What are Fly Repellents for Dogs and Horses?

You love your horses, and your dogs too. You know that. We know that. But we all know the group of imps that do not care for any of that: flies! They are every bit as disgusting as they sound, and they constitute a big nuisance.

Perching on every part of our pet’s bodies, especially their ears, eyes, and tails, flies are a very bothersome lot to horses and dogs alike. And, of course, when our babies are bothered, we are bothered as well. It can be really hard watching them swish their tails and ears constantly due to the attack from these devil-may-care flies.

And it isn’t just about the flies, it’s about other insects as well that is a bit more than pesky nuisances. Many of them bite and/or carry diseases and viruses that are quite detrimental to the health of our pets. For instance, some mosquitoes may carry the West Nile Virus and some ticks can cause heartworm disease.

You need to get rid of those insects, they are causing your pets serious harm or constituting a nuisance at the very least.

One of the many ways you can take care of this situation is to get the best equine fly spray for your horse or a fly spray for dogs.

What Do Fly Repellents for Horses and Dogs Contain?

When we talk about fly repellents for horses or fly repellents for dogs and their ingredients, you can safely say that they contain the same ingredients, give or take one or two. So, without further ado, let’s check them out:

Pyrethrins: Pyrethrins are children of a parent chemical known as pyrethrum. This pyrethrum is produced by a particular species of the chrysanthemum plant that grows in Kenya, Japan, and the Middle East.

They are pretty toxic and work very fast. Because they are poisons, once there is contact between the insect and the pyrethrin, this chemical quickly penetrates the insect’s shell or skin. By the time it gets into the body of the insect, it heads straight for the nervous system and paralyzes it.

Now, even though pyrethrins are poisons and do a mean job of knocking down insects, bear in mind that they do not actually kill them. Insects have an enzymatic system that makes it possible for pyrethrins to be degraded or detoxified thereby, leading to the recovery of many of them (insects).

It is due to this reason that most manufacturers add “synergists” to pyrethrin in order to slow down the enzymatic action. When this happens, there would be enough time for a lethal dose to be administered to the insect.

Thankfully, pyrethrin degrades easily in the presence of sunlight, Oxygen, and moisture, so it isn’t dangerous to the environment. But although it is relatively non-toxic to mammals, it is very toxic to fish and just moderately toxic to Aves and bees.

Permethrin: Unlike pyrethrin, permethrin is synthetic, i.e., it is manufactured in the lab. However, it still bears some similarities with pyrethrin. For instance, it’s also a neurotoxin and causes an overstimulation of the insect’s nervous system. This will lead to a knockdown of the insect. And just like pyrethrin, manufacturers often combine permethrin with synergists in order to make them lethal.

Unlike its natural counterpart though, permethrin is more stable so it is able to offer longer-lasting protection than pyrethrin.

Permethrin will not be considered very hazardous to the environment because it breaks down fairly easily (even though not as easily as pyrethrin). However, please do note that permethrin is fatal to felines and fish and very toxic to bees and a range of other beneficial insects. So, if you do have any of these animals on your property, do take care when using fly sprays that contain permethrin.

DEET: Diethyltoluamide (DEET) is about the most common active ingredient you’d find in any insect repellent whether for human or for animal use. It was developed after the World War II by the US Army and has been used since then till today to ward off insects. It is quite effective against mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and a wide variety of other biting insects.

DEET has been reported to be a bit toxic to animals though, and even to humans at certain concentrations; causing unpleasant adverse reactions when humans or animals are exposed to it. Even at very low concentrations, some very sensitive folks might still react to DEET.

Plus, its characteristic yellow color which stains clothing is also another reason many manufacturers are beginning to boycott the use of DEET.

Icaridin: Icaridin is practically colorless and odorless. As a chemical compound, it is quite effective in repelling many different types of insects. Because of some of the adverse effects of DEET (including irritations), Icaridin is often used as an effective alternative for DEET.

How About Natural Fly Repellents?

There are all kinds of fly repellents out there today posing as natural fly repellents for dogs or horses or cats or what have you. But how can you prove which is truly natural? For a product to truly qualify as “natural”, then it must meet all of four specific criteria.

