About us

insectcop social profileWe at InsectCop are a team of editors and mosquito experts, when it comes to mosquito repelling, killing and control.

We, same as You, have experienced all the trouble a mosquito can bring in a summer time, so we started this website as an information resource to help people to fight mosquitoes with the best and most effective methods.

Our story with mosquitoes started when we were just kids and had trouble playing outdoors, because anywhere we went – city, countryside, even our own backyards, there were these small and annoying insects that did bite us and left unpleasant, itching spots – MOSQUITOES.

Nothing has changed much since then and from what we know and have experienced the mosquito population has even increased, what not only makes outdoor time with our family and friends unpleasant, but even unendurable. But we have become much smarter since we those child days and have learned ways to successfully fight with mosquitoes.

How are we fighting with mosquitoes?

Simply by using effective methods for mosquito repelling and killing such as many insect repelling sprays and natural insect repellents, mosquito traps and of course mosquito foggers. Also, we have gathered all information we can about different mosquito species, their living and breeding habitats, ways they find and bite us, humans. During all these years of fighting with mosquitoes we have learned an important lesson:

To win a war against mosquitoes you first must win many smaller battles and eliminate them step by step.

A successful mosquito control application might help to get rid of mosquitoes in your backyard for a long time, but you may require to use several mosquito control methods together to achieve such a result and reward yourself with a prize we all desire – A MOSQUITO FREE OUTDOOR TIME.

For the best mosquito control tips visit our InsectCop ADVICE section, and for extensive mosquito fogger and insecticide reviews visit our Fogger Reviews and Insecticide Reviews sections. Together we can kill large number of mosquitoes and reduce their population.

A good mosquito is dead mosquito.

Karen, Main editor of InsectCop