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5 Best Carpenter Bee Traps

Carpenter bees are problematic because they’re wood-burrowing bees. They use wood structures as nesting grounds. So if you have a carpenter bee infestation, you made the right decision in searching for the best traps. Let’s look at the five best carpenter bee traps this year.

Carpenter bees are problematic because they’re wood-burrowing bees. They use wood structures as nesting grounds. So if you have a carpenter bee infestation, you made the right decision in searching for the best traps. Let’s look at the five best carpenter bee traps this year.

Best Bee Brothers Carpenter Bee Trap

Best Bee Brothers Carpenter Bee Trap

This effective and professional trap eliminates carpenter bees within a 15ft radius around your property.

My Pet Store Online Carpenter Bee Trap

My Pet Store Online Carpenter Bee Trap

This durable carpenter bee trap attracts only carpenter bees with natural scents. A honey bee safe trap.

RESCUE! TrapStik for Carpenter Bees

RESCUE! TrapStik for Carpenter Bees

This sticky trap not only eliminates carpenter bees, but other flying insects like wasps and mud daubers.


Best Bee Brothers Carpenter Bee Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Might not work in certain situations. Bees sometimes hover without getting inside the trap. This can be due to the location, scent of the trap, or the level of attachment bees have toward their nest.
  • Takes a few hours to days in order to work. Some say they haven’t worked for weeks

Best Bee Brothers Carpenter Bee Trap Review

Best Bee Brothers is a family-owned business run by Mike and Paul Ryan. They’ve been manufacturing products for over 20 years. Their objective is to help families deal with the damages caused by carpenter bees. They also commit to using eco-friendly products, packaging, and repellents.

Like homemade carpenter bee traps, the product mimics a carpenter bee nest. The product is expected to do better than other traps, even DIY traps. Its made with durable materials that are weather resistant. Its bee trap roof was made with recycled ocean plastics. 

Baits are not required for this product, but you can purchase their “Bee-Licious Bee Bait” for an affordable price or use a dead carpenter bee as bait. It has a unique funnel system that reduces clogging and traps carpenter bees once inside.

You need to hang the trap in areas the bees may inhabit. The bees should be encouraged to look for a new nest. This can be done by blocking out carpenter bee holes. The trap will act as a fake nest for them to go to and get trapped.

The product has low maintenance. When the jar is full, you need to pull the cord at the bottom to empty it.

The trap is generally excellent and well-received. The company is a trusted and established brand.  What separates this brand from others is their engaging how-to videos, customer support, and use of sustainable, eco-friendly products. If the trap doesn’t work, try looking up their videos for a solution. 


  • Manufacturer: Best Bee Brothers
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Trap Dimensions: 6.3” x 6” x 4”
  • Coverage Radius: 15 ft


My Pet Store Online Carpenter Bee Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Might not work immediately. Some claim that it hasn’t caught bees for weeks
  • Pricey compared to other brands

My Pet Store Online Carpenter Bee Trap Review

The product is a reliable and straightforward choice for a carpenter bee trap. It is made with durable materials to withstand all weather conditions. 

It is easy to use. Like other wooden traps, you need to put the trap in areas where the bees inhabit and block the nest holes. In addition, traps have natural scents that attract bees.

This is a go-to product if you’re looking for something simple and easy to use. It mostly follows the same principle as other carpenter bee traps. It’s not as established as other brands, but it generally has good reviews. 


  • Manufacturer: My Pet Store Online
  • Item Dimensions: 12.2 x 9.2 x 6.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.58 pounds
  • Main Material: Wood


RESCUE! TrapStik for Carpenter Bees


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Can accidentally trap and harm other animals, like birds (the bird guard could still come off), lizards, and butterflies
  • Carpenter bees and other bee species might still escape if given enough time
  • Needs replacement when the trap is full of bees

RESCUE! TrapStik for Carpenter Bees Review

Rescue was founded by Rod Schneidmiller in 1982. Since then, they’ve been developing pest control products. Their goal is to make and distribute effective Environment-friendly pest control products for homeowners. 

