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The Best Flea Treatments for Cats

When your cat is plagued by a flea infestation it takes a lot of work to fully rid your feline from the fleas. Because you have to not only treat the existing infestation, but also have to protect you cat from a reoccurring problem by preventing a re-infestation once the main flea problem has been dealt with. This is where cat flea treatments come in since these treatments combine these two elements. They will provide your kitty both treatment and protection. And in this article find out which are the best flea treatments for cats. As well as other crucial information on feline flea treatments.

When your cat is plagued by a flea infestation it takes a lot of work to fully rid your feline from the fleas. Because you have to not only treat the existing infestation, but also have to protect you cat from a reoccurring problem by preventing a re-infestation once the main flea problem has been dealt with. This is where cat flea treatments come in since these treatments combine these two elements. They will provide your kitty both treatment and protection. And in this article find out which are the best flea treatments for cats. As well as other crucial information on feline flea treatments.


Frontline Plus for Cats

This is a powerful and fast-acting treatment that will help you rid you cat of fleas as well as ticks and chewing lice in a flash.


Vectra for Cats

Highly effective, quick-acting and fast-drying are only some of the features that make this monthly cat flea treatment so great.


Bayer Advantage II for Cats

This cat flea treatment is not only highly efficient but also waterproof making sure that your cat is protected all month long.


Frontline Plus for Cats


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • There may be cases of fleas developing some level of resistance to it.

Frontline Plus for Cats Review

Merial is a global brand known for the quality of its animal health products. It has always been focused on delivering products that meet the exact needs of its customers. How does it achieve this? It is always asking the question – “What does the world need from an animal health company?” By continually asking and answering this question, it has succeeded in taking the guesswork out of its research and development programs, channeling its resources into meeting the exact needs of the animals, Vets and pet owners who are its target market. It is, therefore, no wonder that its products have continued to enjoy the trust and patronage of many.

If Merial as a brand was doing great on its own, then its merger with Boehringer Ingelheim – another brand known for top quality animal health products – means that much more can be expected from this new entity that has emerged from the merging of these two giants. These are exciting times for Vets, pets and pet owners.

Merial has already won the hearts of many with the Frontline Plus for Cats, a powerful treatment that rids pets of fleas, ticks, and lice. Only a person who has had to deal with flea infestation can tell you how frustrating and tiring it can be trying to get rid of these pests. They are so tiny and can hide very effectively so you don’t even know they are there.

Just when you think you are rid of them, you suddenly begin to see signs of their presence. These pests can hide anywhere. Aside from your pets’ furs, they can also conveniently hide in your rug, sofas, floors, beds and even in the shrubbery around you. Get this, just two fleas can deposit hundreds of eggs in your home within a few days. Think of what more fleas can do.

At every point in time, the flea infestation on your pet and home will only be made up of about 5% adult fleas. If therefore you have a treatment that only kills the adult fleas, you will find yourself with new adult fleas in a matter of days because 95% of the infestation is made up of eggs, larvae, and pupae. Thankfully, the Frontline Plus for Cats does not just kill the adult fleas. It also attacks the eggs, the larvae, and the pupae so the developmental process is terminated.

Fleas can re-infect your pet from external sources so Frontline Plus for Cats prevents this by keeping your pet protected for 30 days. As an added bonus, the Frontline Plus for Cats also kills ticks and lice. This product is safe for use on pregnant and lactating cats. This is your ticket to a flea-free life.


Vectra for Cats


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Your cat may act funny for a while after application.
  • There may be a few cases of flea resistance to the treatment.

Vectra for Cats Review

Ceva Animal Health, manufacturers of Vectra for Cats have in less than 20 years of operation grown to become the 6th largest company focused on animal health in the world. This is no mean fit and can only be achieved through hard work and a constant delivery of top quality products. Despite its massive achievements, it has continued to strive for higher goals, its sight currently set on breaking into the top 5 animal health companies in the world by 2020.

With expertise in the areas of biology and pharmacology, it offers products that are targeted at specific species, making these products much more effective. As part of its growth, it has expanded its operations into over 40 countries. These operations include about 13 development and research centers and 21 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

One of the highly effective products from Ceva is Vectra for Cats. This is a product that targets fleas at different stages of their development. It kills adult fleas within 6 hours and will also attack the eggs, larvae, and pupae; ensuring that it totally eradicates the fleas on your pet. It does not stop there. After treating an existing infection, it keeps the pet protected against reinfection for another 30 days which is awesome especially if you understand how harmful fleas can be.