  • It must be natural: That goes without saying, doesn’t it? The product must be made entirely of natural ingredients alone. And the processes involved in manufacturing the product must not compromise the integrity of the ingredients
  • It must be safe: The product must not contain any ingredient proven by research to be unsafe for human health
  • Responsibility: The product must not use animal testing in the process of its development
  • It must be sustainable: That is, it must come in a bio-degradable, eco-friendly packaging

Natural fly repellents will usually contain ingredients such as organic Aloe Vera juice, grape seed oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, Neem oil, lavender, organic peppermint oil, organic tea tree oil (this is toxic to cats), lemon eucalyptus, Geranium essential oil, organic lemongrass essential oil, organic clove bud essential oil, organic rosemary essential oil, Himalayan Cedarwood oil, and Ma Chang essential oil.

Things to Consider Before Buying Fly Repellents for Horses and Dogs

Well, it’s natural to want to choose a natural fly repellent over a synthetic one. It just goes to show that you’re a good horse/dog parent and you want the best for your pet. However, here is something you should know: natural fly sprays will never be as effective as fly sprays that contain insecticides.

Natural sprays will only repel the insects for so long, while fly sprays containing insecticide will kill as well as repel insects. If, however, you still prefer to go natural, that’s okay too. Just be sure to use it when the population of bugs is generally low, like in the early spring, late summer or in the fall. These are the only periods when you can get the best out of natural fly repellents.

Espree Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent Horse Spray


  • Manufacturer: Espree
  • Net volume: 1 gallon
  • Target insects: Flies
  • Kid safe: Yes
  • Pet safe: Yes
  • Odor/scent: Yes
  • Other features: Repels flies with natural ingredients (botanical oils and Aloe Vera); contains sunscreen and conditioner to pamper horses’ coats; does not contain chemicals; ready-to-use (no mixing required)


Founded in 1989 by Teri Payne Jones, Espree was the resulting brainchild of its owner’s desire to tie in the two things she was absolutely passionate about into one business: animals and Aloe Vera based products. By creating this brand, therefore, Teri has been able to creatively get involved with and contribute positively to animals who occupy a large space in her heart and have given her so much happiness and fulfillment for a very large part of her life. With more than 75 natural products in the offing that cater to dogs, cats, and horses; Espree is arguably a favorite of many pets and their owners currently.

So you love your horses but those pesky flies just won’t let them be. Whatever unholy relationship those flies might want to have with your horses, it ends now with the Espree Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent Horse Spray. This is one of the best fly sprays for horses you can possibly get in the market today. There’s a reason it’s our top pick, you know.

There are several reasons this product absolutely works. The most important of it all is that it is made of completely natural ingredients. This already reduces any chance of your horse presenting any form of adverse reaction or toxicity due to alien chemicals introduced into its skin or absorbed into its body.

Also, since it is natural, we can be certain that it is safe for our environment as well.

But all this wouldn’t matter if it doesn’t work. With its gentle blend of botanical oils and organic Aloe Vera which repel flies naturally, the Espree Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent is a natural fly spray for horses that works wonders in keeping those flies at bay.

It does not require mixing and you can use the product straight from the bottle which saves you time and effort!

Aside from protecting from flies, which is already a big blessing, this spray also contains sunscreen which helps your horse maintain that healthy glow even after staying in the sun for so long.

In addition, the spray also contains a conditioner that helps to promote a bouncy, shiny and healthy coat that you and your horse are definitely going to love.

It also smells real heavenly too! And it lasts for hours at a time protecting your horse from those disgusting flies.

This product is made in the USA, so you can rest assured that it is safe and of the highest quality.

