Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in history

In the last couple of years the world has gotten to know Aedes aegypti mosquitoes quite well, thanks to Zika virus. But this species of mosquitoes already has long history of doing harm, because they have been the culprit for multiple different historic events.

What eats mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes aren’t our friends in fact most people hate them not only for the damage they do biting us and leaving red bumps that we cannot stop scratching but also because of the sound they make which is truly annoying and unpleasant. So we are determined to eliminate them and to protect ourselves from them… Continue reading

Anopheles mosquito

Anopheles is a genus of mosquito that is best know for transmitting the dangerous malaria. We look at Anophele mosquito species, habits, breeding, development and transmitted diseases of these mosquitoes.