You should apply the treatment again after the 30 day period to keep your pet protected. Fleas can be stubborn to deal with. When your pet is infected, your home is infected because the fleas can get themselves everywhere your pet goes which will include your rug, sofa, and even bed. To ensure a total eradication and prevention of diseases such as tapeworm, tularemia, and bartonellosis (which can all be caused by fleas), treat your pet every month even after it is totally free of fleas. Prevention is always a better alternative to treatment.

You can apply this treatment on your cat or kitten of 8 weeks of age and above. It is easy to apply with the elongated tip which is also rounded to reduce the risk of hurting your cat’s skin. You will also find that it is odorless and is not greasy as it dries up quickly but stays active, keeping your cat safe for up to 30 days.


Bayer Advantage II for Cats


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Kills only fleas.

Bayer Advantage II for Cats Review

Bayer HealthCare LLC, manufacturers of the Advantage II Flea prevention treatment is a company committed to the development, production, and distribution of a wide range of healthcare products for humans and animals alike. Considering the history of its parent body Bayer AG, a history which covers over 150 years of successfully providing healthcare products to the world, one cannot be surprised at the quality of any of its products.

The Advantage II Flea Prevention treatment is a product by Bayer HealthCare LLC, designed to rid your dear cats of fleas. Fleas do not just infect your cats. They can infect your home and cause no small discomfort, ranging from bites to even more serious conditions. Many do not know that ingesting a flea can introduce tapeworms into your pet’s body. If you allow your home get taken over by fleas, you may find yourself facing more serious health issues.

This product was designed to attack fleas at different stages of their development. Having discovered through careful studies that adult fleas only account for about 5% of the infestation on your pet, Bayer incorporated two active ingredients – Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen.

One attacks and kills the adult fleas, while the other attacks the remaining 95% of the fleas which are at different levels of their developmental cycle; starting from the eggs to the larvae up to the not fully matured ones.

The result is simple, you get total eradication of fleas from your cat. Now, this treatment is applied topically meaning that the fleas are killed once the medication makes contact with them. This is different from other treatments that are given orally making them act only when the fleas have bitten its host and in the process ingested the medication.

Many pet owners are not eager to apply any form of pesticide or chemical on their pets. You do not have to worry about side effects because this medication is perfectly safe for your cats. Vets wholly recommend it knowing it works perfectly

This is an easy to use flea treatment and preventive medication that does not require a prescription. Once your cat is over 8 weeks old, you can use it monthly and your cat will always be flea-free.

Monthly? Yes, it is waterproof so you do not have to worry about the treatment getting washed off. Its effect will last for about a month before you will need to reapply the treatment.

Other products to consider


Cheristin For Cats


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • May have some side effects on your pet.

Cheristin For Cats Review

Elanco Animal Health, producers of Cheristin for Cats, is a subsidiary of Eli Lilly and Company setup in 1954 to develop and distribute products that promote improved animal health. Today, Elanco has become an international brand with presence in over 75 countries. It is driven by innovation and is always working towards improving the quality of lives of pets everywhere. Vets and pet owners have come to rely on its products to help their pets live healthier and longer. Every product from Elanco is produced to the highest quality standards to meet and even exceed regulatory requirements.

Cheristin for Cats is one such product from Elanco targeted specifically at cats. Fleas can be a nuisance not just to your cat but to the entire family. Much more than just being a nuisance, it can also constitute a health hazard if left unchecked. It is on record that a female flea can eat up to fifteen times its body weight in a day. What does it eat? Your pet’s blood or maybe even yours or those of your kids. Horrible indeed!

Cheristin for Cats is a treatment that delivers the killer punch to fleas in minutes. Apply this treatment and in about 30 minutes, it will begin to kill off the pesky parasites that have taken abode within your cat’s furs. Within 12 hours, it will have killed off between 98% and 100% of these fleas. What more could you ask for?