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  • The Espree Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent Horse Spray contains entirely natural ingredients (botanical oils and Aloe Vera) which help to repel flies
  • It is safe and does not contain toxic substances
  • It does not require mixing and is ready to use straight from the bottle
  • It contains sunscreen and conditioner to help promote a shiny and healthy coat


  • Apparently, it doesn’t last as long as many would have liked and you might need to reapply frequently to see this work at its maximum

Miracle Coat Dog No Fly Zone Natural Spray


  • Manufacturer: Miracle Coat
  • Net volume: 12 Ounces
  • Target insects: Fleas and ticks
  • Where can be used: Indoors and Outdoors
  • Pet safe: Yes
  • Odor/scent: Yes
  • Other features: Repels flies; conditions skin and coat; eco-friendly; do not contain chemicals.


Miracle Coat is an established pet brand manufacturing some of the best products in the country currently. Having spent many years in the business, this brand has put a lot of years into research and experiments in order to come up with the best pet products it can offer, making use of cutting-edge technology. To make its quality products and services available to thousands of people at a time in different places of the world, Miracle Coat makes it a point to ensure that its offerings are reasonably priced thereby winning more loyal customers over.

When searching for the best natural fly repellent for dogs, you definitely have to mention the Miracle Coat Dog Shampoo No Fly Zone. It’s not only super effective, it is also super affordable too.

Because it is made entirely of natural ingredients such as oatmeal, vitamin, and natural conditioners, you can trust that this product is completely safe for your pet. There is no single trace of the chemical at all.

Even if your dog isn’t the overly sensitive one that reacts to any hint of chemical, you really shouldn’t be putting any form of chemical on his coat if you can avoid it. These things have a way of coming back to bite one in the butt later. So, do the smart thing and get this natural fly spray for dogs instead.

But then it might be a hard choice to make if this doesn’t work; well, good news, it does — And very efficiently too. By rubbing into your dog’s coat, he gets long-lasting protection from those pesky little flies. You could even go as far as using this on his bedding and in his kennel too. This will give your dog the additional protection that he deserves. Flies are shameless and disgusting!

Like we earlier mentioned, it comes with a special blend of natural ingredients such as oatmeal and Vitamin E. if you remember your biology class well, you’ll recall that vitamin E is great for skin (it’s even found in your body creams and lotions).

So, this product doesn’t just function as a fly repellent for dogs, it also doubles as a great conditioner to help soothe your pup’s skin and coat.

And because we should all care about our environment, the manufacturers took great care to ensure that it is made of non-toxic water which is soluble and easily biodegradable. So, no one gets hurt: not you, not your pet, and thankfully, not our environment too.

Click Here for Price & More Info on Miracle Coat Dog No Fly Zone Spray


  • The Miracle Coat Dog Shampoo No Fly Zone is made of natural ingredients alone which help to naturally repel flies
  • Its natural ingredients (oatmeal and vitamin E) also help to condition dog skin and coat
  • It is eco-friendly, being made of non-toxic, biodegradable water


  • Unfortunately, this product doesn’t last longer than a few hours at a time and would require frequent reapplication. Some customers might find this uneconomical for them

Absorbine UltraShield Residual Insecticide and Repellent


  • Manufacturer: Absorbine
  • Net volume: 32 Ounces
  • Active ingredients: 0.50% permethrin, 0.10% pyrethrins, 1.00% piperonyl butoxide
  • Target insects: Flies, ticks, mosquitoes (including those that carry West Nile Virus), and a range of other insects
  • Where can be used: Indoors and Outdoors
  • Kid-safe: No
  • Pet safe: Yes
  • Odor/scent: Yes
  • Other features: Repels and kills a wide range of flies; usable on horses and dogs; weather- and sweat-proof; lasts up to 17 days of use


Mary Ida Young loved horses and it was her passion to see horses receive medical treatment in a more painless and humane way that led her to begin Absorbine many years back. Being a gardener and a herbalist, Mary was able to come up with different natural solutions for horses she used first on her own horses before she began to sell. All this began in 1892, and today, Absorbine is easily one of the world’s most trusted names when it comes to horse care.

The new and improved Absorbine Ultrashield EX Brand Residual Insecticide and Repellent is easily one of the best equine fly sprays you can come across today. Check out its features:

Firstly, it is the first ever fly spray to be weatherproof and sweat-resistant. In simple terms, it doesn’t matter whether the sun is up or the rain is down. This spray is manufactured in such a way that it sticks to your pet like a second skin and does the job of protecting it from flies come what may.

