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The Best Flea Traps

Having fleas in your home can be both unpleasant and troublesome because they bother both you and your pets and can even transmit diseases. Thankfully, there are products like flea traps that can help you not only monitor the flea situation in your home but also help you get rid of the infestation entirely. So, in this article, we will cover everything from how do flea traps work and what you should know about them before you buy one to some of the best home flea traps that can be currently found out there and how to chose which one of them is best for your situation.

Having fleas in your home can be both unpleasant and troublesome because they bother both you and your pets and can even transmit diseases. Thankfully, there are products like flea traps that can help you not only monitor the flea situation in your home but also help you get rid of the infestation entirely. So, in this article, we will cover everything from how do flea traps work and what you should know about them before you buy one to some of the best home flea traps that can be currently found out there and how to chose which one of them is best for your situation.


Aspectek Flea Trap

This trap is not only easy to use but also safe around kids and pets and efficient at capturing fleas and other pests.


BioCare Flea Trap

With it’s simplistic yet compelling design this trap will make sure that all the fleas are captured by the trap’s capture pad.


Victor Flea Trap (2 pack)

The quality, efficiency and safety of this trap are some of the key reasons why this product might be just what you’re looking for.


Aspectek Flea Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • The flea lamp may burn out too quickly.

Aspectek Flea Trap Review

Aspectek designs and manufactures different products that suit your home and gardening needs. It also keeps your home free from the encroachment of insects and bugs by providing pest control measures like the Aspectek Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Bed Bug Trap. Not only does it efficiently carry out its duties, but it is also entirely safe for kids and pets, and fits in well with your décor.

One of the beauties of having the Aspectek Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Bed Bug Trap is that it kills every insect and bug that is drawn in by the heat. The main reason for buying it may be to draw out fleas from their hiding places but be ready to trap more than just fleas. Every other heat-loving bug would come running, flying or crawling to the light and heat so you get to solve multiple insect problems in one try.

It is easy to use; oh, so easy. You do not need to assemble it. Just plug the cord into an electric outlet and voila! You have a functioning trap in your home. You do not even need to sit around to adjust anything or be sure it is working properly, except you want to. You can plug it in and do other things.

This flea catcher is odorless. You have to be aware that not every flea trap is odorless; some come emitting very strong smells which may end being uncomfortable for you or hazardous to your kids. But with this, you would not even know there is anything different, except that you have evidence of trapped fleas.

Furthermore, the flea trap is safe for your pets and your kids. While using it, there would be no need to set up measures to keep everyone extra protected. It was made with the thought that people would be around it so no chemicals were added. Even if you touch it, there is no poison to be afraid of. It is completely safe for people and pets.

And you do not need to worry about having to find a refill so quick. This flea trap comes with an extra glue disc so that when the default one wears out, you can quickly replace it without having to run around, looking for one. Yes, they thought about everything.


BioCare Flea Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Light bulb may not last very long.

BioCare Flea Trap Review

Born out of a concern for a clean and healthy environment, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, and a strong passion and dedication to finding ways to make it a reality, Michael and Jane Banfield created SpringStar in a bid to have the means to contribute to the type of environment they want to see. SpringStar manufactures pest control measures which are chemical-free and eco-friendly, like the BioCare Flea Trap, and the rate at which consumers buy the products testify to the fact that their measures work.

This unique and effective flea trap comes with infrared rays attached to the bulb. Ordinarily, a flea light trap works wonders but, together with the heat from the bulb, this flea trap with infrared rays goes a step beyond the ordinary to attract fleas in droves and when they dance out, they fall through on top of the adhesive disc and die eventually. If another flea trap would attract 100 fleas in one night, this one would attract about 500 because of the extra light and heat.

In addition, this extraordinary quality also makes it a fantastic choice for use in knowing the level of infestation in your home. The more the attracting properties, the more they would come out and the number you see every morning on the glue would inform you on what you are dealing with.