Once you have applied this treatment, your cat will remain protected for up to a month before you will be required to apply a fresh treatment. That’s 30 days of full protection. This takes care of any re-infestations that may occur. Yeah, the fact that fleas can leap up to 8 inches from the floor onto your cat means it is easy to get a treated cat re-infested which makes this 30 days of continued treatment a massive plus.

How exactly does Cheristin for Cats work? Is it magic? No, it is not.

The active ingredient in this flea treatment is spinetoram. Spinetoram has been proven to possess very strong insect control properties. It’s been successfully used to control pests and insects in agricultural applications which included livestock. It has also been used successfully on humans, dogs and of course cats.

While this Spinetoram is very toxic to fleas (destroying its nervous system), its toxicity level to mammals is very minimal. This is a fast working, long lasting and safe flea treatment.


Catego for Cats


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Not working on small sized and young cats.

Catego for Cats Review

Ceva Animal Health LLC is a brand already known for great animal health products such as Feliway and Vectra for Cats. It started operations in 1999 and in less than 20 years, it has achieved so much that it is now ranked among the top 6 animal health companies in the world. Like its Chief Executive Officer, Craig Wallace said, “Ceva Animal Health is committed to introducing innovative new products for pets. We are especially pleased to expand our product offerings in the underserved feline market.” With its introduction of Catego For Cats, it has once again upped the ante.

Catego For Cats is the new name for a flea free pet. The design and production of this treatment took into consideration many factors. The treatment combines three main active ingredients. These are Dinotefuran, Pyriproxyfen, and Fipronil. This combination offers a flea treatment that cannot be rivaled by many other products out there.

Catego For Cats combines efficiency and speed. Where other highly rated products require about 12 hours to kill fleas, with this product, you begin to see results in 6 hours. In fact, in as little as 3 hours, the efficacy level that is achieved can reach up to 97%. Now that’s fast.

Despite its speed, it is also very efficient. The combination of the three active ingredients listed above attacks, not just the adult fleas. It also attacks the eggs, larvae, and pupae. We are talking about a total wiping out of any trace of fleas. Now, it does not stop there.

Did you know that ticks can transmit Anaplasmosis, Lyme disease, Haemobartonellosis, Cytauxzoonosis, Babesiosis, and Ehrlichiosis? Well, they can. The good news is that Catego For Cats also attacks ticks at their different stages of development. Be they American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, deer ticks or lone star ticks. It takes care of them all.

Did we also mention that it attacks lice? Well, it does. This certainly is a great way to rid your pets and home of these pests. The good thing about this product is that it prevents re-infestation over a 30 day period because it stays active for the period. Any new infestation is immediately eradicated.

Catego For Cats is easy to apply and is suitable for cats aged 8 weeks and above and weighing above 1.5 pounds. It is non-greasy, dries very quickly and will cause your cat little or no discomfort.

There you have it. This is an express route to a pest-free existence for you and your pets.


Pet Armor For Cats


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Kills only adult fleas.

Pet Armor For Cats Review

FidoPharm, a subsidiary of Velcera, Inc. is committed to the supply of top quality pet health products at very competitive prices. For FidoPharm, quality pet health products do not have to be expensive. This is why all its products (which are all of the top quality, competing with the best in the industry) are offered at very affordable prices. For a full range pet health solution, it offers a wide variety of products for dogs and cats some of which include the PetArmor, PetArmor Plus IGR, VetTrust and FastAct ranges. With these products, your pets can enjoy an improved quality of life.

The Pet Armor For Cats is a great way to rid your cats of fleas, ticks, and lice. This product compares with the more popular brands because its active ingredient tops the recommendation list of Vets worldwide. Fipronil is very effective at killing adult fleas which have made it a very popular agent for the treatment of flea infestation.

The brand understands that a flea infestation does not consist only of adult fleas. There are the eggs, larvae, and pupae. To ensure complete eradication, the treatment stays active for 30 days, killing every flea that matures into adulthood within this time. Of course, it is recommended that the treatment is reapplied every 30 days to ensure a complete eradication and also to continue with the prevention of reinfection.

