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Top 5 Best Gopher Traps: Expert Reviews

Gophers are cute medium-sized rodents with flat bodies but can cause irreversible damage to your harvests and lawn. However, durable and efficient gopher traps with exceptional features and functionalities can keep these herbivores animals out of your home. This guide discusses the best gopher traps more in-depth and how they work.

Gophers are cute medium-sized rodents with flat bodies but can cause irreversible damage to your harvests and lawn. However, durable and efficient gopher traps with exceptional features and functionalities can keep these herbivores animals out of your home. This guide discusses the best gopher traps more in-depth and how they work.

Cinch Gopher Trap

Cinch Gopher Trap

This heavy-duty weather-resistant steel equipment is the best reusable gopher trap with cleaning tools.

Victor Black Box Gopher Trap

Victor Black Box Gopher Trap

This sturdy black box gopher trap built with steel is the best for killing gophers in a choker loop style.

Victor 0611 Gopher Trap

Victor 0611 Gopher Trap

This narrow-designed equipment built with durable steel is the best for trapping medium gophers.


Cinch Gopher Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The price is slightly high
  • May not trap larger animals

Cinch Gopher Trap Review

Cinch is a leading brand in the wildlife and pest control industry with high-quality and best-selling products. This brand, in existence since 1909 in the United States, creates specialized and effective top gopher traps with innovative materials.

The Cinch gopher trap and its extensive collection of instruments are known to prevent any rodent or gopher activity with efficiency. Furthermore, you can use products from the same producer thanks to the Cinch gopher trap’s excellent performance.

Galvanized steel construction, heavy-duty style, and resistance to weather and rust justify Cinch’s gopher trap as the best overall. Besides, this trap is suitable for first-timers and can lock the neck of a gopher with a trigger mechanism.

Furthermore, this easy-set gopher trap is durable and suitable for any weather condition. You never have to worry about maintenance as the equipment comes with gifts. You’ll get a maintenance spray, clearing tools, gardening gloves, etc.

This gopher trap lets you catch gophers and other rodents without hurting them. Instead, you’ll get the Quick-Cinch Capture to trap these animals without mortal wounds. The idea is to create an opening with the stiff wire and place a bait.

When the animal investigates the bait, the trigger mechanism activates the trigger. Consider setting the live traps in gopher tunnels for desired results. If you want to trap gophers or get rid of small rodents with a high-quality and performing trap, this product is for you.


  • Manufacturer: Cinch
  • Item Weight: 2.59 pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Product Dimension: 14.68 x 7.32 x 5.35 inches
  • Target Species: Gophers, moles, and other small rodents.


Victor Black Box Gopher Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Verified purchase complained about the setup

Victor Black Box Gopher Trap Review

Victor is a reliable global manufacturer and leader in the rodent control industry with high-quality and efficient products. With over 120 years of existence, the brand has experience producing pest control solutions and products with quality materials.

The Victor 0625 black hole gopher trap and its extensive product line is reliable, efficient, and can kill gophers. Victor traps are efficient and ideal for a mole trap. Furthermore, trusting other gopher traps and services from the same manufacturer is advisable, thanks to Victor 0625 black trap’s exceptional performance. The desire for innovative solutions and continuous production makes the brand credible.

Steel construction, double-door, choker loop-style, rain, and weather-resistant justify this model place as the best for Killing gophers. Besides, the trap offers superior durability and the best alternative to poisons and chemicals. 

Furthermore, you’ll get this black box trap with illustrated instructions on identifying and setting the equipment in gopher territories. You never have to wait more than 48 hours to catch gophers if placed in proper locations, unlike a mouse trap.

This best gopher trap features a short base, making it easy to place in penetrative tunnels and territory. The idea is to set one trap in the gopher tunnel and two traps on opposite sides to solve your pest control needs. This high-quality equipment is for you if you don’t want gopher’s tunnels or holes popping up in your yard or garden. Consider covering the hole to trick the animals into the trap.


  • Manufacturer: Victor
  • Item Weight: 13 ounces
  • Material: Multi
  • Product Dimension: 10.16 x 16.76 x 16.25 inches
  • Target Species: Gophers, moles, rats, etc.


Victor 0611 Gopher Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Ineffective against small ground squirrels

Victor 0611 Gopher Trap Review

Victor is a star in the pest and rodent control industry with efficient and innovative products and services. A company recognized and trusted by customers for its years of experience in producing pest control products and solutions. Over 120 years of existence is clear proof that this brand is a force in the industry.

The brand’s competence, quality, and customer relationship are integrated into this Victor 0611 gopher trap. As a result, globally, the company has a range of best-selling products, with customers singing praises on various platforms.