This infrared is not the only endearing property of this flea trap. It also has no toxicity because it contains no chemical or pesticide to make it extra strong. It just works in a natural yet practical way to give you a stable but attractive way to reduce fleas in your home. It is safe to be used around children and pets. The air around your house is not changed in any way as to cause discomfort.
It works round the clock to catch fleas so you do not have to keep coming back to check if it is functioning. You see, your pets are covered even without you making any extra effort. And what’s more? It works all year round, as long as you keep changing the glue discs every few weeks.


Victor Flea Trap (2 pack)


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Needs to be assembled.
  • Some users complain that it catches only fleas but that is the design.

Victor Flea Trap (2 pack) Review

Setting up shop over 30 years ago, Safer Brand has dedicated itself to the joy and comfort of gardeners and the health of plants and flowers by producing top of the line pest management products. Its consistency and innovation have endeared it to a countless number, garnering for it customer loyalty and a solid name. Whether your pest problems are indoors or outdoors, Safer Brand has the best solutions to offer, like this Victor M230A Ultimate Flea Trap.

The Victor Ultimate flea trap is a non-toxic contraption designed with color, added to the heat and light, that attracts fleas from all over the place, up to 30 ft. away. Whether they are hiding in your carpet, on your pets’ body, on the upholstery and even beneath wooden floors, the result is the same. They would not be able to resist the pull because the trap was set up that way.

Another way it successfully draws fleas is through the use of smell. To humans, the trap is odorless but to fleas, it has a sweet smell that, when added to the light and heat from the flea catcher, makes it impossible to resist. And when they come out to reach the warmth, they fall through the screen of the trap and unto the glue disc, from where they cannot come out.

This trap is designed with a 360-degree opening. All the sides are open so that the entrance of fleas is not impeded in any way. This feature contributes to the number of fleas that it is capable of trapping in just one night.

Some users of other flea traps have been known to complain that the adhesives do not successfully trap the fleas and that before they can get to them, especially overnight, most of the initially trapped ones have escaped. Well, you don’t have to worry about dealing with this problem with the victor flea trap. The glue disc is extra fortified to keep the fleas for as long as they need to stay in order to die. And there is always enough room for more to get trapped, as long as you leave it there without removal of dead ones. The adhesive is that strong.

Other products to consider


Flea Beacon


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Flea trap is fragile – could break easily.
  • Somewhat expensive for some users.

Flea Beacon Review

Back in 1946, a personal need for the reprieve for his beloved dogs drove James G. Exum to lock himself up in his garage and produce different treatments for whatever illness attacked them. Because of the success of his treatment measures, people from high and low came to him for help. Over the years, the company has expanded and has continued to produce different health measures for animals with the same passion and commitment as Mr. Exum had from the beginning. These same qualities were poured into the production of Happy Jack Flea Beacon.

This is not just your usual, over-the-counter, run-of-the-mill flea trap. It is made with understanding, passion, and commitment to the well-being of you and your pets. It is made to work as an electric flea trap so what you do is to just plug it into an electric outlet and focus on other things. The light and heat from it would naturally draw the fleas from their hiding places, even from the bodies of your pets.

You can even move it from one room to another to get to all the areas where they may be, especially in cases where you are not sure of where they could be gathered the most. Placing it in one spot may not work as effectively as moving it around. But rest assured that once it is put at a spot, it would work well.

This flea trap works for all species of fleas. There are about 2,000 different species of fleas the world over and they are not all restricted to animals. There are some which focus only on cats and there is even some that bite only humans. But this flea trap catches every type and once trapped, it does not matter which species they are; they will eventually die.

Above all else, the trap succeeds in cutting off the cycle of breeding of fleas. When it catches adult fleas, it eliminates their chances of laying eggs and increasing their population. Hence, when the adult fleas are gone, there are no chances of eggs being laid.




What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Is not inclusive of the needed batteries.
  • Light does not cast wide enough.

myFleaTrap Review

Even though Westham Innovations is a known name in the fight of mosquitoes and the eradication of malaria in regions where it is prevalent, the company has now branched out into different areas of pest management, both for the home and the outdoors. It understands the difficulty that could arise from battling an infestation but values your health and safety also so it employs the use of environmentally safe and non-toxic ingredients to manufacture products which combat pests. One of such products is the Hi Tech Ecological Flea Trap.