And guess what? One application keeps on protecting your pet for up to 17 days non-stop! Even some of the best equine fly sprays from other top brands find it hard to compete with this! If this spray was human, we would be safe to say its superhuman!

Containing insecticide, it doesn’t just repel, it equally kills a wide range of insects. So whether it’s the pesky flies or the West Nile Virus-carrying mosquitoes or ticks, you can be sure that they’ll all be dead, or take a hike at the very least, when they get in contact with this spray.

The Absorbine Ultrashield EX Brand Residual Insecticide and Repellent are pretty multifunctional, not just in the range of insects that it repels (and kills) but also in the animals it can be used with. It’s not just a spray for horses, you can equally use this on your dog as well!

It can equally be used on their bedding and in their stalls as well for added protection.

Of course, this product also comes with sunscreen that protects your pet’s skin and coat from the harshness of the sun’s UV rays.

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  • It repels and kills a wide range of insects including flies, ticks, and mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus.
  • It is weatherproof, as well as sweat-proof making it long-lasting on your pet’s skin and coat.
  • One application will give non-stop protection for up to 17 days.
  • It works for horses and dogs alike and can be used on their bedding and stalls.
  • It contains sunscreen to protect animals’ skins and coats from UV rays


  • As with even the best fly sprays for horses, no single one can work for all horses, so take it in good faith if this doesn’t exactly work for your horse. It works for most though as customers happily testify. So, overall? Great product

Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Repellent for Horses


  • Manufacturer: Farnam
  • Net volume: 32 Ounces
  • Active ingredients: Cypermethrin, Pyrethrins, Piperony butoxide, and Butoxypolypropylene Glycol
  • Target insects: Flies, deer ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, and lice
  • Where can be used: Indoors and Outdoors
  • Kid-safe: No
  • Pet safe: Yes
  • Odor/scent: Yes
  • Other features: Repels flies; conditions skin and coat; ec0-friendly; does not contain chemicals.


Farnam’s mission is simple: to build and deepen that special bond that you and your horse share. Based on this, therefore, it manufactures and delivers only the best, simplest, most effective and innovative horse solutions possible. One of the leading brands in the horse care industry, Farnam has manufactured several different types of horse care essentials which range from nutritional supplements to stable supplies, to grooming supplies, to fly and insect control. Taking pride in the fact that its team is comprised of horse people, Farnam is confident that you will find all its products to be specially tailored to meet the specific needs of your horse(s) per time.The Farnam Endure Fly Repellents for Horses is an effective fly spray for horses that are equally functional, coming with several features that stand it out from its competition.

First off, it is sweat-resistant like its name reveals. This spray comes with “Repelock”, which is a patented conditioner specially manufactured to bind to the hair shafts of your horse. This way, it prevents the product from dripping off your horse’s coat should he begin to sweat on warm days.

This unique feature also ensures that the product continues to work even when in wet conditions, e.g. if it decides to rain.

While most of the best fly sprays for horses barely last for more than a few hours to a few days, this product claims to give up to 14 days of protection from a wide range of flies for your horse. So you don’t have to reapply so frequently which is not only uneconomical but equally quite frustrating.

Insects such as flies, gnats, Deer Ticks, lice, and mosquitoes that are unfortunate enough to come close to your horse while this spray is on it will be irritated and never come close again as long as this thing remains. And it does stick around for a long time as we have seen!