This high-quality gopher repellent with a narrow design will leave a lasting impression. Galvanized Steel construction, short base, and sensitive triggers make this equipment the best trap for small rodents. Besides, the victor easy set gopher has secured moving parts enabling accessible runway or underground positioning. 

Furthermore, the Victor 0611 steel cable is effective on all soil types. So you never have to worry about sand, clay, or loamy soil types. But, first, you’ll get the trap assembled, so consider setting and placing it on the gophers’ runway. 

Next, the gopher triggers naps if animals walk into the rigid wire before strangling it. Unfortunately, this trap will eliminate gophers, but it will solve your problem. So consider this Victor 0611 trap for its exceptional features and premium materials and say goodbye to any gopher problem.


  • Manufacturer: Victor
  • Item Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Product Dimension: 2.5 x 5.72 x 7.5 inches
  • Target Species: Gophers, rats, squirrels, etc.

Other products to consider


Kat Sense Bait Station Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Plastic and ultra-thin bait tray
  • Ineffective against rats

Kat Sense Bait Station Trap Review

Kat Sense is an American company that specializes in high-quality and innovative rodent control products and services. The top-rated brand trusted by thousands of customers is a leading star in the pest control industry. While homeowners rely on this company for rodent control products, it remains focused on developing innovative solutions for customers.

You have probably used one of Kat Sense products if you enjoy stopping rodents’ activities with live traps. With the brand’s line of products ensuring performance, effectiveness, and reliability, you can trust the Kat Sense station trap.

This high-quality model is tamper-proof with dual-key locking systems to prevent children from tampering with it. Besides, the professional-grade equipment effectively targets gophers, Chipmunks, and rats with precision. Finally, this gopher trap has a sturdy polypropylene construction to withstand extreme temperature and harsh weather.

Furthermore, this model is ideal for outdoor use and comes with mounting brackets for bait protection. The idea is to place the gopher poison in the bait tray and set it in these rodents’ runways in your shed, pole barns, and garages. Next, the trap triggers naps if animals walk into it for effective capture.

This Kat Sense model is for you to banish gophers and other rodents in your home. With this equipment, you never have to worry about rodents wreaking havoc in your home with proper placement.


  • Manufacturer: Kat Sense
  • Item Weight: 11.5 ounces
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Product Dimension: 9.84 x 8.15 x 7.95 inches
  • Target Species: Gophers, Rat, Mouse, Cat, Chipmunk, etc.


The Original Blackhole Gopher Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Plastic construction affects its durability
  • Verified purchase complained about the trap wire

The Original Blackhole Gopher Trap Review

Blackhole is an industry-leading brand in the pest control sector with high-quality and best-selling products. Blackhole is known for quality dedication and continuous improvement in delivering pest control solutions.

This brand has other traps to its name, synonymous with sustainable value and efficiency. Like many of its products, the Blackhole reusable gopher trap is one to rely on in any weather condition for excellent performance.

The Blackhole reusable single gopher trap is one of the best pieces of equipment to get rid of gophers from your home. It is so because the innovative integrated features are sensitive to animals and can eliminate them within minutes.

This trap’s position is justified with a durable material design-build to leave a lasting impression. Besides, this innovative trap is ideal for continued use and can eliminate more than just gophers.

Furthermore, this spring-loaded trap has an excellent catch for easy animal elimination and disposal. You never have to worry about rodents invading your garden or eating plants in your yard. Set the equipment with poisonous bait and place it in a gopher hole similar to Sweeney’s gopher trap. Try this great product out because of its innovative features and delivery.


  • Manufacturer: Blackhole
  • Item Weight: 5.9 ounces
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Dimension: 9.02 x 7.28 x 3.46 inches
  • Target Species: Gophers, Voles, Moles, shrews, Rat, etc.

Types of gopher traps

Wire, box, and blackhole traps are the best gopher traps ideal for ridding rodents and unwanted pests. These traps function in different ways, and we will discuss each more in-depth below:

1.  Wire traps

These traps with similar looks to Chinese twister puzzles are efficient and effective in trapping these animals. You’ll find claws and prongs on these wire traps. Furthermore, these claws and prongs squeeze animals when they walk into the trap.

2. Box traps

Suppose you’re in the market for a piece of efficient equipment made of plastic or wood to catch moles and gophers. Consider box traps. These traps operate with a spring-loaded wire bar. Furthermore, these traps prevent animal escape and squeeze trapped rodents with the wire bar.

3. Black Hole traps

This trap is an updated version of box traps. A black hole trap features a spring-loaded noose mechanism to trap gophers and a plastic cylinder resistant to extreme weather. Furthermore, these are the best traps with cylinders that imitate the gopher’s tunnel, making them ideal to set for effective results.

How do gopher traps work?