The product mainly targets wasps, mud daubers, and carpenter bees. Once the colorful display of the product lures the bees, they would be stuck by landing on the surface. No harmful chemicals were used, and the trap has guards to prevent non-insects from getting trapped. It’s also made to be weather resistant.

All you need to do is hang the product on areas bees may inhabit. It’s the simplest product here and doesn’t need any special instructions.  Bees will get attracted, fly to it, then get stuck. 

It might trap beneficial insects or animals. For example, guards are provided for birds, but it doesn’t work all the time and can be knocked off by them. 


  • Manufacturer: RESCUE!
  • Product Dimensions:  4.75 x 4.13 x 11.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.8 ounces

Other products to consider


Protecker Outdoors Trap for Bees


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • You need to make your own bait

Protecker Outdoors Trap for Bees Review

The product is reliable and claims to be among the best wasp trap products in the market. In addition, the plastic used to make the trap is very durable and lasts many years.

When buying the product, it comes with instructions on making the bait. The proposed bait is food-based, using sugar, wheat beer, vinegar, and fruit juice ingredients. You can make use of other food-based ingredients that attract bees.

This is a good product if you’re looking for simplicity. It’s made with long-lasting, reusable plastic. It also looks like a decoration. When using this trap, place baits that carpenter bees like.

Be careful using baits, it might trap beneficial insects or animals depending on the bait you use. 


  • Manufacturer: Protecker
  • Package Dimensions: 10 x 5.2 x 5.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 11.7 ounces
  • Material: Plastic


Stingmon Store Solar Carpenter Bee Trap


What we like :

What we don't like :

  • Only effective at night or in dark places since it uses light to attract the bees
  • Carpenter bees are less active at night when the traps are used
  • The trap won’t be effective anymore once the light bulb inside is broken
  • Might trap other insects aside from carpenter bees making it less effective

Stingmon Store Solar Carpenter Bee Trap Review

The product is a LED lamp-based carpenter bee trap that attracts insects at night or in dark places. The manufacturers have tested the product’s efficiency in catching carpenter bees. Simply turn the LED light on and hang it in areas with lots of bees.

It uses a popular method of trapping insects. It emits UV light that attracts flying insects like carpenter bees. You can also add food-based traps like sugar water, honey, or beer to make the device better at trapping insects. 

The product uses solar panels to recharge itself. But, like with other traps, there are holes where bees can enter.

The plastic and stainless steel materials make the product heat, weather, and rust-resistant. It’s also waterproof. 

Unfortunately, carpenter bee species in America are primarily active during the day, which this product isn’t meant for. You might have more success trapping other insects rather than carpenter bees. 


  • Manufacturer: Stingmon
  • Package Dimensions: 10.35 x 6.46 x 2.83 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.29 pounds
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic

Carpenter bee trap types

There are three types of carpenter bee traps. These types of traps work very differently from each other. We’re going to take a look at each one of the types.

Simple Carpenter Bee Trap

Simple Carpenter bee traps attract carpenter bees because it mimics their nest. Once inside, they get trapped. These Simple traps mainly have two components:

  1. The box or lock
  2. The jar. 

The box component, usually made of wood, has holes drilled inside diagonal angles.  The upward diagonal angle confuses the bees and gets them lost inside. The only light source or escape route they see is the one hole leading to the jar. Using the bait that lures bees into the trap increases its effectiveness.

Once inside the jar, they can’t get out and will die there. However, once you catch a few bees, there’s a chance you will catch many more soon. This is because the carpenter bees in the jar, dead or alive, will release pheromones that attract other carpenter bees. 

bait for carpenter beesThere’s a plastic version of this carpenter bee trap that works differently. It leads the bees towards what we call a” bait puddle,” which is a mixture of sweet liquids. The liquids could be honey and sugar water or proteins like bacon (for wasps and yellowjackets). The puddle attracts the bees and soaks them, which prevents them from flying out.

Adhesive Trap

Adhesive traps use fluorescent colors or patterns to draw carpenter bees. Once you draw in a few bees, it will attract many more through the release of pheromones of the trapped bees.