This ecological flea trap attracts fleas from up to 40 feet away. Now, that is some distance. Imagine the number of fleas which could be present in that number of feet. As much as flea traps do not totally get rid of infestations of fleas, this one would go a long way to reduce the number within your home and scare others off, at least for some time.

To further show you its usefulness, the flea trap uses batteries. The reason this is great is that you are not restricted to using it within your house. If you want to take it on a camping trip to keep from being bitten by fleas, you can do that by just fixing the right batteries, 4AA, and being on your way. And if you desire to keep it outside your door, in case you live in an area prone to flea infestation, you can do so. No need to plug it into an electric outlet.

A single pack of this would give you one trap and two refills of glue sheets. This saves you money and time, as you do not have to run out suddenly to find refills, even if you forget. The glue sheets themselves are strong and keep the trapped fleas for as long as you need before removing them from it. There is no escaping for them.

And it is not called an ecological trap for the sake of it. The trap contains no chemicals that could poison the environment or people. It uses simple and natural ingredients to give a much-needed reprieve. Therefore, you can safely place it around your kids and your pets without worry.

To show how much the manufacturer trusts its product, you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product or with its effectiveness.

About flea traps

A flea trap is one of the easiest ways to get the number of fleas reduced around you when you have an infestation. It is a good way to lure fleas out of hiding places or to even know nesting areas around your house.

If you have never had fleas invade your home, through whatever means, you would not fully understand when someone, who has one, is frantic to find reprieve, no matter how brief.

Fleas are tiny, know how to hide well and make finding them extra hard by latching on to things like carpets and rugs or going into cracks and crevices.

However, as much as flea traps sound logical and friendly, this review means to inform you of what you need to know about them before deciding if you would go the way of flea traps or not.

How does a flea trap work?

There are mainly two types of flea traps in the market: the electric type and the regular type. But they have one thing in common and that is the fact that they both use glue to keep the fleas trapped till they starve to death.

Apart from this, most of them also use light to attract fleas. Fleas like color, warmth, and light so the traps use light which emits heat to lure the fleas to the trap and when they jump to reach the light, they inadvertently fall smack into the glue and become trapped.

Now, the electric flea trap emits heat and light when plugged into an outlet. As the light in it warms up, it draws out fleas from their hiding places around your house and bam! The regular flea trap does not need to be plugged in (may work with batteries) but works with light which attracts and traps them.

The bottom line here is that a flea trap uses light and heat together with adhesive or glue for trapping. And it also works well when placed close to your pets, if you suspect the problem stemmed from them.

What to know about flea traps

Flea traps are not designed for the eradication of flea infestation on their own. This is because there is nothing extra in a flea trap to decimate a large percentage of the fleas, unlike powders and sprays.

All it does is keep them rooted in one spot until they die (or drown). Which is why you should use flea traps with other treatment methods if the problem is serious. You cannot depend on just traps to solve it, even if it is termed the best flea trap available.

However, a flea trap could help to inform you of the level of infestation you are dealing with. When you set up a flea trap, the number of fleas which it traps every day will warn you if you have a serious problem on your hands so that you can find lasting solutions to it and quick.

You could also use flea traps to find hiding places and nests. As mentioned earlier, fleas are good at hiding and tiny crawl spaces suit them well, apart from your pets’ skin. But if you are not sure of exact hiding places, using traps would serve you.

Furthermore, if you have been employing control or preventive measures to curb an earlier infestation, a flea trap is a sure way to check if your measures are working or not. Again, the number of fleas that end up trapped in the glue disc overnight is the only proof you need.

Apart from placing them close to our pets, you could place traps on carpets and rugs, where you have cracks, behind wooden boards and so on. When you do this, you would be better informed about where to go hunting.

Usage tips of flea traps

Where should you use flea traps?