Your goal here is not just to rid your pets of fleas but also to rid your home of them. This is why it is important to reapply the treatment every 30 days. Not all the fleas may be found on your pet’s body. Some may have dropped off onto your carpeting, sofa, bed, floor or even the bushes around. As you clean your home and reapply the treatment every 30 days, you will continue to decimate the population until you totally rid your home of the flea plague. This will bring great relief to not just your pets but to you and your family too as you will no longer have to suffer from flea bites.
So we know this treatment is effective against fleas. Well, that is not all. It is also effective against ticks. It attacks different species of ticks including deer tick which can carry lime disease. It doesn’t stop there, it also attacks lice; making it a complete triple action treatment for your pet.

This product is tough on pesky pests but gentle on your pets. You can use it safely on your cat that’s 8 weeks of age upwards. You can also use it on pregnant and lactating cats without causing any harm.

It easy to use, fast acting, waterproof and long-lasting. Get this and rid your pets and home of pesky fleas, ticks, and lice in no time.


Adventure Plus For Cats


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Is not effective for ticks.

Adventure Plus For Cats Review

Promika is a brand that has made it its mission to offer our pets improved and healthy lives. Its products protect our pets from the discomfort and dangers of pest infestations. These include flea control for cats and dogs, flea drops for cats and dogs, collars, sprays and shampoos. With these top quality products offered by Promika, getting rid of fleas on cats and dogs is now a very easy process. These products are not just top quality, they are also affordable. Promika loves pets so much that a percentage of every product sale goes to a pet charity organization called “Bark Worthy”.

With its continued pursuit of new and more effective ways of providing a healthy living to pets everywhere, Promika is indeed brand pets and pet owners everywhere can count on when it matters.
One product from Promika that is making cats mew with pleasure everywhere is the Adventure Plus for Cats. This product contains the same active ingredients as Advantage for cats. It is a multi-acting treatment that attacks fleas and lice.

When it attacks fleas, it does not just attack the adult ones. It also goes for the eggs and larvae, effectively disrupting the developmental process thereby stopping new infestations. Aside from this, the treatment stays active for up to four weeks so that even external infestations are dealt with instantly. You do not have to keep your pet away from water to keep the treatment active. Even with exposure to water from washing, bathing or natural sources, the treatment will still remain active as it is waterproof.

Another thing is that it works via contact, not requiring that the fleas first bite your pets to ingest the medication which will then result in their deaths. Once you apply the treatment, it begins to kill the fleas, sparing your dear pet from further bites.

This particular product is for cats weighing at least 9 pounds. There are other options for cats weighing less so look at the packing for the one that is right for your cat’s weight. You should also only use it for cats that are at least 8 weeks and above in age.

Promika is concerned about your satisfaction and has ensured this product is produced to the highest standards. More so it is fully made in the United States and is EPA approved in the 50 states.

Get the Adventure Plus for Cats today and enjoy the effectiveness of Advantage II for Cats but at a more affordable price.


Pet Action Plus For Cats


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • May not work as quickly on larger cats.

Pet Action Plus For Cats Review

PetAction is a trademark of TruRx LLC used for the marketing of its pet care products. Many pet owners have come to trust the different products offered under the PetAction trademark for dogs and cats. With products that combine efficiency and affordability, PetAction is your pet’s best friend.

One product offered by PetAction is the PetAction Plus Flea and Tick Treatment. Every pet owner knows how uncomfortably disturbing these pests can be. In fact, many products out there no longer have much effect on these pests as they have become resistant to them. Thanks to PetAction Plus Flea and Tick Treatment, you do not have to leave your pets to suffer discomfort and possibly other infections from these pests.

If you love Frontline Plus for cats then you will love to know that this product contains the same active ingredients which are Fipronil and (S)-methoprene. With these two active ingredients, this product attacks not just fleas but also ticks and lice.

Most of the issues with flea infection are caused by adult fleas. However, they are in the very low minority when compared to the eggs, larvae, and pupa. This is why many pet owners find that their pets always seem to have flea infection despite constant treatment. Well, some flea treatments focus on killing just the adult fleas which constitute just about 5% of the infestation population, leaving the eggs, larvae, and pupae which make up the remaining 95%. When the adults are killed off, the pupae mature and replaces the killed adults.

With PetAction Plus Flea and Tick Treatment, this problem is solved. It attacks not just the adult fleas but also the eggs and larvae, thereby disrupting the developmental process and effectively eradicating the flea infestation.