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  • It works effectively against the nuisance and biting of different insects including flies, gnats, ticks, lice, and mosquitoes
  • It contains a special, patented conditioner “Repelock” which helps the spray to bind with your horse’s hair shafts, making it impossible for the product to be sweated off
  • One application will give non-stop protection for up to 14 days, even in wet conditions. Plus, there won’t be any need for frequent reapplication


  • It would appear that the manufacturers overpromised a bit when it came to the aspect of how long it lasts. General consensus suggests that it lasts for, at most, 3 days. However, it does work while it lasts

Farnam Home and Gardine Bronco Equine Spray


  • Manufacturer: Farnam
  • Net volume: 32 Ounces
  • Active ingredients: Prallethrin, Permethrin, and Piperonyl Butoxide
  • Target insects: Fleas, gnats, fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes and chiggers
  • Where can be used: Outdoors only
  • Kid-safe: No
  • Pet safe: No
  • Residue: No
  • Odor/scent: Yes
  • Other features: Comes in a 3-Piece pack,


Farnam is fully aware that the bond between horse owners and their equines is a very special and strong one. According to this brand, this is one partnership that is, for the most part, built on mutual trust. Hence, its mission is to help horses and their owners strengthen the bond by providing simple, innovative and effective horse care solutions for a safer, healthier and enjoyable experience in and around stables.

Its growing range of products has always been in tandem with the demands of the market and they rarely fall below the industry’s standard. Some of its equine essentials include insect and fly control, hoof and leg care, dewormers, treatments for wounds, nutritional supplements and stable supplies. It’s been well over 7 decades of making life better for horses all over the world and Farnam won’t be relenting on its efforts anytime soon.

As a way to help your horses, dogs, and puppies live a more comfortable life in their homes, we would like to introduce you to a natural fly repellent for horses. It is referred to as Farnam Bronco Equine Spray and it comes in a pack of 3 ready-to-use bottles.

Each bottle offers 32 ounces of insecticide and repellent for your horses’ and dogs’ comfort and safety. Formulated as a water-based repellent, the Bronco Equine Spray can repel and kill up to 6 kinds of insects. These target disturbances include gnats, fleas, lice, ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes.

If you live in an equine area or somewhere close to a dairy farm, you are likely to experience infestations by all or some of these bugs, especially during the summer period. And nothing is quite as frustrating as having to swat a fly from your horses and dogs only for the stubborn creature to return with its friends and family.

To have a peaceful and enjoyable life away from such frustrating experiences, we think you should take advantage of this repellent.

PS: Based on the reviews we have received from some customers, we can boldly say that this is one fly spray for horses that really works.

For your pets’ and kids’ safety, we strongly advise you to keep this product away from them. You should also apply caution while using it by wearing protective clothing and equipment as advised by the manufacturer. Meanwhile, ensure you read all the safety precautions on the bottle before you even open the cap to avoid exposing yourself and your canines or equines to toxins.

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  • Repels and Kills gnats, fleas, ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, and lice in your house and horses’ stable
  • Suitable for use on the faces and bodies of your horses, dogs, and puppies
  • It comes with a ready-to-use and water-based formula for easy application
  • Gives off the fresh scent of citronella with every use
  • Also available in ready-to-use gallon sizes


  • Sadly, its repelling and killing effects don’t last as long as some customers would have loved it to

Vet-Kem Ovitrol Plus Flea Spray for Pets


  • Manufacturer: Vet-Kem
  • Net volume: 16 Ounces
  • Active ingredients: S-methoprene, Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, and n-octyl Bicycloheptane Dicarboximide
  • Target insects: Fleas, flea eggs, mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and ticks
  • Where can be used: Outdoors only
  • Kid-safe: No
  • Pet safe: No
  • Residue: No
  • Odor/scent: Yes
  • Other features: Comes in a mist bottle


Vet-Kem is perhaps one of the leading brands who has made it its responsibility to proffer effective insect control solutions. It is truly remarkable how much grounds it has gained in improving the lives of many customers by providing products that always get the job done. Based on the proven insect growth rate technology that it has incorporated into the production of its items, Vet-Kem offers a complete line of tick and flea control products. Little wonder its customers have affirmed that one important step to protecting pets and their owners is by choosing its products.

Its flea spray known as Ovitrol Plus is specially formulated for use on dogs, cats, and horses. Its primary purpose is to deal with different stages of the flea cycle, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks, horse bot, and lice. When it comes to tackling the adult fleas, this repellent has no chill. It kills them in no time.

