InsectCop is an informational pest control resource for homeowners. Since 2014, the writers and staff at InsectCop have published over 500 case studies and tested over 100 products to help deal with pest control issues. is owned by Adaptive Media SIA, Registration number 44103107610


Our Values

 Science and research 

We pride ourselves on taking the time to do research and check the science behind all of our articles. We partner with biologists and entomologists to go beyond the hype to make sure that our information is correct and our solutions are sound.

 Improving lives 

People turn to us when they have a pest problem, and our goal is to provide real solutions and to improve their lives in whatever way we can. We want to help.

 Passion about our work 

Even though this is our profession, it is also our passion to gain new knowledge and share these findings with our readers. You might say that we just love to learn.


How We Work

 In-depth research 

For every article we write, we take the time to perform in-depth research including peer reviewed studies and experts digging deep to make sure that you can trust our information and recommendations.

 Expert authors 

All of our writers have real-world experience and/or education in the field of pest control, so you are getting first-hand information that you can believe in.

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 Real world testing 

Not only do we research and consult experts, but for many products we take the time to test them to make sure that they work as advertised.


InsectCop Experts Team

Karen Thompson, M.A. |General Manager

Karen Thompson is the General Manager of Karen was also the Founder and Main Editor of InsectCop back in 2014 until the brand got acquired by Adaptive Media SIA. Currently Karen is putting all hear pest control experience into overseeing the day-to-day operations of InsectCop. In her free time she loves traveling (having lived in Europe for more than 5 years), enjoying nature on longer hikes, and reading science fiction.

Justine Jackson-Ricketts, Ph.D. |Editor, Fact Checker

Justine Jackson-Ricketts is a freelance science writer and editor based in Virginia, USA. She received her Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of California Santa Cruz, for which she studied a rare species of dolphin in Thailand. She specializes in the life sciences but is fascinated by all things science and loves to write. She is passionate about education, conservation, and making science accessible to all. Much of her work experience post-graduate school has been writing educational science materials for elementary, middle, and high school students. In her downtime, she can be found playing with her pups, taking photos, hiking, reading, or catching up on her favorite crime dramas.

Kate Latham, B.Sc. |Editor

Kate is a freelance copywriter with a BSc (Hons) in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Newcastle University and over two years of experience producing original content for a wide range of blogs and websites. Her expertise in Biology comes from a background in medical research, skills that she today applies to making scientific research accessible to a wider audience. Within the field of biology, her main areas of interest are entomology, genetics, ecology, environmental science, biotechnology, and molecular biology. Besides writing for InsectCop, Kate enjoys traveling to and living in various locations around the globe and is currently settled in the Himalayas of northern India. She also enjoys hiking, reading, creative writing, and juggling.

Yordan Z, M.A. |Editor

Yordan Z has been working as a professional copywriter for 5 years and has written for dozens of clients on hundreds of different topics. Yordan’s freelance career is quickly reaching the point where it’d be easier to count the subjects he hasn’t written on than the ones he has. With a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and a Bachelor’s in Marketing, Yordan brings all his experience and expertise to InsectCop to give you top-notch informative content on everything related to insect pests and how to deal with them. When not writing for InsectCop, Yordan usually spends his time reading, playing the occasional video game or running after his two cats.

Kristiana Kripena, B.Soc.Sc. |Digital and Content Marketing Director

Kristiana Kripena is the Content and Digital Marketing Director for She has a Bachelor’s Degree of Social Sciences in Communication Science and during her studies, she learned to plan and create varied communication projects including multimedia content for websites. Besides doing digital and content marketing for for the past few years, during which she has learned a lot about different aspects of pest control, Kristiana is working on multiple other ventures. While in her free time she enjoys traveling, spending time with her loved ones and catching up on her favorite shows.

Ruta Goba, B.Sc. |Director of Content

Ruta is the Director of Content for with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences and 3 years of experience in developing content strategy for InsectCop and overseeing the writers and editors who create the articles for our site. When she’s not working on InsectCop, Ruta loves traveling and active recreation, two activities that often go hand in hand with insects. Which means that Ruta knows first-hand how annoying pests can be and therefore she’s constantly looking for new ways of combating insects to help others lead pest-free lives.