The PetAction Plus Flea and Tick Treatment do this same thing with ticks. It attacks ticks at all their developmental stages (It also effectively eliminates ticks that cause Lyme disease). If you add to this the fact that it also kills lice and helps in the management of sarcoptic mange mite infestations, you will admit that you have in PetAction Plus Flea and Tick Treatment a complete solution to your pet’s pest problems.

The PetAction Plus Flea and Tick Treatment are very easy to use, acts quickly and lasts for long. It is waterproof so you do not have to worry about it being washed off. Regardless of washing and exposure to sunlight, it will remain active and effective for up to 30 days.

It can be used only on cats aged 8 weeks and above and weighing above 1.5 pounds. It is also safe for use on breeding, nursing or pregnant cats. For best results, repeat treatment every 30 days.


EasySpot For Cats


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Kills only adult fleas.

EasySpot For Cats Review

Novartis Animal Health Inc., a subsidiary of Elanco Animal Health Inc. is committed to the research, development, and distribution of animal health products. Its products include species-specific treatments for dogs, cats, farm animals, and fish. Some of its more common products include Atopica, Capstar, Deramaxx, Fortekor, Milbermax, and others. With its expertise in the field of animal health, it offers products that are highly efficient and reliable.

Today, Novartis offers EasySpot for Cats, a treatment for parasite control. EasySpot For Cats offers multiple levels of protection. It protects against fleas, ticks, and lice. These pests can be a source of great danger to your pet. That is, aside from the intense discomfort they can cause.

With Norvatis’ EasySpot for Cats, your pet can be free of all the discomfort and other dangers associated with these pesky pests. It is fast acting and the treatment lasts for long. Flea infestations include fleas at different developmental stages. This begins from the egg to the larvae, to the pupae and then the adult. This product kills the adult fleas and stays active for the next 30 days. 30 days? Yes! It is waterproof so there is no risk of it being washed off. The fact that the treatment lasts for a whole month means that as any pupae turn into an adult flea within the 30 days, the treatment will be active to kill it. Remember that there will be no adult fleas to lay new eggs so the treatment will be gradually decimating the infestation.

Remember that EasySpot for Cats also attacks ticks that have taken residence on your pets. In fact, it attacks various varieties of ticks including brown dog ticks, deer ticks, lone star ticks, American dog ticks and chewing ticks. This reduces the risk of Lyme disease, Hepatozoonosis, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Lice are also not spared from its ferocious attack.

This treatment is very easy to apply and a pack contains three treatments which will last for about 3 months. Just note that it is only suitable for cats and kittens that are 8 weeks and above in age and weigh at least 1.5 pounds.

There you have it! You no longer have to watch your pets suffer immense discomfort from the parasites feasting on their blood. You also do not need to suffer the discomfort that you or your kids can experience from flea bites too. With EasySpot for Cats, you have happy pets, happy kids and a happy home that is free of pesky pests.


Arava for Cats


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Some may find the initial scent over-powering. It, however, clears within a day or two.

Arava for Cats Review

Arava believes that your pets should be able to enjoy the same level and quality of cosmetic treatments enjoyed by millions of humans worldwide. Combining over 10 years of active veterinary practice with skills, research and studies, Arava now offers your pets totally wholesome products, being made wholly from fully natural ingredients. These pet products from Arava combine a host of natural ingredients to deliver products that offer your pets a holistic solution to their skin and fur care.

The Advanced Cat Tick & Flea Control Drops from Arava is your easy and efficient treatment for fleas and lice. Of course, since it is a product from Arava, you can be sure it is made from all natural ingredients. In fact, about 11 active (natural) ingredients have been packed into this control drop, increasing its efficacy multiple times.

This should come as great news to many pet parents who have been very reluctantly using harsh chemicals on their pets all in a bid to keep them pest free. Now you no longer have to feel despair as you apply pest treatments. Your pet will be better for it and… wait for it… your kids too will be safe because the product is child safe. Is it even better than you thought right? Well, that’s not all.

Arava’s Advanced Cat Tick & Flea Control Drops will not only kill fleas and ticks on your pet’s body, but it will also repel new infestation. How does it achieve this? The combined scent that all the natural ingredients give off, though mild and natural smelling to you and your pet, will be offensive to the pest, driving them off.