The key to successful flea trapping is a smart trap placement. Although some traps come equipped with special lighting that can lure fleas to their doom, many homemade alternatives contain no such thing. Therefore, positioning your traps in areas that see high levels of flea traffic is the best way to ensure they work effectively.

To catch as many fleas as possible, place your traps in the following locations around your home:

  • Around pet bedding and bowls. The best place for flea traps is anywhere your pet spends a lot of time. This usually includes the area around bedding, outdoor kennels and feeding bowls.
  • Around and under furniture. Fleas will often hide out in sheltered, dark areas, including underneath and behind furniture.
  • On carpets and rugs. Flea eggs are smooth and will quickly fall from the fur of your pet to land in your carpet. They’ll remain here until they hatch, so carpets in flea-infested homes are often crawling with both larvae and newly-hatched fleas. Place your traps in carpeted rooms to make sure you catch as many of them as possible!
  • Under shrubs in your yard. If you have a problem with fleas in your yard, the best place for traps is often beneath shrubs and in other sheltered areas. Anywhere that may provide a nighttime resting place for wild or stray animals is likely to be overrun with fleas, so set up traps here if you keep finding them on your pets.

When should you use flea traps?

Flea traps are not a reliable way to control a large infestation of fleas, as they will only trap a small percentage of the flea population in your home. However, they can be used to effectively reduce numbers of the insects in flea hot-spots, such as inside dog kennels, under shrubs in your yard, and around your pet’s bedding.

You should start using flea traps if you notice a particularly high level of flea activity in one specific area of your home, such as where your pet sleeps. For effective flea control, however, traps should be used as just one element of a multi-pronged attack, as they can only marginally reduce a flea population.

Things to take into consideration before buying a flea trap

A flea trap has several advantages but before you settle that a particular one is the best flea trap available, be sure to put these factors into consideration:


Even though they capitalize on the fact that fleas are drawn naturally to color and light (making a flea light trap) a great way to go, some work better than others.

It has been discovered that yellow-green light draws a noticeably larger percentage of fleas than ordinary white light. Traps made with this type of light would be more effective than any other, at least in terms of attracting fleas.

Some glue discs work better and last longer than others. Some remain effective for as long as three months. The point is not just placing them out there but getting the results promised and needed. It would not sit well with you if you are promised three months and you get barely a month on one trap.

Top tips for effective use:

  • Place traps away from doors and areas with lots of foot traffic. Avoid disturbing your traps by placing them in locations where they’re least likely to be kicked over.
  • Play pets in areas with high levels of flea activity. Your flea traps will be most successful if used in areas with lots of fleas. The most suitable places are often near pet betting and food bowls.


Flea traps are an entirely natural, non-toxic way of capturing fleas. There are virtually no safety risks involved with most flea traps – they don’t use poison baits or mechanisms that could cause accidental harm and are totally safe to use in households with kids and pets. The only potential risk associated with flea traps is that they may present a tripping hazard if placed on the floor.

However, some flea traps are safer than others. If you buy an electric flea trap, you may not want to place it too close to your pets or kids because it involves electricity. Your toddler may even be drawn to the device, out of curiosity. Even though different measures have been put in place to ensure safety for this type, you can never be too careful.

Again, some flea traps give out a faint odor. Whether this scent is safe for humans and animals is going to be determined by use. You see, people react to things differently so even if the scent is nice, someone may react adversely to it so take note of that too.


How readily available are flea traps and the glue disc refills, especially the brands you want? If you need one right now, do you have a place close by to get it? If you must use a flea trap and it is not readily available, you may have to drive far or improvise.


Flea traps are not items you would have to break the bank for but, again, it depends on how much you need it. Some cost as low as ten dollars. However, this price depends on how many you need and how many refills you may have to get before you see the results you want. The important thing is that you have to decide what is important to you and go for it.

Even though all the necessary factors for making a decision are not exhausted in this review, keeping the listed ones close to your heart while buying will go a long way for you.


You have to decide whether you will give fleas a run or let them run you down. The detailed buying guide and review of five of some of the best flea traps available have placed the ball in your court. The only thing left to do is to step out and buy, armed with the information provided above.

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