These tools are live capture traps enticing gophers and other rodents with bait. Baits are consumable items attracting animals to the traps. When a gopher walks into the trap to get or remove the bait, the equipment traps the animal with a spring force.

Most traps that eliminate gophers have a catch, spring, and hammer with a platform holding them together. Furthermore, these traps work with a hammer, bar, or arm and will solve your gopher problem with an instant kill. When rodents step in, the arm unlocks the hammer using the spring force to choke animals, causing instant death. You can use more than one trap for desired results.

When to set up gopher traps?

set up gopher trapsMost gophers perform various activities year-round, but you’ll often see them during early summer and late spring. Therefore, spring or fall is the right time to set up the best gopher traps. Furthermore, these animals are active in these periods due to the moisture in the soil that enables digging. Gopher’s activity depends on temperature and is more likely to retain its position in unfavorable weather.

How to set up a gopher trap?

1. Find a gopher tunnel and fresh mound

Your first task is finding a fresh gopher mound. Mounds are specks of dirt with dark color and are looser than an older mound. Next, consider finding fresh tracks before utilizing the best gopher traps for effective results. Fresh tracks mean gophers still perform activities in the area.

2. Get a long stick

It’s time to get a long stick into the tunnel to determine the depth. Furthermore, the long stick helps determine the direction of the tunnel. Dig off dirt on the surface until you locate the tunnel.

3. Rub dirt in the trap

Consider rubbing dirt inside and outside of the trap to entice these creatures. Furthermore, leave dirt inside the equipment during setup and place it in the tunnel.

4. Cover dead gopher and all holes

Cover all available holes to prevent light from getting into the tunnel. Gophers are sensitive animals, and a light in the tunnel gives them a wrong impression. As a result, most gophers turn back and run away from the lights in the tunnel.

The best bait for gopher trap

best bait for gopher trapThese creatures are herbivorous animals, and vegetation and grains are the best gopher baits. So if you’re setting traps for these rodents, consider using succulent stems and vegetable roots as gopher baits. While peanut butter, apples, and carrot sticks attract these creatures, they eat oats or corn grain the best. So unlike using a macabee trap that requires no bait, consider pre-soaking the corn grain for desirable results.

10 tips for catching gophers

  1. Consider preparing your trap at dusk because you’ll find most gophers in the morning. Place your trap close to gophers holes early in the morning.
  2. Keep the equipment rust-free with a WD-40. Spray the trap after removing the dead gopher or rodent from the trap.
  3. Use the handle to stake your trap for gophers and ensure it sits well. The stake prevents rodents from pulling your trap into the hole, especially when digging.
  4. Consider marking the location for setting your trap so you can recognize it the next day. You can misplace your trap location, leaving your yard with nasty smells if there are dead animals. 
  5. Get protective gear before setting these traps. Consider getting hand gloves to prevent scratches in your field or garden. Never pick the trap with your bare hands.
  6. Use poisonous bait to entice and attract gophers. Consider adding a soaked corn grain, oats, or vegetable roots for gopher control.
  7. Trapping gophers requires patience and time, especially on a large field. 
  8. Consider checking the trap in the early hours of the day. Then, you’ll have enough time to determine the bait and equipment’s effectiveness.
  9. If you’re a first-timer, check your traps more frequently. For example, consider checking the trap twice a day and relocating if ineffective in a position.
  10. Never pack dirt or put too much weight on the trap, especially in the active tunnel opening. Weight affects the trap spring mechanism and affects its efficiency.

How to prevent gophers from coming back?

The best way to prevent these animals from coming back is by placing gopher repellents on your property. Consider growing thyme, sage, iris, or geranium plants for gopher control. These animals detest the smell of these plants and maintain a safe distance. Furthermore, gophers tend to detest the scents of these plants. But you can repel these creatures by placing coffee grounds, peppermint, or fish oil close to their tunnels.

Frequently asked questions

Do gopher traps really work?

These traps are reliable, durable, versatile, and can trap or kill gophers and other pests. But if gophers are wreaking havoc in your garden or home, it’s time to trap or kill these animals. Furthermore, gopher traps have sturdy materials to trap rats, cats, and other rodents efficiently.

How often to check gopher traps?

The trap takes around 24 hours to capture animals based on your setup location. Read the trap instructions before setting it and check the trap every day. Consider checking once per day, but check the trap more often if you’re a newbie. It’s best to check the trap twice a day as a first-timer.


Vegetable roots, succulent stems, and plants attract gophers to your garden. Unlike many gopher traps reviewed, the Cinch Gopher Trap is your best solution. This gopher trap has a galvanized steel construction and comes with protective gloves and gardening tools. This trap works with a sensitive spring mechanism, is easy to set up, and is suitable for first-timers. In addition, this model built with high-quality materials can trap these animals without mortal wounds.

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