So what happens to the fleas and ticks it repels? Well, they go back into the environment, looking for suitable hosts. This is why Arava also recommends that you treat not just your pet but your environment too. That way, you will not only kill the pests on your pets but also those in the environment. Both your pets and environment will now also be unwelcoming to these pests.
Hey! Did we mention that this can be used for cats and puppies? Well, it is suitable for cats that weight over 8.8 pounds and puppies that are over 12 weeks old.

Arava is so confident of the quality of this product that it offers a 30-day full money back guarantee. Use it and if you don’t like it, return it within 30 days and get a full refund. That’s confidence speaking.

Take advantage of this all-natural pest control treatment and give your pets the care they deserve.

About flea treatments for cats

When a cat is plagued by flea infestation, it requires some intervention to rid the cat of this infestation. Aside from the regular flea medicine for cats which will treat an existing infestation, there is also flea prevention for cats which will either prevent a cat from being infected at all or from being re-infested after being treated. Therefore, the best flea medicine for cats would be one that combines both treatment and prevention.

Why are flea treatments for cats important?

To understand why flea treatment for kittens and cats is important, you need to understand the effect of flea infestation on a cat. First, a female flea can eat about 15 times its body weight daily and that’s your pet’s blood we are talking about. Multiply this by any number of females you like and you get a troubling result.

Let’s not even talk about the serious discomfort your pet can suffer from the many bites which leave your cat acting irritably, biting and scratching herself and more. Let’s focus on the more serious side effects of flea infestation.

A serious flea infestation can lead to a number of health conditions not only for your cat but also for you, the pet owner. Flea infestations can lead to feline infectious anemia and flea allergy dermatitis. Feline infectious anemia is a bacterial infection that can be fatal. It targets the red blood cells, gradually decimating them leaving the host weak and lethargic among other things. Flea allergy dermatitis, on the other hand, is an allergic reaction to flea bites that can result in a loss of fur, open sores or hot spots.

An infected cat can also infect its owner with cat scratch fever. This can be transmitted from cat to cat by fleas and from cat to humans via a cat scratch or bite.

Types of flea treatments for cats and how they work?

There are different types of flea treatments for cats. You can have them as drops, collars, tablets, shampoos, etc. These all fall under any of two categories – topical or oral treatments.

Oral Treatments: Oral treatments have to be ingested by the cat to work. If you choose to use oral treatments like flea drops for cats, understand that the only way the fleas will be killed is when they bite your pet and take in the blood that now contains the treatment. If you were to put yourself in the shoes of your pet, you may not like this very much. Examples of these include oral drops and tablets.

Topical Treatments: These refer to treatments that are applied externally. Many of these kill the pests on contact and do not require that the fleas first bite their host. This is usually a preferred option for many pet owners. It also has the advantage of you not having to force a drop or tablet into your cat’s mouth. Examples of these include flea collars and shampoos.

Aside from the two groups listed above, there are also powders and sprays which are important for treating the environment. Fleas can live comfortably in different locations in your house. From these locations, they can easily re-infect your pets at will.

To fully eradicate a flea infestation, you need to kill fleas anywhere they may be whether it’s on your pets, in your house or out in the backyard.

How to apply flea treatment to a cat

Before using any new flea treatment on your cat, make sure to carefully read the instructions, ingredients and warnings on the product label. It is very important to use the correct medication and dosing for your cat, and never give your cats a product that has been designed for use on dogs. Cats are highly sensitive to certain dog-safe ingredients and exposing your kitty to these can have disastrous consequences. It is also important to ensure that the product you have chosen is suitable for the age and health status of your feline.

Once you’re satisfied that you’re using the right product for your cat, you can get on with the application! Unfortunately, most cats hate this part. To properly and safely apply flea treatment to your moggy while keeping stress to a minimum (for both of you), use the following tips.
Apply the product to the back of your cat’s neck. Sometimes, flea treatments can be applied to your cat’s back. However, flexible kitties will be able to lick this off, so the back of the neck is often preferred.

  • Apply the product to the skin. You can do this either by parting the fur at the back of the neck or by sliding the applicator under the fur until it rests against the skin.
  • Leave your cat to dry. Let your cat’s fur dry thoroughly after applying flea treatment before you touch them again. Depending on the product, this may take up to a few hours.
  • Hold your cat still. Cats must stay still while having a flea treatment applied, but this is often much more easily said than done. If you have a wriggly kitty, try (gently but snugly) wrapping them up, burrito-style, in a towel while you apply the treatment to avoid catching a swipe from those claws.