It comes in a 16-ounce mist bottle for easy application on target areas. However, to get desired outcomes, it will be a good approach to actually work this repellent into the coat of your horse or dog. A superficial application may not be as effective as you want the repellent to be. And in some cases, the coat may be quite thick which will require a deep penetration to rid the animal of the flies.

You can use this product as often as a reapplication is required but the manufacturer suggests a weekly routine for a successful outcome.

As with every other chemical-based repellent, this horse spray is not safe for use around kids and pets. And it is often advised that you shouldn’t use it on horses or cows that are meant for slaughter as well as in areas where food is being processed.

One more thing! Now, we will definitely root for this horse spray and will nominate it for the award of best fly repellent for dogs and best fly repellent for horses. But it definitely doesn’t smell like strawberries. In fact, some people hate that it has a not-so-good smell. But at the end of the day, we all like that it gets the job done.

So, if you have been searching for something that truly works like this repellent, then you too can join the league of those who have no worries about flea, tick, gnat, and horse bot infestations.

Click Here for Price & More Info on Vet-Kem Ovitrol Spray for Pets


  • Controls and kills ticks, lice, gnats, mosquitoes, horse bots, and fleas at every stage in the life cycle
  • Kills adult fleas in no time.
  • Suitable for use on cats, horses, and dogs


  • It gives off a really strong smell that a number of users consider unpleasant

Vet’s Best Flea Pet and Home Spray


  • Manufacturer: Vet’s Best
  • Net volume: 32 Ounces
  • Active ingredients: Peppermint oil, clove extract, and sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Target insects: Flea, ticks,
  • Where can be used: Indoors
  • Kid-safe: No
  • Pet safe: Yes (including cats older than 12 weeks)
  • Residue: No
  • Odor/scent: Yes
  • Other features: Suitable for use on surfaces


According to Vet’s Best, one way to know how well your pet is faring health-wise is to pay attention to its skin. Cats and dogs are known to have more sensitive skins than their owners and so, they react to substances that have no adverse effect on humans. We can tell you for free that itchy, raw, dry, or flaky skin conditions are usually deeper than what is visible to the eye. This is why this brand goes the extra mile year-in-year-out to develop strategies and products that support animal skin health. Till date, Vet’s Best works hard to proffer solutions aimed at maintaining a healthy skin and functional organs in animals. Its robust line of products utilize natural ingredients and they also make you confident of your pet’s health – internally and externally.

Vet’s Best has a natural flea and tick home spray that kills flea eggs, ticks, fleas, and also repels mosquitoes. It contains naturally-sourced active ingredients like clove extract and peppermint oil with no permethrins and pyrethrins. These natural ingredients are able to control ticks and fleas and also kill them.

When you make a purchase of this insect repellent, you get to own two 32-ounce bottles of the repellent to conquer a flea and/or tick infestation.

While we clearly state that this product should be kept out of children’s reach, we can assure you that using this product in a location where they pose no threat to them, provided they don’t touch it. It is also safe for use in locations where dogs are and cats that are older than 12 weeks.

Wondering if you can apply it to surfaces in your home? Well, apart from the fact that we mentioned earlier that it is suitable for indoor purposes, we are glad to inform you that it is suitable for use on surfaces in your home. These surfaces include countertops, floors, carpets, and furniture. You can trust the non-staining formula of this repellent to leave not even a streak on your surfaces.

And with the incessant complaints from customers who have made verified purchases of products from other brands, Vet’s Best has improved on their packaging by including an induction seal and a detachable trigger to prevent any leakage during shipping.

