A huge problem in summer that doesn’t let us enjoy the warm weather and outdoors fully for many regions are mosquitoes, flies, moths and other similar insects that not only produce very annoying sound but that also bites and we are left with inching bumps on any possible surface of our bodies.

A fast and effective solution to this problem is to use a mosquito fogger on the area where you will be spending time, because these fog producing systems really help repel and combat insects to a point that you don’t notice them anymore. A type of fogging system that is financially efficient and great at eliminating mosquitoes is electric fogger.

Black-Flag-190107-100Black Flag 190107Thermal4.8 lb
(2.17 kg)
Plastic40 oz
(1.18 l)
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Burgess-960-100Burgess 960Thermal5 lb
(2.3 kg)
Plastic40 oz
(1.18 l)
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Burgess-16982150-100Burgess 982Thermal5.7 lb
(2.6 kg)
Plastic/Metal101 oz
(3 l)
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curtis-dyna-fog-hurricane-100Curtis Dyna-fog Hurricane Cold6.6 lb
(3 kg)
Plastic128 oz
(3.8 l)
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Black Flag 190107 Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger

Black Flag 181389 mosquito fogger

If you want an efficient and economical way to repel mosquitoes and insects at the same time you don’t want to spend a ton of money for this kind of system, then one of the best options you have is this Black Flag fogger.

Because it is electric fogger it is powered by electricity, so you will need to plug it into an outlet for it to work which might be inconvenient for those who like to fog areas that don’t have access to electricity but for home use these are the best because they don’t require special tanks to power them and as long as you have electricity and insecticide you can fog your garden, backyard, pool or any other outdoors space and spend mosquito free time.

The effect this fogger has is 10 feet tall cone shaped fog that will immediately clear your designated area from mosquitoes but won’t leave any odor or residue, so that you can be safe in fogged area even only minutes after fogging.

As difficult of a set up this fogger might seem it actually is very easy to use. Just fill up the 40 ounce (1.18 l) liquid container with insecticide, plug in the fogger and you can start fogging. Then after the fog is settled you will be able to enjoy bug free area for hours. And to ensure that you or anyone else doesn’t dispense the insecticide on accident, there is a special trigger lock that prevents that from happening.
This fogger weights only 4.8 pounds (2.17 kg) and in size it is 3.9 inches to 6.9 inches to 5.3 inches (9.9cm x 17.5cm x 13.4cm).

And if you want an additional reassurance to the fact that this is a great product and really will help you kill and control insects in your outdoors space, you can turn to review section for this reassurance. There you will find a lot of comments like: “The fogger heats up quickly and works well”, “great little tool for outdoor living. Has helped tremendously” and “it works great. We love it. It is easy to use”.

Burgess 960 Outdoor Electric Insect Fogger

Burgess 960 electric fogger

Another fogging system that is effective and will give you great results is this Burgess fogger, because like the last fogger this one has great features and it will really help with mosquito, insect or even pest problem depending on the insecticide you use.

This fogger has 40 ounce (1.18 liter) liquid thank that you can easily screw off and back on when refilling the tank. It is in bright yellow color so you won’t get it mixed up with other similar items and can hold enough insecticide for quite long fogging session.

The fog that this fogger can create is about 10 feet tall which means that you will be able to fog a large area in short period of time and also fog tall grass and even tree branches that could house mosquitoes. The fog itself is odorless as well as non toxic, so after fogging literally after few minutes you can enjoy your outside space and be clear of insects.

All you need to do to start fogging is to purchase this unit and some insecticide, fill the liquid container with that insecticide; plug the device into power outlet and you can start killing and repelling insects from mosquitoes to moths and flies.

You also won’t have any problem with carrying the fogger around because it weights slightly less than 5 pounds (2.26 kg) and it will also be easy to manipulate because its dimensions are 15.5 inches to 11.3 inches to 6.9 inches (39.37cm x 28.7cm x 17.52cm).

Customers who already have purchased this fogger and used it are very pleased with it too saying that: “it worked beautifully and the nasty mosquitos were gone”, “It’s effective at killing mosquitoes” and „This thing costs a fraction of the amount of the high priced alternatives and is a VERY effective solution to clear your yard of mosquitoes and flies. It’s the last bug killer I will buy, and when and if it breaks I will buy another”.

Burgess 16982150 Professional Fogger

Burgess 16982150 fogger

Another fogger by the same brand – Burgess – is their so called Professional fogger that is in ways similar to its cheaper alternative (previous product) but it also has few key things about it that makes it worth to invest in this one.

While the previous fogger is mainly made for only mosquito and other insect repelling and control, this fogger has wider variety or uses. You can use this professional grade fogger as a regular fogger, but you can also use it for eliminating odors, or for fire or flood recovery, which makes this fogger a universal use fogger and will be useful for many people working in many occupations.

But the fact that this fogger is made for more of a commercial use, because it can be used even in sanitizing businesses, doesn’t mean it is hard to use or very complicated to assemble. Quite the opposite. It easily converts from one purpose to another and is easy to use all around, because you only need to plug it into electric outlet and fill up the 40 ounce (1.18 liter) liquid container with the liquid of your choice and you are good to spray it in your yard or industrial lot, wherever you need. And if you wish you can even remove the heating element from the setup and your fogger will be transformed into all-purpose sprayer device so that you can not only produce fog but also mist of different kind.

This fogger, which exclusively is all made in the USA, also isn’t heavy – it weights only about 5.6 pounds (2.5 kg) and it won’t take up a lot of space between uses because it is only 12.8 inches long, 12.5 inches wide and 8.8 inches high (32.51cm x 31.75 cm x 22.35cm).

The customer reviews too can vouch for the efficiency of this fogger and what a great multipurpose product this Burgess fogger really is. You often can see reviews saying: “Works as well as it ever did. Great fogger”, “Works very well, throwing dense fog easily”, “it does an excellent job for me”.

Curtis Dyna Mosquito Fogger Hurricane 55555182

Curtis Dyna Mosquito Fogger Hurricane

And the last fogger on this list might be the most different from previous ones, but it is just as efficient and good at making mosquitoes disappear as all the previously mentioned foggers.

Curtis Dyna Mosquito Fogger Hurricane is different not only in its design but in the way it works too. First of all this fogger have very different nozzle, that lets you chose how big or small your fog will be and from which sized particles it will consist. With the float valve you can adjust the unit so that its flow rate is from 0 to 5 gallons per hour or from 0 to 19 gallons per hour, and the insecticide particles size can be from 5 up to 50 microns. So you are able to cover smaller areas or large areas without wasting any product.

Another great thing about this fogger is that you can use both water or oil based liquids with it, which means that you really have larger variety of options to choose from when buying your insecticide. But you can also use this device with disinfectant, deodorizers, germicides and other products so it can not only combat mosquitoes but also pests, odors, germs and other things. Therefore you can use it not only in your backyard or home, but in hospitals, schools, greenhouses and in any other place you might need.

The liquid tank that is attached to the bottom of the fogger can hold a gallon (3.8 liters) of liquid. So if you want you can fog a really large area on just one tank of liquid. And for even larger coverage you can even hook up a few of similar units so that the entire surface is fogged quickly and efficiently.

And this commercial grade product has also received great reviews from people who already use it: “Great quality and worked well” is one of the most common reviews heard about this product.