 There are three big drawbacks when using this trap:

  • First, you can accidentally catch birds and other beneficial insects, making it less effective.
  • It needs replacement after it’s full.
  • Adhesive becomes less effective over time.

Light-Based Trap

Light-based traps attract bees through UV lights. These traps were made to trap carpenter bee species, yellow jackets, and wasps. The insects mistake the trap’s UV light as a signal for food.

These traps are similar to common carpenter bee traps in design. The difference is that its structure is transparent so that the bees can see the UV light. 

The interior was designed to make it unlikely for the bees to get out once inside. You can also add bait like sweets and meat (for wasps and yellowjackets).

carpenter bee is active during daytimeCarpenter bees aren’t active at night when the UV light is at its most effective. So to be effective during the day, you need to place this in an area where it shines bright during the day. This is only possible if their nest is located in that area.

How do you attract carpenter bees to your trap? Tips & Tricks

The main way to attract carpenter bees to your trap is using bait. Though there are other factors that help in luring carpenter bees to your trap.

Here are art tips on how to attract bees to your carpenter bee trap:

  • Cover up the holes from the carpenter bee nest. Anything works, but putty, caulking compounds, and corks do the job well. 
  • Use sweet baits like sugar water, vinegar, and beer if possible.
  • Place the traps near the bee nests where bees can see.
  • Use dead carpenter bees as bait. Their pheromones will attract other carpenter bees
  • Do not paint or stain the traps. Keep it looking as natural as possible.
  • Place traps in spring where the bees are likely to go out.

Always wear protective gear when getting close to carpenter bees.

3 Factors to consider when buying a carpenter bee trap

1. Durability and Duration of use

If you’re looking for the long-term, the best products are Simple Carpenter Bee Traps made of wood or plastic. They’re usually designed to last longer and are easily available.

For a short-term solution, use adhesive traps and pair them with bait. 

The light-based trap might not be effective in the long term as the Simple Carpenter bee trap, but it lasts longer than adhesive traps before the light bulb goes out.

2. Simplicity

The Simple Carpenter Bee Trap is the easiest trap to operate and takes the least time. The only maintenance you need to do is occasionally throw away the accumulated bees inside.

3. Speed of Results

Both the adhesive and the light-based trap work best for the fastest results, especially when paired with good baits. Best not used when there are beneficial insects nearby, like a honey bee.

Homemade carpenter bee traps

You can also make your own carpenter bee trap if you have time and don’t intend on buying one. Here is a popular instructional video on creating your own wooden homemade carpenter bee trap.

When making your traps make sure it has these components:

  • Wooden Block with holes drilled at a diagonal angle
  • Glass jar to hold the bees 
  • Sweet baits like sugar water or honey. Dead carpenter bees also make good baits because they attract other carpenter bees. Baits are optional but significantly increase the chance of success.

Frequently asked questions

Do carpenter bee traps really work?

Yes, they do work. As long as you follow instructions and do the ways to attract bees to your trap. Use the carpenter bee trap best for your situation.

Where should I put my carpenter bee trap?

Ideally, the carpenter bee traps should be put at a corner outside where the sun can reach it but the rain can’t.  Best placed before a bee infestation happens. If there’s an infestation already, it’s recommended to close up the holes first.

Conclusion – So is the carpenter bee trap worth it & which is the best carpenter bee trap?

Carpenter bee traps are definitely worth it. Commercially-available carpenter bee traps are a good and quick solution. You can make one yourself, but it isn’t easy and takes time.

The best overall carpenter bee trap we recommend you to get is the Best Bee Brothers carpenter bee trap. What sets them apart from other products are:

  • the reliability of wooden carpenter bee traps, 
  • their years of experience,
  • their many videos on how to use their products and bee control tips
  • specialized in trapping carpenter bees.

This trap is specially designed for carpenter bees. Unlike other products, it’s unlikely to catch other beneficial insects by accident. Claims of the product not working are very few. It’s highly effective most of the time. They have possible solutions if the trap isn’t working as it should.

Honorable mention is the Stingmon Solar Powered Wasp Killer – Reusable because it’s solar-powered. It’s worth a try if you want something different.

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