Click Here for Price & More Info on Vet’s Best Pet Spray


  • Contains natural ingredients like clove extract and peppermint oil with no pyrethrins or permethrins
  • Safe for use around plants, children, and pets including cats that are older 12 weeks
  • It is suitable for use on surfaces in the home because it has a non-staining formula
  • Kills ticks and fleas and repels mosquitoes effectively
  • Bottle design comes with an induction seal and detachable trigger that prevents leakage during shipping


  • This repellent may leave a stingy effect on pets if it is sprayed directly on them

UltraShield Green Fly Repellent


  • Manufacturer: W F Young
  • Net volume: 1 Gallon
  • Active ingredients: Lemongrass oil, cedar oil, thyme oil, rosemary oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Target insects: Flies, mosquitoes, gnats, brown dog ticks, deer ticks
  • Where can be used: indoors/outdoors/both indoors and outdoors
  • Pet safe: Yes
  • Residue: No
  • Odor/scent: Yes
  • Other features: Effective for up to 8 hours


W.F Young was founded in 1892 by a couple who thought equines didn’t have to suffer so long from an injured tendon or muscle. That same year, the desire for a solution conceived in the minds of Mary Ida and Wilbur Young eventually birthed the company’s pioneer product known as Absorbine. This product, from the day it was introduced to the public, has remained a revolutionary one. And in the many decades that followed this discovery, W F Young expanded its business to include insect control products, fever and cough medicines, and leather products. Today it is known as a renowned brand in the animal care sector and its products are easily recommended by reputable animal doctors.

The Absorbine UltraShield Fly Repellent should be sitting somewhere in your home if you have a fly infestation to deal with. This is specially formulated with natural ingredients including 7 essential oils that naturally repel insects.

You can confidently declare a genocide on pesky insects like brown dog ticks, deer ticks, mosquitoes, and gnats by choosing this product. More so, because it is eco-friendly, it is safe for the environment and also safe for the family.

You may choose to use it on your foals, ponies, horses, and dogs depending on the animals and how many of them you own. This freedom from flies and gnats packaged in a 1-gallon container leaves no residue on the animals’ coat or surfaces in your home but gives off a pleasant smell – thanks to the natural essential oils in it.

Unlike chemical-based insect repellents which leave a chemical haze, the Absorbine UltraShield doesn’t and your horse is likely to stay still and welcome spritzes of the repellent on its coat.

Just before we miss out a vital piece of information, we should let you in on the residual effect this product has. What we mean is that after you have applied this spray, you can rest assured the controlling and repelling effect stays on the surfaces and coats for up to 8 hours. So, your horse or dog can enjoy a fly-free ride without hassles.

Finally, be sure to check the instructions and directions for use before the first application. You may also choose to pour some of the product into a mist or spray bottle for easy application.

Click Here for Price & More Info on UltraShield Fly Repellent


  • It is formulated with natural ingredients including 7 essential oils that repel insects naturally
  • It is eco-friendly and safe for the environment and the family
  • Suitable for use on ponies, foals, horses, and dogs
  • Controls and repels biting flies, gnats, mosquitoes, brown dog ticks, and deer ticks
  • Gives off a pleasant smell


  • A lot may be required to get the job done

Pyranha Zero-Bite All Natural Fly Spray


  • Manufacturer: Pyranha
  • Net volume: 32 Ounces
  • Active ingredients: Geraniol, peppermint oil, clove oil, and lauryl sulfate,
  • Target insects: flies, horse bot, ticks, gnats, mosquitoes, and lice
  • Where can be used: Outdoors only
  • Kid-safe: No
  • Pet safe: Yes
  • Residue: Yes (foamy)
  • Odor/scent: Yes
  • Other features: Contains essential oils


Pyranha Inc was founded in 1972 as a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of insect control products. These products have provided horses and their owners with the opportunity to enjoy a life free from disturbance caused by infestations with an effective and pocket-friendly method of controlling insects around animals’ homes. For close to 5 decades, Pyranha Inc. has offered not just ready-to-use insecticides but misting systems and odor-management products that are effective in homes, kennels, and areas where pets live. Being a renowned manufacturer, it maintains a commitment to providing its customers with quality and effective products to control insect control problems they may have.

It is relatively easy to name Pyranha’s Zero-Bite Natural Fly Spray as one of the best fly control for horses or one of the best fly spray for dogs. So, if you have a stable of horses or a kennel of dogs, getting this insect repellent is a no-brainer.

First of all, this product is made from a botanically-derived formula that contains essential oils that are naturally repellent to insects. It comes in a 32-ounce mist bottle that can be used easily to apply its contents on the animal’s coat or environment.

