, and they vary widely in terms of their different features – and their quality. To get the best possible product for you and your needs, there are a number of different factors you need to give consideration to. Below we explore a few of them.

Price point

Obviously, the first thing you need to consider in buying a gypsy moth spray is whether you CAN buy it. Determine your budget and narrow your focus to those products only that fall within it. It goes without saying, that the more you are willing and able to fork out for your gypsy moth spray, the better the quality of the product you will end up with. Also, you will probably receive a greater quantity of spray.


Check to see which active ingredients – and other chemicals – you gypsy moth spray contains, and then do your own research regarding their environmental credentials – as well as their safety to humans, pets and other wildlife that inhabit your yard.

Interesting fact

Another interesting aspect of gypsy moth sprays is that some of them use naturally occurring bacterial organisms to tackle them. Some of the best and most effective gypsy moth sprays out there today as their active ingredient contain Bacillus thuringiensis bacterium, a soil-dwelling organism that manufactures proteins that are toxic to insects - but harmless to other wildlife in your yard. This is the benefit of using the results of millions of years of natural selection and evolution to control pests in your backyard - they don't kill life wantonly and indiscriminately.


Related to the last point, you want to make sure that the chemicals you are spraying your vegetables and fruit plants with are safe and won’t poison you and your loved ones. In the same vein, you probably don’t want to spray your yard with a chemical that is so powerful that it kills ALL life indiscriminately – and not just the pests you are seeking to remove.

Intended user

Does your product specify who it is suitable to be used by – ie. only commercial gardeners, only backyard amateurs, or perhaps both – and does that match your particular situation? If you’ve only got a small vegetable garden in your backyard – and an equally small pest problem – then you probably don’t want to buy a powerful spray that has been designed for commercial growers.


If you’ve got a large back garden, or commercial vineyard or greenhouse (for example), then you will probably want to buy a gypsy moth spray that -when diluted – will be capable of delivering protection to the entire area affected by pests. To do this, check your product to see how many square feet of terrain a given amount of your chosen spray will cover.

Warranties and product guarantees

What sort of warranty does your gypsy moth caterpillar spray come with? How long, and what does it cover? Does the product also include a money-back guarantee, in the event that you are dissatisfied with your purchase and want to return to the manufacturer? How long does it last for, what amount of money will you get back – and are there any other conditions to take note of? These are all factors you need to consider in deciding which spray is best for you.


Does your spray of choice come with any accessories, such as a spray tank? If you are spraying a large area with the gypsy moth spray, you will probably require such a tank anyway – and if you can get the two of them together in the same purchase, you will probably save quite a bit of money compared to if you buy them separately.

These are the major factors you need to weigh up when selecting a gypsy moth spray that is suitable for you and your family’s situation and needs. Take all of them into consideration together to make sure you get the best possible product that you can.

Tips for using gypsy moth killer sprays

In addition to your gypsy moth spray, you may find it helpful to purchase a good spraying device, like the Chapin Garden Sprayer. It holds two gallons of pesticide, and with its funnel top and translucent storage tank is easy to fill and to clean out. It also features an ergonomically designed handle for easy spraying, and in addition, you can adjust the spray or flow rate of the sprayer. It makes spraying all common pesticides, weed killers and fertilizers on your yard so much easier, and is a great accessory or supporting product to the gypsy moth sprays reviewed here.

A benefit of gypsy moth sprays as a form of pest control is that they are such a low-maintenance product. They don’t require regular maintenance, repair, or cleanings like traps and machinery – all you have to do is replace the bottle once it is empty! In the event that your gypsy moth spray of choice does get damaged, be sure to check the manufacturer’s policy on returns and refunds.

In their concentrated form, these sprays can be stored away for months, even years without their usability being affected (once diluted though, they have to be used within a short space of time). All you have to do is prevent them from being contaminated by external substances. Also ensure the safety of you and your family by storing these powerful chemicals well away from children and pets, from an open flame (they may contain substances that are flammable) – and also adhere to any other safety warnings and precautions that come with your product.

To get the best possible results from your gypsy moth treatment spray device, be sure to spray plants in the manner directed by the manufacturers. For example, you may be instructed to spray only certain areas of your plants, spray them only for a certain period of time, or spray them only from a certain distance. Also, dilute the product with water as instructed, and use the diluted mixture within the time frame specified with the instructions that come with your gypsy moth spray of choice.

To conclude

So how do you get rid of gypsy moths in your home or organic farm? If your vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals – or any other plants in your yard or garden – are at risk of being eaten alive by gypsy moth, caterpillars or other voracious pests – then by far your best bet for tackling the problem in a timely and cost-effective manner is a good gypsy moth spray or gypsy moth killer. These critters breed and feed very rapidly, so you need to act quickly. Suitable for amateurs and commercial gardeners alike, at the first sign of an infestation, simply spray your gypsy moth spray of choice over the affected plants in your yard – and any pests that consume the pesticide contained therein will rapidly be poisoned.

Products like the Garden Safe Bt Worm & Caterpillar Killer, Safer Brand Caterpillar Killer and Bonide Thuricide BT Insect Killer – the top three gypsy moth sprays currently available on the market – will do just that, and also have the advantage that they are very eco-friendly products, cost-effective, and also extremely selective about the kinds of wildlife they kill. These gypsy moth sprays will eliminate ONLY gypsy moths and caterpillars from your yard but will spare harmless and beneficial creatures like birds, honeybees, and earthworms. They are non-poisonous to humans also. These gypsy moth sprays are your best option for removing these destructive insects from your garden whilst causing the least amount of harm possible.

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