Where should you apply flea treatment on your cat?

Once you’ve applied flea treatment to your cat’s fur, their very first instinct will be to try and lick it off. Therefore, it’s important to apply the product in an area where their tongue can’t reach. For some cats, the back will do, but this is no good for more flexible kitties. This means that the best place to apply flea treatment to your cat is often on the back of the neck.

Flea treatment buying guide

There are a couple of important factors to consider when choosing a flea treatment for your cat. Some of these include:

Ease of application

We mentioned earlier that flea treatment can come in different forms. There are oral and topical treatments. All cats are not the same. You need to know what type of application method will be easiest for your cat. Some manufacturers have designed applicators that make it easier for treatment to be applied to the pets with minimal discomfort. This is something worth considering.

Quick acting

Every second your dear cat stays uncomfortable as a result of these bites is also the time you spend in despair. Some treatments begin to act in as little as 3 hours while some take longer. This is usually also affected by the mode of application. Oral methods may require more time as the medication will first have to be ingested and absorbed into your cat’s bloodstream for it to take effect when the fleas take a bite. However, topical treatments will usually work faster as they do not need to be absorbed into your cat’s bloodstream. Always check for this and be sure you are okay with the acting time.

How long treatment lasts

Fleas are very difficult to get rid of once they have settled in. There are many reasons for this which include the number of eggs one female can lay in a day (up to 50), and the different life stages a flea goes through before maturity. In a flea infestation, the adult flea accounts for just about 5% of the population. The remaining 95% consists of eggs, larvae, and pupae.


If you apply a treatment that kills all the adults today, you are likely to have new adults emerging from the pupae stage by tomorrow. This is why the length of time the treatment remains active is very important.

A lot of treatments, especially topical ones, stay active for up to 30 days. Within this time, every emerging adult flea is killed. At the end of the 30 days, you re-apply the treatment and the killing continues. If it is effective for just a few days then you may find yourself having to apply a new treatment every few days which will be very stressful for both you and your pet.

Read the instructions on the product label to find out how often to reapply flea treatment on your cat. This is important, as applying treatment too often can be unhealthy for your kitty, while using it too infrequently will reduce its effectiveness. Many products are safe to reapply after a week or two.

Effectiveness against fleas’ different life stages

Like we noted earlier, fleas go through a few stages before maturity. Some treatments can only kill the adult fleas while some others can kill the adult and also attack the eggs and larvae. It is clearly a plus to have a treatment that can deal with fleas at every stage of their life development.

Safety tips and aftercare

If you’ve chosen a product that’s appropriate for your cat, the risks of them having an adverse reaction are negligible. However, it is advisable to monitor your cat after treatment, especially if you are using a new product on them. Signs of an allergic reaction include:

  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Drooling
  • Loss of appetite
  • Incoordination/clumsiness
  • Seizures

If your cat experiences any of the above symptoms, consult a vet immediately for advice.

Suitability for your cat

Be sure what you are getting the right flea medication for your cat. You should not get flea medicine for kittens for a 10-pound cat. Or treatment that’s meant for kittens and use it on a grown cat. Always check to be sure the treatment you are choosing is right for your cat’s age and weight.

Side effects

While you may not know if any particular product will elicit some side effects prior to purchasing it, you should, of necessity, discontinue any that results in serious side effects. You should always watch your cats closely after applying any treatment.

Child safe

If you have little children then you should always opt for products that are child safe. You do not want to harm your child while treating your pet. Some pet owners try to avoid both the side effects and child safety issues by going strictly for natural flea remedies for cats as these are usually less harmful.

Having gone through the information contained here, you should be better equipped to choose the best flea treatment for cats from the list of top treatments we have provided below. Look through them and decide on one that offers exactly what you want for your cat.

To conclude

What we have tried to do here is bring options to those looking for the best flea treatment for cats. We’ve seen some flea drops, natural flea remedies for cats, flea prevention for cats and other flea medication for cats. So, if what you really want is the best flea treatment for cats, then you are sure to find something here that will be perfect for you and your pet.

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