Apart from the repelling effects that the essential oils in it offer, they also give off a pleasant smell that most horses and dogs can tolerate; given that these animals are more sensitive than the average human.

Using this product on your pets and stable animals keep gnats, flies, ticks, mosquitoes, and lice away from your animals without any adverse effect on them.

For better results, you can disturb the fur or coat of the animal before you apply it so that the product can penetrate deeper and do its job properly.

Two ways you can work this on them is to moisten a dry cloth with this product after scraping off the dirt on the horses. Then you wipe every area of the horse thoroughly while avoiding mucous membranes and the eyes. Ensure you don’t wet the horse’s coat.

The other method will be to spray directly on the horse as a light mist and then brush the skin properly.

Animals you can use Zero-Bite on are dogs, horses, cats, and ferrets, or any other cage animal you may own.

In fact, you can rest assured your pets who couldn’t tolerate aerosol insect repellents will welcome this one because of its formula.

You don’t want to sleep on this power bottle, do you? So make a purchase for it right away.

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  • Suitable for use on horses, cats, dogs, ferrets, caged animals, and their environment
  • Has a botanical formula
  • Gives off a pleasant smell
  • Repels gnats, flies, ticks, mosquitoes, and lice
  • Contains essential oils that naturally repel insects


  • The pumping action of the sprayer makes the product foam a little and takes a while to settle

Farnam Flys-Off Spray for Dogs


  • Manufacturer: Farnam
  • Net volume: 6 ounces each
  • Active ingredients: Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, N-Octyl Bicycopentane Dicarboximide
  • Target insects: Fleas, ticks, lies, flies, mosquitoes, gnats
  • Kid-safe: No
  • Pet safe: Yes/No
  • Residue: No
  • Odor/scent: Yes/No
  • Other features: Surface repellent for beddings


Farnam’s mission is to strengthen the existing bond between horses and pets and their owners. It boasts a robust line of animal-care products that are effective, easy to use and easy on the pockets. These products include dewormers, insect and fly control, nutritional supplements for horses, treatments for wounds, and stable supplies. With a 7-decade record of making some of the world’s best animal care products, Farnam remains just as committed as it was when it was founded to ensuring that animals and pets enjoy an improved quality of life.

Its Flys-Off Mist Insect Repellant is formulated for cats and dogs. Its job is to kill fleas, ticks, and lice that may have camped or may just be hovering around your felines and canines.
It also offers a temporary repelling effect to mosquitoes, flies, and gnats and does a good job while it is at it. So, if you are looking for the best repellent for dogs, you can put an end to your search already by going for this insect repellent.

What’s more? It comes with a convenient pump sprayer that makes applying this dog spray easy to do.

You should, however, ensure you follow the directions and take precautionary measures where necessary to avoid hazards and being exposed to toxins. Chief of this will be to avoid using this product around kids as well as animals younger than 12 weeks.

Even though it is a chemical-based product, Flys-Off doesn’t give off a choky or pungent smell but a pleasant smell that your cats and dogs are likely to tolerate.

On really hot days, the flies would come in their numbers; taunting and depriving your pets of quality play time. In some cases, these animals may be confined as a control measure to protect further infestation. Having this handy spray shouldn’t make you take such measures because once you apply the product as the directions advise, you can have your pets out in the yard and free to be where they want to be.

There’s hardly any thinking-twice to be done with this product. Own a cat or a dog? Go for it already, will you?

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  • Kills fleas, lice and ticks; repels flies, gnat, and mosquitoes
  • Comes in a pack of 3 bottles
  • Works well on beddings as a repellent for surfaces
  • Features an easy-to-use and convenient pump sprayer


  • Some customers wish the repelling effects weren’t as short-lived as they are


So now you know! Reading our guide must have opened your eyes to a few things about fly repellents for horses and dogs that you didn’t know about before. We are confident you’ll make a great decision on the best fly repellent for either your horse or your dog now. Remember, getting a fly repellent is a must for your horses and dogs if you want to see them healthy and happy all the time.